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My dog doesn't want to play!

January 21st, 2008, 12:34 PM
Our 5-year-old yorkie (rescued 6 months ago) has absolutely no interest in playing. Squeakers frighten her, she has no interest in anything soft & fluffy or rubber (or anything in between) and the only time we could get her interested in a kong was when we had the piece of treat sticking out enough so that, with much effort, she was evenually able to pull it out. We replaced it with one that wasn't sticking out, and she is no longer interested, even though she knows there's a treat in there. The ony thing that she likes to do is chomp on rawhides and greenie sticks and such, but we know that we need to limit the amount of those we give her for her health. She has no interest in playing WITH us, either: no running with us, goofing around with us, chasing toys we thow, none of that. She mostly wants to be the center of attention, in our laps (if she doesn't feel like dozing while she's doing it, she'll try to get in between us and the keyboard, book or newspaper that is occupying our attention while she's on our laps), except for rare occasions when she curls up on the couch with us, but on her own end, or even rarer, when she curls up in her bed.

We've trained her to Sit and are working (thus far unsuccessfully) on Stay and Come, using vegetables as treats.

Any ideas?


January 21st, 2008, 08:23 PM
Maybe she never had a proper puppyhood with squeaky toys and stuffies and is uncomfortable and not quite sure how to act. She sounds insecure, have you tried tieing up her chewie with a string and pulling them around the house with the intent of her chasing them?