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Animal Communicators/Animal Intuitives

February 4th, 2008, 08:08 PM
Has anyone else had experience with an Animal Communicator? I have and I'm impressed!

I've had three different Animal Communicators work with Bobby and all three have definitely communicated with him. They have related incidents and described his personality that they could not have known. One mentioned that he had an injury to his right hip/leg - which he did when he caught his leg on the bench seat of our van.

I contacted Animal Communicators - or Intuitives I guess is a better description because Bobby is getting slower and I've been concerned about him. He's had complete vet checks with nothing showing. His lab test did show a low normal Thyroid and the Animal Intuitive today mentioned that I should pay attention to his thyroid and perhaps change his diet to make sure he gets the Thyroid booster foods instead of Thyroid inhibitor foods.

Anyway, I'm perfectly satisfied that each one did connect with Bobby and just wonder if anyone else has experience with Animal Intuitives..

February 4th, 2008, 08:24 PM
That's pretty cool. I figured that sort of thing would still be closeted because of skeptics and fundamentalist religious people out there. Do they do Reiki for dogs too?

I think anyone could do it. With practice of course. Just have to believe in yourself and not think anything you "receive" is bogus or just your imagination.

February 4th, 2008, 08:51 PM
Yes, there is a type of Reiki for dogs - also reflexology too! I don't do them but I have some books on it and a friend of mine does do it for dogs.

I was reluctant to post on this because of the "closeted because of skeptics and fundamentalist religious people out there." but my experience with these three intuitives has been so positive and helpful that I wanted to share it!

February 4th, 2008, 09:04 PM
"closeted because of skeptics and fundamentalist religious people out there."

HEY!! i resent that!! i think atheist fall under 'folks who wouldnt believe you' :D

while im a 'prove it to me' kind of person, i think there is a great deal that CANT be proven right now and that energy in living creatures is one of those things. im not sure exactly what Reiki is but it sounds along those energy lines. :)

the way i see it, when we were still monkeys... we had to have survived some how. who is to say it wasnt sheer will alone?? :D


February 4th, 2008, 09:22 PM
I took a course on animal communications. It was quite fun.

One of the girls who read Willow was dead on in a lot of things. It was quite amazing.

February 4th, 2008, 10:03 PM
i know an animal communicator, have never used one, but she is apparently quite good. Just a question for Jan or anyone that knows... what are considered thyroid booster foods, or for that matter .. thyroid suppressing foods.. anyone?

February 4th, 2008, 10:28 PM
I've just started my search for thyroid booster foods and so far have come up with: Yams, seafood, kelp, organ meats, Salmon Oil, eggs, carrots, dark green veggies, M.U. Tene (I have no idea yet what this is), fish, dulse, seaweeds.

Foods to avoid: sprouts, cabbage, brocolli, kale, peaches and pears, cauliflower and turnips.

I've been giving Bobby half a stalk of brocolli a day until today!

Here's a link to a website I found:

February 4th, 2008, 10:29 PM
[QUOTE=Byrd;542154]I took a course on animal communications. It was quite fun.

Do you use your skills at all?

February 5th, 2008, 09:13 AM
HEY!! i resent that!! i think atheist fall under 'folks who wouldnt believe you' :D

while im a 'prove it to me' kind of person, i think there is a great deal that CANT be proven right now and that energy in living creatures is one of those things. im not sure exactly what Reiki is but it sounds along those energy lines. :)


Jan I hope you don't mind me going :offtopic: but I love to share information, especially on topics like these.

I like having proof too. But sometimes no matter what you read or who you talk to, experience is the best teacher and proof provider. :D

Science is coming along, just wait and see. ;) There's a lot of experiments going on these days but the majority of it doesn't make prime time news because there are too many hardcore religious folk on one side of the spectrum and atheists on the other. Plus it's not considered "Breaking News at 5." At some point in our future, science and spirituality will join. Right now, everything that animates life is known to have energy fields. But understanding it has been left to Philosophy for now.

One set of experiments I find extremely intriguing is the one using Random Event Generators. They have a lab at Princeton University.

