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How Long Is Too Long To Board Dogs?

January 23rd, 2008, 08:08 AM
I have a bit of a dilemma and I just wondered what other people's opinions were. Here's the issue:

I'm going to British Columbia for 12 weeks to take a course in the spring. I'm debating what to do with my dogs. I have 3 dogs ... 1 will be taking part in the course with me, so he's coming for sure. I'm unsure about the other 2.

I could bring them with me and find a place to stay that will allow multiple pets. (I already have a place picked out) The place is more expensive then some but it has features I want ... like a small kitchen, wireless internet access etc.

For the dog(s) that come - it's going to be a 39 hour car ride each way. Am I insane to even think about bringing 3 dogs in the car for that amount of time?

The course is 5 days a week, 8 hours a day plus 3 nights a week another couple of hours. So, depending on what students do that bring multiple dogs (I'm waiting to hear back from an instructor) , the other 2 could be on their own all day anyways.

So am I better to board them here? They have been to the kennel alot of different times and they are fine going there. The longest I have boarded them is about 10 days - how long is too long? Is 3 months too long or will they not know it's that long. I wonder if it's just me who's worried about the length of time but it sounds like a long time.

Help, I can't decide!!

January 23rd, 2008, 08:25 AM
if there is no alternative, I think it's perfectly reasonable. if you take them with you, and they spend all day alone for the next 3mths, I'd say boarding is a better option. it will let you focus on your course, and your dogs will be cared for, exercised, and entertained during the days. dogs need interaction, and although boarding for 12 wks isn't ideal, it isn't a horrible idea either. I'm assuming no family or friends can care for the other 2 for that long?

I could not board mine for that long, heck, longer than 2 days is pushin it w/ my dog, lol.....

but if your dogs are comfortable with the kennel, know the staff, and you are content with them staying there, then it's definitely a good option.

January 23rd, 2008, 08:32 AM
no strong opinion here but i woudl think your dogs would by far rather be with you and neglected than be at a kennel for 12 weeks and exercised. :) being such pack oriented creatures, if half the pack disappeared for an extended period of time, they would be quite depressed.


January 23rd, 2008, 08:34 AM
For the dog(s) that come - it's going to be a 39 hour car ride each way. Am I insane to even think about bringing 3 dogs in the car for that amount of time?

i did a 19 hour car trip with 2 7yo kids and a 7mo old baby.... i barely survived. :laughing:


January 23rd, 2008, 08:38 AM
Personally, I just feel guilty about it. I don't really have family or friends that I would trust leaving them with. That sounds horrible but at least I feel like if they're in the kennel, they are safe and looked after.

I also am more comfortable knowing they would be together in the kennel - it's not like one would be alone for that amount of time.

I called and spoke to one of the staff and she said the longest she's seen a dog boarded was for 6 weeks but that the owner has had dogs boarded for 12weeks or more, so I'm going to call back tomorrow and speak to the owner about it.

I'm also waiting to hear back from one of the course instructors about what students do when they bring multiple dogs - where the others one are left all day. She said they had one student who brought 5 dogs! LOL

January 23rd, 2008, 08:50 AM
The longest we have boarded our dog is 15 days - but he is boarded in a home environment with a lady he loves and one of her dogs is his boyfriend. Our guy would not cope in a regular kennel facility - Eskies generally do not. Prior to having the Eskie we did not go anywhere together for nearly 30 years of marriage because we had mini Dachshunds with back problems and just couldn't do it. But we met this young woman who used to work at our vet's and at his groomer's so she is well trained - and he loves her. I would hate to leave him for 12 weeks - no doubt he would think he had been abandoned - but in the environment she provides - he is treated as one of her own, he would probably be okay - and frankly, should something happen to my husband and me together, an alternative home would have to be found. Personally I couldn't imagine such a drive with 3 dogs - the thought of 5 hours puts me over the edge.

January 23rd, 2008, 09:31 AM
I don't know where you live in Ontario, but a friend of mine who frequently travels has a pet sitter stay at their house while they are away.

January 23rd, 2008, 09:38 AM
Where in BC are you going to take the course? On Vancouver Island there are some very good dog walkers that would take your dogs out daily if need be - and I'm sure other areas would have the same services.

I, too, think the dogs would rather be with you than left behind, in a kennel, with part of their family gone.

January 23rd, 2008, 10:36 AM
I'm actually going to be on Vancouver Island. The hotel I'm looking at if I take the 3 of them is located on Lochside Dr.

Would you happen to have any phones numbers or email addresses / websites of any dog walkers out there that you could PM me with?

Thanks =)

January 23rd, 2008, 10:56 AM
Actually it would all depend on what kind of situation the dogs would be going to. If they were to spend every day inside a cage and barely get any attention, then I would say more than a day or two is too long. If it's like a doggie day care type of place where the dogs get lots of exercise, fun and socialization, then that's a better choice in my opinion.

Do a search on this website and talk to some people in your area. See what they offer.

If you're going to keep your main residence while you're away, why not hire a house/dog sitter. A person that's licensed, bonded and insured that will stay/sleep at your home, water your plants, get your mail, feed/walk dogs, etc.

January 23rd, 2008, 11:24 AM
Thanks for those links , I'll check them both out.

The kennel I board them at is pretty good. They get roatated outside to different areas all throughout the day (some with indoor/outdoor space and kiddie pools in the summer, some with trees - - nothing super huge but quite nice)and the cages have an opening to their own outside area. There is not alot of people / dog interaction though and that's where my main concern is. Not that it would wreck them or anything, I just don't know how comfortable I am putting them through that for that period of time.

I am keeping my house, however my sister and her son moved in with me a few months ago. You'd think that would be a great option but my sister is extremely lazy. She wouldn't walk them (her poor kid never even gets any exercise but that's another rant!) - of course they would get to go in their own backyard but they are used to being walked at least 3 times a day for at least 2 hours and I don't know how they would handle the lack of exercise either.

I'm going to have a look at those links -- maybe the perfect option is there =)

Thanks again

Amy P
January 23rd, 2008, 03:15 PM
Do you have a close friend or family member that could house sit for you? When my mom goes away she has a family member come in and take care of the animals so thier scheduales don't get messed up. She has also paid someone to stay, whom she found thru a friend of a friend type of thing. I agree that if it is a choice between boarding and being left all day but see you eventually they would probably be much happier with you. THe dog walking thing sounds great too. Good Luck!!:thumbs up

Amy P
January 23rd, 2008, 03:17 PM
Sorry didn't read the last post. I hope it all works out. :fingerscr

January 23rd, 2008, 04:22 PM
if the place where you would board them was like a daycare, i think that would be a great option, it keeps them active they can play or sleep as much as they like, but if they are just going to sit in a cage and not get any exercise, i think you should take them with you.

January 24th, 2008, 10:58 AM
I've got a few dogs who spend more than a month at a time here.I just had a shepherd in for a month and half.While I was working in the kennel she was loose with me,extra walks,lots of playtime and she was great.I don't find most dogs have problems with longer stays as long as they get that little bit extra tlc.

January 24th, 2008, 01:06 PM
Thanks for all the replies =)

I just wanted to say that I received an email back from one of the instructors and she said they set some pens up outside in the park for the other dogs to stay in while the training is going on.

So they can either stay part time in the car or in the pens and there is lots of time through out the day to let them out she said. So .... that means I have a 39 hour car ride with 3 dogs coming up ;)