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Brad Pattison is Coming To Ottawa

January 28th, 2008, 12:19 PM
Brad Pattison, host of the popular Slice show, "At The End of My Leash", will be in town for a 4 hour seminar at Residence Inn Marriot on:

Saturday February 16th - 8:30am to 12:30pm

Register Online at:

The topics that are going to be discussed include:

* Establishing the Alpha Role - Why establishing Alpha is so important. Take control of your dog instead of it controlling you! Learn techniques to take control of your dog on walks and your home.
* Realizing the potential in your dog - Confronting the real issues instead of ignoring them.
* Canine communication - What is a growl and why do dogs growl. What are the tone differences and when to be concerned. Barking: it is a mandatory communication skill that can be encouraged and controlled
* Socialization - park etiquette and the importance of canine socialization
* House rules and Vehicle safety
* Aggression issues - Addressing some of the causes and how they can be grown and encouraged without realizing it. How to recognize danger signs and what can you do.
* The dirty little secrets in the Dog Training industry - The use of dog treats, what to look for in a trainer and questions to ask them.

Plus of course a lot of Q&A