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doggy daycare

January 29th, 2008, 06:14 PM
this may be a touchy subject but, I have been reading threads lots, and i always see people jumping on others when they leave there dogs at home for any length of time. What did you do with your dogs before there was doggy daycares? :shrug:

January 29th, 2008, 06:24 PM
When I had a dog there was no doggie daycare, and also no crates. (they had had crates, but they were for traveling:D)
I have no problem with people leaving dog's at home while they work, but I don't think they should be crated:shrug: JMO (I'm talking every day, all day)
they should have run of the house, or at least if not trained then a room or basement, they should also be well excercised before and after work, so they're tired out and don't get to bored while your at work all day.

January 29th, 2008, 06:32 PM
It is a tricky subject and one I've been considering with hopefully moving to Edmonton. At present I live at home with my parents, so they look after Isla when I'm at work, as they would if I moved out of home into the nearby town.

With possibly moving to another continent, I'm having to seriously consider the effect it would have on my dog and doggy day care is the only way I'd be able to work and keep a dog.

Saying that though, I know of people who have dogs and go out to work all day with the dog at home. Depending on the dog, I think this is ok (I had a Lab that was quite happy, and tbh, preferred, to spend time on his own!), although not something I could ever consider doing personally, I'm too much of a softie! :D

A good friend of mine has a Goldie who is left at home during the day when she's at work, with someone coming in to walk her (the dog, not owner! :eek:) during the day. The dog is easily left for 8 hours a day, but is perfectly happy with this routine and being a rescue, is probably greatful of the warm house and comfy bed!

So personally, without Doggy Day Care, I'd opt for finding a dog walker to walk Isla for an hour while I was at work, but have no qualms about pets that are left for longer periods of time as long as they're used to it and receive good care etc. :)

January 29th, 2008, 06:52 PM
Although I have access to doggie daycare, I don't use it. I work all day, and Sydney stays in her extra large crate. I have tried leaving her out of the crate, and she tried to dig under the door to get out. She feels safe in her crate, and likes her routine. At 7:30am, she gets in her crate, even if I am running late, or not going into work. She stays out of her crate at night, if she wants to.

My previous dog had the run of the house, but between my roommates and I, she was rarely there alone.

January 29th, 2008, 08:17 PM
I have to agree happycats.

Crating was never heard of when we had our family dogs back in my diaper were taught how to behave in the house at a young age.When I got my first GSD at 17,I never heard of crating either.Never crated with my other two.And at 5 1/2 months they had free run of the house.It all has to do with early training.

I'm not against crating.But only if it's a must.

When you think about it,the reason a dog likes the crate is because this is how they were trained as a pup.So this is what they know.

Sooooooo,another question should be,what did you do before there was crating......:D

I've brought this up in another thread.Think of what would happen in case of a fire.

I work long hours and do shift work.I'm lucky I have my daughter.But she works also.But if she goes out of town,I have a friend who comes and takes Tron out.Or she will take Tron to her place.

January 29th, 2008, 08:50 PM
I never believed in crates, never crated a dog until about a year ago! Buster was causing the family a lot of stress because I wanted him to be loose in the house but he wouldn't stop marking. Harley was doing great but we ended up ripping up the carpets and spending big $$ because of Buster's pee.

so...I got the extra large crate and now when I tell Buster I have to go to work, or to the store, he goes in his crate and lays down. when I come home (even after 8 hours!!!!!) he is sleeping, never a mess.....and he takes a few moments to stretch before he comes out to greet me.

For Buster, the crate is a good thing.....not sure it would be that way for everyone. :shrug:

Ford Girl
January 30th, 2008, 10:45 AM
I both crate (X-Pen) and use daycare, this is my first dog as an adult, not sure what I would do without either to be honest, lose my mind, pay for several surgeries for blockages due to Dazy eating things. I would have to increase our evening walks to 2-3 hours, and still lock her in a room - she could never have free range of the house, we leave her long enough to shower and if there is anything that peaks her interest she's in to it...

