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New to site

February 4th, 2008, 07:53 PM
Hi everyone my name is Julie and this is my first visit to the site. I have 2 dogs and a cat. Lily is a 10 month old boxer with demodex, Jasmine is a 3yr old ****zu mix who gets ear infections and Socks is my 6yr old cat. The two dogs get along great most of the time and Socks is pretty quiet so she stays out of their way for the most part. All of my pets are great although Lily still gets into alot being a puppy. The other day I dropped an egg on the floor and before I could clean it up she ate it. Later that night she broke out in hives. I was really scared but the vet said to give her some benadryl and keep an eye on her. The next day she was fine. Another time I had left some unopened juice boxes on the counter and while I was upstairs Lily got into them. She wasn't content however to have her stolen treat in the kitchen and so she carried it from room to room spilling juice everywere. What a mess!
Looking forward to hearing from anyone. Julie

February 4th, 2008, 07:57 PM
Lily is indeed still a puppy :laughing: . Did she clean up all the spilled juice at least :D ?

Welcome to julieV. Looking forward to seeing pics of your furbabies.

February 4th, 2008, 08:01 PM
puppies, puppies, how I love them, but please let them grow up quick:crazy:I have a cho lab and when she was a puppy she absolutily bounced off of the walls. she is now 3 and only sometimes bounces.

welcome to and I hope you enjoy all that is here to offer. pbp

February 4th, 2008, 08:13 PM
Welcome to, julieV! I'm looking forward to hearing more Tales of a Puppy Terrorist and stories about your other furbabies. And seeing pictures, of course, when you are able to post some. :D