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Im Not Sure

February 5th, 2008, 05:47 AM
Last Time My Cat Was In Heat Was The End Of Nov. 2007, A Week Later My Male Cat Got Fixed. She Is 2yrs Old And Was Always Skinny And Ate Moderately,but Then We Changed Her Food Mid Dec 2007. She Now Is Eating Constantly And Has Put On Weight Just In The Middle Of Her. She Had Alsways Kept To Herself But Now Is Very Loving And Follows Me Everywhere I Ect...i Am Thinking My Male Cat Got Her Pregnant During Her Last Heat But Im Not Sure. Her Nipples Are More Visable And I Did Squeze One And Clear Liquid Did Come Out. She Seems To Be Trying To Hide More Like In Basket Of Clothes,under The Blankets Just Basically Somewhere Dark. She Also Has Been Cleaning Herself More And Cleaning My Male Cat (she Never Cleaned Him Before). Please Help Me...thank You

February 5th, 2008, 08:29 AM
Sounds like the real deal to me. Gestation is up to 69 days, you do the math. By now you should be able to see/feel the babies moving around in there. Make sure she has a quiet, clean place to give birth, where the male can't easily get to, maybe a closet or a separate room. If she goes out, keep her inside, because you don't want to be hunting down kittens in this weather.
Here is some information about what to expect:
More kittens just what the world needs :sad:.
Good luck!