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Home Insurance and my supposed ''Dangerous Animal''

January 9th, 2008, 07:49 AM
This is mostly a rant...have to get it off of my chest and thought that all of you other pet owners might understand.

So, my husband and I (how weird saying that, we have only been married a few months :laughing:) just bought our first home. We are EXCITED to say the least. We currently live in an appartment in the city and bought a house up north in the laurentians with a nice piece of land.

We have had insurance for our belongings at the appartment and for our car with AllState for a few years now, and they have always given us decent service and prices (although we have never made a claim with them yet). We bought the house and just figured on changing our policy to fit the house and everything would be great.

WRONG...apparently our so-called 'dangerous animal' who just happens to be a 7 month old Doberman would not be covered anywhere and we would even have to sign a clause stating that if for any reason something happens anyone can sue us if our dog bites/injures or whatever (please keep this in mind for all you other dog owners of rotties/pitt bulls/german shepards/etc. as well). Might I just add that my sister's toy poodle has more of an attitude and defence mechanism than my so-called 'guard-dog'.

Are you trying to tell me that if my so-called 'guard-dog' was doing his job (aka. guarding his house), and somone say broke in to rob us, the robber can sue me if my dog bites him? Maybe I should take my dog back to obedience school, and have him trained so that when a robber comes through the front door, the dog would show him where our entertainment system is...?

Soooo, we did make the rounds for getting quotes on house insurance and found one that does not have a problem with our doberman (or any other breed for that matter), and we will be canceling our current insurance to go with a new company (yay for Wawanesa!).

Sorry about the rant, had to get it off of my chest...

January 9th, 2008, 08:02 AM
It all boils down to one thing - profit. And Allstate is notorious for that. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if their inspectors were trained to mark down anything that might cause them to write a check and thus deny coverage. Plus the inspectors are kinda sleazy and makes one want to disinfect the house after he/she leaves.

I can't stand insurance companies. The rich have their friends in on the schemes, including politicians who pass laws with the appearance of "safety concerns" or the desire to save lives, but really it's all about collecting the payments and never paying out. They think the working class is nothing more than millions of morons they can financially bleed.

Good for you to shop around and not just deal with a company you've been with a while.

January 9th, 2008, 08:13 AM
it's not fair in any way, shape, or form. good for you for finding a dog-friendly insurance company! and I agree, I've seen other breeds with more of an attitude problem.

however, this is precisely the reason that the shelter we used (over 2 yrs ago) noted on our adoption papers that my dog is a "basenji mix". they are sure of the basenji part, but assumed the other half was either pittie or boxer. They made sure not to put that in writing after NUMEROUS potential adopters backed out for fear of losing their home insurance. The shelter had 5 perfect puppies that they had trouble adopting out simply because of the insurance issue. so very sad. Thankfully, we didn't care, and adopted our guy anyways.

we managed to skirt around the issue by adopting a mixed breed. but for those who choose to have a purebred on the so-called-vicious list, it can be a challenge for sure. and ironically, each breed I've met that would be on that "list" have all been the nicest, well behaved, wonderful family pets! too bad insurance companies are so stereotypical.

January 9th, 2008, 06:05 PM
Yep... unfortunately it's all part and parcel with owning a Dobe. I have two (and will own more, mwahaha!) so I get my insurance through State Farm. I'm not sure if they offer coverage in Canada.

One word of advice - It would be nice to express your gratitude in an official manner to your new insurance company. Make sure they know that you chose them in part because of their pet policies, and that you will recommend them to other pet owners. I sent a nice letter and a photo of my dogs to the "bigwigs" of State Farm, thanking them for covering me and having the sense not to discriminate based on breed. I got a nice letter back - which was nice!

January 9th, 2008, 06:13 PM
Wow...I never new that insurance companies did this. :eek: We've never been asked about dogs with our insurance company. :shrug: Hopefully, we won't be in for a shock when we renew this year. :fingerscr