The book "The Field: Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe" by Lynne McTaggart discusses many experiments done with the Random Event Generators, as well as experiments with prayer and "good vibes." :goodvibes:

Here's the website on it

I'd say atheists even consider good vibes or good intentions to be helpful in any situation, and what's good about that is there is no in-your-face connection to religion, spirituality or energy work.

Another good book of scientific experiments is "Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness" by Valerie Hunt. Hunt was a university professor that used to be "mainstream" but has since turned to experiments involving the energy fields of the human body. She has charted with modern scientific equipment changes in energy fields surrounding the body.

The human heart and brain generate an electromagnetic field which extends several feet away from the body and has been measured by scientific equipment. What do you think EEGs and EKGs are for?

So if humans emit energy all the time (remember the movie "The Matrix" ??), who's to say that all our energy fields don't communicate in some manner?

I will posit to say that all living things generate an energy field. We humans just have to be open to the possibility that we can "read" these fields and see what is going on in the world around us.

I think that these Animal Intuitives are only doing just that - reading the energetic information field. I'm not yet convinced that they are reading the animal's mind. When living things are damaged, that changes their energetic output. Things such as old/new injuries and emotions (which generate bio chemicals) effect the field surrounding the body.

Even our planet produces an energy field. It's called the Schuman Resonance ,which has been measured at 8 Hz.

Other energies affect us. Music, other people's emotions... Ever hear the expression something like "tension so thick it could be cut with a knife" ?

The Catholic Church banned use of certain musical chords. "The Devils
Interval." Not because of the notes themselves, but for the effect they had on people. And the Church has always been keen on controlling others. Sorry to all the Catholics that may be reading this, but history proves that point. Inquisition anyone?

Ok, stepping off soapbox now. :laughing::laughing:

February 5th, 2008, 09:36 AM
Well, CearaQC, I don't think your post was off-topic at all! I do believe that energy is the core of all of our being and that is what is being tapped - not anyone's "personal" mind. I also believe that anyone can refuse permission to have their energy field "read' by anyone else..

There are many scientific experiments that have now proven the existence of this energy field - Gregg Braden speaks of some of them in his books - The Divine Matrix for one. Also, many of the Quantum Physics experiments have shown an energy connection that, for them, was earth-shattering :D

Also, I'll take your posit that all living things emit energy one step further to say that all things are energy - some denser (rocks) than others (flowers).

February 5th, 2008, 11:02 AM
now we are talking about *my* personal beliefs in doG's. :) anyone read the Celestine Prophecy? goes along those lines. had a huge role in forming my early feelings on spirituality. i dont feel there is any sort of permission granting with personal energy unless you are aware of it. so many people reject the idea of personal energy, instead favoring the soul concept that they leave themselves open for exploitation. strangely enough, i see a huge correlation between religion (what it tries to explain) and personal energy (which of course is all matter really is, energy).

i also feel that our bodies chemistry plays a huge role in communication from one living creature to another. and like any other thing in the world of the living.... its either a strong sense or not. i can tell you i have a horrible sense of smell but i can almost always peg a woman for pregnant or menstruating. i almost always started lactating right before my babies cried, even if their schedule was off a bit. perhaps they were physical cues, perhaps they were hormonal, chemical?? ive known other woman who were like that.

bottom line is, all matter is energy, all ways for interpreting the matter of another person, be it body language, pheromones, or voice etc, its all interpreting energy in some form or another. is it too far fetched that the other + or - 70% of our brains are dedicated to reading that energy??


February 5th, 2008, 11:27 AM
I loved the Celestine Prophecy! Did you get to see the movie? It's kinda lame in some parts but the ending made me cry. lol

There are two additional books. Up to the 12th Insight now? I forget.

Ashley you are on to something. Women are normally more intuitive than men. I think mainly because of what women are able to do - create new life and maintain that connection in order to help the offspring survive. I don't understand the mother/child connection personally because I don't want to have children, but there is definitely something to it.

