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Peeing in Crate

January 21st, 2008, 07:46 PM
We have a wonderful five-month-old goldendoodle who pees in her crate when we leave her there during the day for as little as an hour. She never pees in the crate at night (her crate is in our bedroom) and can go 5 or more hours overnight. We never leave her in the crate for more than three hours during the day, often much less. We use a wire crate with a divider so she has just enough room to stand and turn around. We've tried with and without a blanket on the bottom of the crate and she'll pee in it either way.

She goes in her crate willingly enough, but does bark and show stress when we leave the house. We've come back as soon as five minutes later and found her calm, though, so it doesn't last long.

We're not sure if it's stress, or if her bladder's not up to the task yet. She is often confined in the morning (after breakfast, usually a walk, and almost always a pee and poop) or late afternoon (several hours after lunch, and almost always after a pee and/or poop).

I've read a couple of posts on this site, but am stumped. We're just not sure what to do. Thanks for anything you can offer.

January 21st, 2008, 08:04 PM
i think this may have to do with anxiety, because at night she is in the room with you, but when you crate and go out she is all alone. so when you crate(when you are going out) her try giving her a frozen peanut butter kong ( put peanut butter inside the kong and then into the freezer untill needed). also try turning on the radio for her when you leave. another thing, try crating her, and act like your going to leave, open and close the door, as if you have left, ( and go hide around the corner of where her crate is ) and when she starts to freak out just step into her view, dont say anything to her, or look at her, when she is calm again, open and close the door as if you have left again, repeat this untill you see that she is remaining calm (without you having to step in for her to see you) then start building up the time before you let her out. hope this helps :)

January 21st, 2008, 11:16 PM
poor thing, she misses you guys.

We're having the same issues with our boxer peeing in his crate, but i haven't noticed him having any anxiety issues like what your describing.
Good luck

January 22nd, 2008, 12:24 AM
Is it one of those metal crates you have ? or a plastic one? The reason i ask is a main purpose of the crate is to recreate (excuse the pun sorta lol) the feeling of the dog living in a den area, and with the metal barred crates, some dogs feel too exposed and just not comfortable enough with it to consider it their den, our boxer (who also had the bladder infection lol, we've been through a lot with her, shes pretty special sometimes) did suffer from a fairly mild form of seperation anxiety, with the metal crate she would sit in her crate and just kind of shiver and shake, we could hear her barking as well after we left, she would also stick her paws out between the bars to the point where she warped most of them so they bulged out, and was able to pull her crate around, or pull items into her crate. Purchasing one of the hagen pet cargo large crates made a huge difference, although she still does the shaking thing sometimes when she first goes in, i think now she does it as a pity act to see if we'll let her out lol.