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How much of a good thing is too much...?

February 13th, 2008, 11:33 AM
Rufus is now more than a year old, full grown and 16 pounds. He's been on a better diet since he's been with us and is active and healthy.

But is he finicky? Oh yes, worse than a cat, just doesn't seem to like kibble anymore. I've fed him acana lamb and rice which he ate fine for a while, now turns his nose up at it, guess he's bored with it now. Bought a couple of sample bags of oriejn - both the adult and the seafood, no go, won't touch it. Various sample bags of pretty much anything out there, great for snacks but won't take it as a meal. This dog is going to drive me nuts.

I started mixing the kibble with a little bit of the innova evo wet - the 95% meat product which he loves. Little bit of hot water to gravy it up a little... He loves that evo wet so much, i'm sure if I mixed it with wood shavings and pebbles he'd still hork it down. Just bought a small bag of innova red meat and gave it to him dry, he ate a little bit then gave me the look - you know that look like there's something missing here - "where's my evo".

A member here suggested raw shank bones - what a godsend - he loves them, spends hours on them and I toss him a bit of raw red meat once in a while... He loves it. Frozen strips of liver as a treat every now and then as well... This dog eats better than most people I know. I even started making plain beef jerky for him when I make my own...

What concerns me tho is the high protein content of his diet, how much is too much. When I feed him, the mix is probably a cup or a little better. He always has lots of fresh water available. His poops have been fine (except for that incident with the beef kidney), tho fewer which is to be expected. He's still a ball of energy too.

Just curious :)