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Dog vs. wife

January 16th, 2008, 11:25 PM
Friends got a puppy about 6 weeks old and after 1 month could not look after it. Apparently couldn't stay in apartment. We took the dog to try and help them out. Dog is now almost 1 year old. Part ****su/ bischon. We have a two year old that adores the dog and vise versa. They are inseperable. When the dog is around me it is perfect. It has never gone to the dor to go out but I usually take her out every hour or watch for signs. Sh is well behaved. The problem is when I am not around. My wife has never hit her or been mean to her but when she calls the dog to go out the dog urinates on the floor. She even tries to get on the couch and get the dog to come to here but the dog will jump on her and urinate all over her. Just her. After which she runs right for her kennel and hides so she knows she done some thing wrong. She is a wonderful dog except for this. Does anyone have an idea what to do??? She has been fixed and my wife is also 5 months pregnant.:ca:

Ford Girl
January 17th, 2008, 11:31 AM
Hello, and welcome!

Sounds to me like a lack of respect for your wife. What role does your wife play in your pack? From the details you gave us I'd say your female dog is dominating your female wife. What kind of structure and discipline do you ask the dog to follow? Dogs will behave differently with each human based on what they are allowed to get away with. I would reseach N.I.L.F. and see if that works for you, it takes alot of work at first and never ending consistancy but if your wife takes a leadership role the dog will follow.

Jumping is rude and disrespectful behavior, little dogs seem to get away with it more then big dogs, but it means the same thing...what is the reaction when your dog jumps? Does she just jump on your wife? Does she jump on visitors? My dog jumps on females so I have told all my girlfriends and female visitors that this might happen and to not allow it, they will take advantage of a human if they are allowed to, the key is consistancy cuz the minute you allow them to behave this way they take every inch you give them. My dog is 75lbs and can be controled, so your little dog can do it too

Also, you say you take the dog out every hour just in case, I would try teaching your dog to signal in some way, maybe a small bell on the door, or associate the words outside with pee, etc...I would start house training from scratch, start from square one, if both you and you wife are consistant that your dog will get it. Does your wife go every hour too? I assume she's busy with your 2 year old and being preganant, most moms are :). The dog is use to just being brought out without having to ask to go out.

If your wife has issues just getting the dog to the door, then have your wife go get her, leash her, then bring him to the door, this will stop the jumping and urination, she can control the dog if she's leashed rather then asking the dog to come to the door, you as the leader can leash her and bring her the the door. Leaders don't ask followers, they tell them what to do.

This is what I do with my bossy female, just showing her in simple ways that I am the leader has helped all kinds of behavioral issues.