I couldnt be at work knowing she's free roaming at home, for her safety I crate and will always crate - well, maybe not always - the day she refuses to eat kleenex or snack from the litter box she will get her freedom. :laughing:

She never complains tho, we don't even have to ask her, she sees the signs and goes in when we are ready to leave for work, and at night she puts herself to bed...she likes her crate...has never once moved it an inch or tried to get out or even barked in it..we are very lucky that way....

Growing up I lived in a small hick town where people didn't treat dogs very nice, most were chained up outside year round :sad:...we didn't leave our dogs inside while at school or work....:sad:

January 30th, 2008, 11:31 AM
I have used a doggy daycare, and loved it, however, it's not always in the budget. they can be quite pricey. The one I use occasionally is $25/day. (there is a much cheaper one, about $7/day in my town but I don't trust leaving my dog there)

currently we pay a retired neighbor to come over in the middle of the day to let my dog out and have play time. we pay about $50/wk. (as a bonus he plows snow for us too)

up until now, my fiance had a job where he could take our dog to work everyday. he's at a new job now and no longer has that luxury. sometimes I take the dog to my office, which is very small, and very dog friendly. but mostly we pay the neighbor to look in on him. it works out well because our neighbor now has a 7mth pup who likes to play w/ our dog, so it works out well that they get an hour of playtime together each day.

I used to crate, but now a days my dog is trustworthy in the house and is left free. I would never crate him all day though. when we used to crate he was only in it for about 3 hrs in the morning until my fiance came home for lunch and then he took him back to work with him each day.

January 30th, 2008, 04:02 PM
Before a doggy daycare opened in my area, I didnt have the same dog I do now. But with my other dog, we used to go to the dogpark a lot, after I got back from work each day. However, we could only go in the summer because the park closes at dusk and the sun goes down relatively early here in the winter (not to mention, it is pretty cold to be standing around out there). She stayed at home during the day, 8-10 hrs, usually crated because she couldnt' be trusted to not destroy things (she had separation anxiety and also kidney problems). I often (usually) went home at lunch to let her outside but that was a very limited time visit as I don't live close to work. Also, there was a dog daycare up near work, so I would bring her there at least once a week. Unlike my current dog, she loved riding in the car, so this was not a problem.

When I was a kid we had a dog but my mom didn't work when the dog was a puppy, so someone was home most of the time. Both my parents worked at school so the hours alone for the dog weren't as long, plus we would get home by bus before they did. They didn't like the dog in the house during the day so I believe she stayed in the garage usually. When my parents were kids, the pets were probably all outside all the time except for special circumstances. Times have changed...

January 30th, 2008, 04:52 PM
we are lucky our two younger dogs go to my parents weekdays,that has been a great help with house training the pup,it also keeps the retirees active:D

January 30th, 2008, 06:29 PM
Think of what would happen in case of a fire.


This is my worse fear with crating, and the main reason I wish that I didn't. As soon as I find Smokey a home, I hope to try to ease Syd into having a room or two. I won't give her the run of the house, because I feel that Jo:cat: needs to have a reprieve. I don't think that Syd would ever hurt her, but she does cause Jo some stress at times.

January 30th, 2008, 07:07 PM

This is my worse fear with crating,

I have seen the aftermath,and it still haunts me.:sad::cry:

As I have suggested in another thread,a sign should be put on the door.I have one.It states that in an emergency,there are pets in the house.This way they know.If it's possible to to have the crate near the front door,that's great.At least it's in eyes view.:)

January 30th, 2008, 07:12 PM
As I have suggested in another thread,a sign should be put on the door.I have one.It states that in an emergency,there are pets in the house.This way they know.If it's possible to to have the crate near the front door,that's great.At least it's in eyes view.:)

good point Mona! no matter how many threads this advice is posted in, it's worth repeating over and over. Just as people put "tot finders" on children's bedroom windows, signs should be clearly posted for the animals. I have one for my pets as well.

January 30th, 2008, 07:40 PM
I do have the crates by the front door, and a sign on the door and all my neighbors know my babies. I still worry.:sad:

January 30th, 2008, 08:00 PM
I do have the crates by the front door, and a sign on the door and all my neighbors know my babies. I still worry.:sad:

Well you have everything covered then........:thumbs up

Sometimes I sound like a broken record.LOL......BUT I know some people don't think to take these precoutions.