Not to say that some men out there don't "get it," but they had to change their way of thinking or had an experience that changed it for them. :laughing:

I've lost count of how many times I would hum a particular song in my head, not out loud, only to hear hubby humming the same song about a half hour later out loud. How did he pick up on that? :laughing: Or how about the times we come up with the same ideas at the same time? Or he makes me a snack of something I've been craving but never told him about? :goodvibes:

Empathy is also a part of it. Sometimes it's a blessing and other times it's a curse. That's why I don't go out in public much. It feels like a thousand daggers in the air from all the negativity of the people. We are in some hard times lately in society. So many people are broken financially and emotionally.

I guess most people don't know they "broadcast" their problems energetically, like a human radio station, and they don't realize that others can pick up on it.

February 5th, 2008, 12:04 PM
i think mens intuition just works differently than womens. women are more emotionally based, men- physically. when it comes to training Mister to DO things, i excel but when it comes to playing BOSS, Chris does. women are more vocal about their feelings, thoughts and ideas, where as men typically just keep quiet. i mean, i will be the first to admit- my husband is a far cry from the handsomest guy out there... but for some reason people, mostly women, stand closer to him. why? i havent the slightest idea other than he is a very calm, level, rational, strong person??

i think im anti-feminist. i dont think men and women are the same thing, nor should there be any sort of confusion over the difference between the two. there are most certainly exceptions to the role of gender tendencies(which are and should be completely socially acceptable!!!) but for the most part gender tendencies are there for a reason. there was a very very long point in human history where men hunted food and women took care of the village. women NEEDED to know the currents of others to help keep harmony in the clan, men needed to understand when to copulate, when to get the heck out! they needed to be able to assess injury, animal behavior, uniquely intuitive to hormones, pheromones, sound and smell, just like they needed to be able to hold muscle tone through long injury recovery (good thing cause Chris has a great butt but hasnt done anythign the last few years to maintain it!! :D ).

anyways im just rambling. bottom line is (to get back on topic here!!) that there had to be ways of healing before knives were invented. there has always been the laying of hands, meditation and prayer. there has been extensive studies of psychic abilities that have been bunked but i see that as quite likely, there is no such thing as the ability to tell what the shape is on the other side of the card. what practical use would that have ever had?

before i keep rambling....


Ford Girl
February 5th, 2008, 02:22 PM
I agree with everything said here, energy and how it can be read. No doubt about it in my mind. Energy affects how we speak, move, think...and to some it's very obvious and to others it's not.

A little thing I noticed that shows this is that I can ask for the same behavior or action in 2 completely different ways and you get results matching the energy of your request.

CearaQC - I know eh...weird how the connection is there, my sister and I are very connected...and to be honest I think it's cuz of the rough start and constant struggles in life that helped us stay intuned to each other. Not sure if that makes sense. We very often call eachother while the other is dialing to call the other. (Kinda off topic but we have both had our share of unexplained ghostly, or paranormal events..again, I belive it comes from dealing with death and strong emotions early in life)

Jan - I am very interested in all of this, for sure - do share!! Did you have them work with Amber, does this type of reading help with behavior?

I know the Dog Whisperer is a touchy subject too, but he works in terms of energy both reading and sharing and how it affects everything around you.

This could all be simplified in to your every day life such as your job and also on a gigantic world wide scale too....

February 5th, 2008, 03:05 PM
I, too, loved the Celestine Prophecy - it's an excellent "starter" on this subject!

Ford Girl: I've only had them contact Bobby because he is such a unique boy and has exhibited some problems that vets just haven't been able to explain. I have read that this communication does work with problem behaviours - some of the Intuitives that I've read about work with dogs that have been abused to help them adjust to living in a new, loving home. I've read many, many books on the subject of Animal Communicators and the author/Intuitive who is most on my wavelength is Marta Williams. Two of her books are "Beyond Words" and "Learning Their Language". The latter book is more an instructional book on how to use your innate intuitive skills.

Want4rain: You're right - men and woman are different, each for their own reasons :D

Ford Girl
February 5th, 2008, 03:26 PM
I have never read any of the books you folks are talking about, I do love to read so I will have to check them out!! It very much interests me.

