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Coronation St.

June 13th, 2004, 06:59 AM
Sorry was board waiting for my show to come on and thought I would start a thread about it seeings how there are a few fans here.

When do you watch the show?

I usually watch the 1/2 hour shows MON-THURS and then again on Sunday, mainly because I always miss things through the week. I take a half hour out of my outside chores usually to come in and do housework :) and listen to the show but sometimes I miss it all together, this week I never saw any of it through the week so I am a solid two hours today of "I'm not budging till my show is over"

My boyfriend is definitly starting to get hooked on it, he refers to it as "Gladys" "Oh is Gladys on?" in a whiny I believe this to be a reference to the old Bewitched show where a lady named Gladys was always peeking out the window to see what everyone was up to

I'm Dying for Ken and Diedrie to find out all the facts about Tracy. (poor Roy)

What a surprise about Shell's Mom :eek:
Anyway must go watch have a Nice Sunday all :)

June 13th, 2004, 09:49 PM
I am also a huge fan of the show! I love the whole British soap opera, it's so fun!! The hardest part though is the fact that the plot moves so fast that sometimes if you miss a week (sometimes even just one epsiode) something huge could happen and you have no idea!! Although I have to confess to occassionally reading ahead to find out what happens...I just can't take the suspense, I need to know :D

I usually watch all of the episodes on Sunday mornings. Amazingly I somehow find a way to drag my butt out of bed but it is totally worth it. I feel bad for Roy and Hayley too but sometimes I find them soooo frustrating and Tracey is pure evil...I love it. I can't wait until they reveal who the real father of her baby is - that's going to rock the neighborhood!! I still can't believe Martin - I mean, I even find those scenes with him and his little teenaged girlfriend gross to watch and I know they are acting!!

June 15th, 2004, 05:46 AM
Oh I know how you feel about Martin, if it was say 10 years in the future the age difference wouldn't matter ( like Kera and Shelly's Mom) but lets face it she is just a young girl and his daughters age no less I don't see how he can justify it.

I just watched the first prime time show last night on CBC at 730 pm. I hope they keep it on at this time.
I know what you mean about the suspence I too read a little blurb on the england side of coronation on the CBC site.....lmao I know what you mean about the father of Tracy's baby, and yes the street shall be buzzing with the gossip poor Ken and Diedrie they really did raise 2 loosers, well they make bad choices that is for sure. I have never believed that Tracy actually did anything with roy just mind boggeling that she would let everyone think it just for the $$$$$$$ what a cow she really is a piece of work