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Dog scared of puppy

January 30th, 2008, 10:27 AM
My mother-in-law has a 6 yr old miniature snauzer (Chloe) and we've recently gotten a westie puppy (Molly).

We tried to introduce them when we first got Molly at 2 months. Right of the bat, Chloe was TERRIFIED of Molly. She would run away from her and bark and growl almost to histeria...we thought Chloe might have a heart attack. We tried taking them for walks together so that they will learn to interact with one another but it still hasn't helped. When Molly was 3 months old, we had to dog-sit Chloe for a week. We thought that this might help Chloe be more comfortable with Molly, but it didn't help a single bit! Then again, last night we had to dog-sit Chloe and she still HATES Molly.

What could be the problem? And how do we fix this?