Bobby sounds like a kindred soul. :lovestruck:

February 8th, 2008, 11:40 AM
I also used the services of an animal comunicator a few times during the last 4 years. There is no doubt in my mind she communicated with my pets.
One of the problems she really helped me with is my 12 year old dog Mickey's fear of thunder and lightning. I tried everything I could find in books, etc. to ease his fear and change his behaviour. Nothing worked. He would always tremble and panic. At that time he was 8 years old and it seemed his fear was getting worse.

A few days after her fist session with him in 2004, we had a terrible thunderstorm during the wee hours of the morning: pounding rain and a great deal of thunder and lightning. In my area, we have a lot of it. It was a miracle. Mickey didn't jump between the pillows, shake like a leaf, pant like a maniac or scratch us with his paws! He calmly followed me while I closed the open windows in every room. When we got back in the bedroom, he laid down on the floor so as not to see the lightning through the large window. It was amazing; he wasn't shaking or panting. I was so excited I hardly slept! During that summer, his fear gradually returned but never as bad. He had another session the next summer and I was so impressed I attended her seminars last year to learn more about animal communication. We were about 12 participants and we had a lot of fun practising with each other's animals using photos. Sometimes the answers we got seemed a little far-fetched but many times they turned out to be true.

I now "talk" to Mickey myself several times during summer months to reassure him about thunderstorms and it works. Last summer when thunder started, he quietly went in the bedroom or under a desk and waited until the storm had passed. He shakes only a little. Believe me, his behaviour is 90% better.

I'm sure other people who have experienced animal communication also have fascinating stories. It goes to show we can connect to our pets on an intuitive level, not just a physical one.

February 8th, 2008, 01:41 PM
Hi Helene4 - sounds like you, too, have had very positive experiences - I'm glad to hear you realize you can communicate with your animals too! Can you share the name of the Animal Communicator you used? I did mention the last one I used - Marta Williams. She is very, very good...

It's a very exciting thing to realize that we can communicate with our 4-legged friends - I have to spend more time learning to "hear" them!

February 8th, 2008, 03:09 PM
Hi JanM,

My animal communicator is Caroline Leroux. She is bilingual and her web site is: I have heard of Marta Williams; as a matter of fact, I have one of her books!:)

February 8th, 2008, 03:47 PM
Hi JanM,

My animal communicator is Caroline Leroux. She is bilingual and her web site is: I have heard of Marta Williams; as a matter of fact, I have one of her books!:)

Thanks - I'll check out Caroline Leroux's site. What book do you have of Marta's? I have "Beyond Words" and "Learning their Language" - both are absolutely wonderful books!

Here's Marta's website:

February 9th, 2008, 08:53 PM
I have "Learning their language". I also have "You can talk to your animals" by Janine Adams, "Animal voices" by Dawn Baumann Brunke and "Straight from the horse's mouth" by Amelia Kinkade. They are all interesting in their own way. Thank's for the link to Marta's web site, I will check it out.

February 9th, 2008, 10:06 PM
I have "Learning their language". I also have "You can talk to your animals" by Janine Adams, "Animal voices" by Dawn Baumann Brunke and "Straight from the horse's mouth" by Amelia Kinkade. They are all interesting in their own way. Thank's for the link to Marta's web site, I will check it out.

I'm almost finished Learning Their Language - I find it to be an excellent resource! I've read You can talk to your animals and thought it was ok but I could not read Animal Voices - I ended up trading it at our local used book store! I've also read Animal Talk by Penelope Smith - it's pretty good too.

It's a fascinating area for me - I'm having a blast doing the exercises in Learning Their Language :D

February 11th, 2008, 11:17 AM
Hi JanM,

I also had trouble reading "Animal voices". At first I liked it but after a while, it was to "way out there" for me! But I read it all anyway. I kept telling myself: you bought it, read it! Needless to say, it isn't one of my favorite books!

I bought some of the books before attending Caroline Leroux's seminars and in my opinion, nothing beats learning a technique during a class with other people who share the same interest. It's just more enriching than reading a book. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a seminar, go for it! I highly recommend it. I never regretted it even though I had to travel more than 500 km to get there!