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my mini daschund has fishy breath

February 6th, 2008, 09:33 PM
i just changed my dogs food to the science diet dog food, he was eating iams but he has this fishy breath with the iams food does any one have any suggestions. hes 6 months old. his body doesnt smell but his breath does. i have an apt. with the vet on friday.

February 7th, 2008, 08:57 AM
first, Iams (OR SCIENCE DIET) is NOT the best quality food you can feed. Look through the dog food forum here for suggestions.

second, a dog, even pups, need to have their teeth cared for. Doggy toothbrushes and special dog toothpaste is available, inexpensive, and easy to use. starting in puppyhood is best, to get them used to the practice.

do not use oral care products designed for PEOPLE, only use products designed for DOGS.

lastly, dogs generally don't have "fresh" breath. But there are products that can help - even toys! planet dog sells lots of toys that are infused w/ mint. Personally, I LOVE their products (as does my dog). there are "minty" dog biscuits, and other treats available as well - just be sure to use them sparingly.

February 7th, 2008, 11:48 AM
I agree with Jessi76 that Iams and Science Diet are not the best foods, also that teethbrushing is important, ESPECIALLY with the smaller breed dogs. Another factor in your pups bad breath at this time may have something to do with the fact that at 6 months old, he is around the teething age.

My Minpin is around the same age, and his breath is horrendous right now. I checked his mouth, and he has teeth all over the a shark. He was gagging the other day, and he spit a molar out right on the floor in front of me. I know with my other Minpin, at her spay the vet removed some baby teeth that hadn't come out on their own, so I imagine when my Squiggy goes for his neuter next week the same will happen.

Your vet should help you out with this at your appt, but I also think that he/she will also tell you that those kibble brands are good. I'll just say I don't agree......:eeew: