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Prilosec vs Pepcid?

February 9th, 2008, 03:41 PM
Has anybody used these, for yourself or your pups?

We had Tommy on Pepcid AC twice a day to try and combat the nausea and occasional vomiting that he gets. He had a bad attack in the beginning of December and since then vomits about once a week (that's sort of normal - it used to be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy worse, and then it got a lot better, but since his relapse in December it's been a steady every 6-7 days). The vet said that pepcid wasn't the best medication, but a 2 month trial would give us a good idea if it was helping.

We had him on it for the two months, and while it didn't stop the vomiting it DID seem to really reduce the indigestion/acid reflux/nausea symptoms - he wasn't waking up licking his lips as much, didn't have as many burps, etc. Plus, it seemed to really increase his appetite... his eating has been pretty good for months now (we love you, Orijen!) but with the pepcid he was eating much more consistently every day.

After the 2 month trial, the vet prescribed Omeprazole (Losec/Prilosec) as it's supposed to be much better (and it was $73 for a 2 month supply:eek: no wonder he let us start on pepcid first, that was only $12 for 2 months! Why, oh why, can't I claim my doggy as a dependent on my medical plan!). He's only been on that for just over a week now, we've had our weekly vomit, and it just doesn't seem to be cutting out the indigestion as well as the pepcid.

I was just wondering, in my really, really long-winded way, if it just takes a lot longer for the Prilosec to work into your system? I'm really tempted to just forget about the money and put him back on pepcid, but I want to make sure that we've given him enough time to really see if it works. Of course, the vet is closed today so I can't ask him, I only ever have questions when they're closed:rolleyes:.

So, on the pepcid it was twice a day dosing which is less convenient, and he peed a LOT when he was on it (vet says no correlation there - yet when we switched, he stopped peeing so much... that's enough proof of correlation for me!). But, his appetite was more consistent and he seemed to have fewer signs of indigestion/acid reflux. On the Prilosec there's less peeing, and less pilling daily, but also less consistent eating and more indigestion type burpies and lip licking/swallowing, right from the moment he wakes up. But I don't know if we've given it enough time. Vomiting seems pretty darn equal on both and will probably slowly go back to the once a month pukey schedule we were on before.

I talk a lot, don't I? :laughing:. Just can't quite figure out whether to switch back or not. Anybody have any suggestions? Hubby only agrees with whatever I say, which is no help - although it does show that his training is coming along nicely:D:laughing:.