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Frustrated with all the puking

February 2nd, 2008, 01:24 PM
It's about 3 weeks into transitioning my kitties from junky kibble to raw food. Right now I'm mostly feeding Wellness wet, twice a day (6am/6pm), and have been trying to add some little chunks of raw in the past few days.

Yesterday and bought some organic pork and chicken breast, and cut it up into chunks to freeze. I'll be able to take it out of the freezer as needed, so hopefully with have minimal waste. While I was cutting up the meat, I put a few pieces down for each cat, to gauge how they'd respond to it. Storm turned her nose up at it immediately, even after i smeared the chunks with a little bit of wet food. Target did the same initially, but came back about 5 mins later and tried it out. To my amazement, she ate all 3 chunks of hers, plus Storm's. Even more amazing, no puking. Target is the one who was the insta-puker (within 5 mins) when I first tried them out with a bit of Nature's Variety medallions. But, I've been feeding them probiotics with each meal, hoping that might fix the issue.

This morning when I put their wet food down with a few chunks, Storm turned her nose up at it, then proceeded upstairs to yak clear fluid. This happened last week with bile only, and read a thread that it might have been because she was just so hungry. I locked her in my room with her food, while I left to go to spin class. When I came home, she had eaten everything but the chunks. Good, but grrr! about leaving the chunks.

Unfortunately, I happened upon a "surprise" from Target strewn across my living room floor. It seemed to be the entire quantity and consistency of Target's morning meal, including the intact chunks. She seemed to be in good spirits, and given her history of puking raw food, I wasn't too concerned that she was actually ill. I cleaned it up and had to leave the house again. Lo and behold when I returned, there was another puddle of morning meal, complete with the last chunk she had consumed. :wall:

I'm pretty discouraged at this point. I don't know why Target would barf some times after eating raw food, but not others? Should I not be trying to mix the wet and raw foods? Do I need to feed them more probiotic? Right now I'm feeding the recommended dose each meal. Lastly, given that Target barfed what appeared to be her entire morning meal, should I feed her again before the next schedule mealtime? She is certainly acting like she's hungry.

Here's hoping this phase doesn't last too long. My beige carpets can't take it!

February 2nd, 2008, 02:21 PM
have you tried just plain chicken with nothing added to it? skip the pork for now because its quite fatty and if you can get them to eat it later, thats fine but acclimatizing them to raw physically is the goal, not variety quite yet. once you can go a week on raw and start seeing less barf, then introduce other meats.

do they eat cooked chicken?

i think trying to feed the wet WITH the raw could be causing upset stomach. try lightly cooking the chicken to see if that works. cook the chicken less over a weeks time.