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Chinese Pug ????????

June 9th, 2004, 12:44 AM
I Have A 9 Month Old Male Fawn Pug And He's Not Your Typical Average Looking Chinese Pug, Or I've Been Told His Legs Are Not Short & His Head Is Small Compared To The Large Heads, I'm Not Sure How To Measure Him For Height, He Does How Ever Have All The Other Attributes Of A Chinese Pug, He Is A.K.C. Registered & Has Been D.N.A.'d As A.K.C. Requires It And So He's A Chinese Pug, Do All Pugs Come Short & Fat Or Other Like My Milo...

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Lucky Rescue
June 9th, 2004, 09:47 AM
Some dogs can be purebred, but just very badly out of standard. Yours could be one of those. Can you post a pic?

June 9th, 2004, 10:08 AM
Just to clarify something,there is no such thing as a Chinese Pug.

Here is a link.Click on the left where it says "about pugs"

I agree with LR about the very badly out of standard.

Where did you get your pug?

June 9th, 2004, 01:51 PM
At 9 months your Pug is still growing. It could just be one of those awkward growth spurts where his body is not proportion....I would give him more time, take pictures and compare them later.
Pug's look like Manatee's when they are born. *just a note*

June 9th, 2004, 03:12 PM
Also,DNA is not used for Registering dogs.

What I mean by that is when a pup is registered,all they do is put the Sire and Dams Registered name.That's all.They do not take DNA samples.

Bill & Bob
June 13th, 2004, 07:35 PM
Now please understand, this question is just out of curiosity with no malice intended. When I first came to this site I couldn't figure out what all the acronyms were all about e.g. LMAO, ROTFL, etc. etc. Had to get a friend to explain them to me. Internet speak.
I've been seeing people, here and other places doing the thing with capitalizing the first letter of every word. So....what does that mean?

I feel old now.

As far as the Pug qualities go, I have nothing to offer. Don't know much about them other than they are cute with their little mush faces. Bob always finds them a curiosity as well. He stands over them looking down at their little faces wondering how they got so small.

June 13th, 2004, 08:12 PM
My parents have a shi-tzu PUG that they rescued about 6 years ago...OMG he is adorableeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Here is a pic of him...I wish it showed his teeth, he has a serious underbite...sooooo cute!!! I will keep looking for it!!

June 13th, 2004, 08:57 PM
How cute! Mr. Personality! :cool:
Bill & Bob, have I got a website for you!

I had the same problem at first and this helped a lot! :D