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Decorating to Match the Dog???

January 3rd, 2008, 06:57 PM
You know how we all just love those "I had to get rid of the dog because he didn't match the new decor" people :rolleyes:. Well, how about those of us that do the decorating to match the dog? :crazy:

My new duvet and cover. The bedroom's going to be done in brown and purple (used to be purple as the primary, that's why it's now the secondary because all my accent stuff is purple), the livingroom is brown and blue. (

I don't know if any of you remember that she wears a purple collar (and harness and leash too). (

And this is a demonstartion of how we usually spend weekend mornings, nuggles in bed. Willow looooves nuggling. (

January 3rd, 2008, 07:06 PM
You know, you may be on to something. We can all find decorating solutions by looking at our pets. LOL, mine all actually match my decor perfectly:D I think I'll keep them:lovestruck:

January 3rd, 2008, 07:17 PM
I have issues....Harley is black, and both my cats are mostly long hair white, so nothing I can really do. But I think I will keep them anyways. LOL

January 3rd, 2008, 08:11 PM
ancientgirl, LOVE your new avatar :thumbs up

Here we have ... golden, golde, black and white.
Golden wood floors, white and dark grey kitchen.

Keepers :D

January 3rd, 2008, 08:15 PM
ancientgirl, LOVE your new avatar :thumbs up

Here we have ... golden, golde, black and white.
Golden wood floors, white and dark grey kitchen.

Keepers :D

Thanks! I got a nice picture of her last night. And notice how she matches my living area chairs and rug?

January 3rd, 2008, 08:19 PM
Well done, Byrd! Your post made me open my eyes to what I've done - I got new furniture a while ago and the living room furniture is a creamy colour while the bedroom is a brown/cream - both my dogs are Goldens... Guess I became colour co-ordinated without even knowing it! :laughing:

I must say, Willow does look very good on your new duvet :D

January 3rd, 2008, 08:21 PM
LOL how do I decorate? I have solid black cats, white and black cats, a brown dog, and two reddish/blonde dogs.... camoflage might work! LOL


January 3rd, 2008, 08:24 PM
I love it!!

If I did it I would have to go dalmation, cow, or zebra, since most of my guys are black. black and white!

January 3rd, 2008, 08:29 PM
Well, glad to see that I'm not the only one that's subconciously done this. LOL I like the new trend of brown with cool colours. It's one of the reason I bought Willow purple clothes, it goes with her colour, and (supposedly) lets the world know she's a girl.... goes very well with my purple coat and scarf too. (

January 3rd, 2008, 08:32 PM
Oh, and I'm surprised no one's commented on the purple shirt. LOL I didn't even think about it until after I put the pics on the computer. See, told ya I like purple.

January 3rd, 2008, 08:38 PM
She looks beautiful on the new bed. I sure hope that the new hubby loves to snuggle with dogs in bed :rolleyes:.

I used to colour co-ordinate with Lucy and my old siamese cat. But then I got a tortie and then a black lab so now I am just screwed :laughing:.

January 3rd, 2008, 08:47 PM
He's going to have to, she was here first!

The worse was when I wore brown pants, a white blouse (one of those half open types), with a beige T-shirt under it.... to class!!!! Got a little made fun of that night. :loser:

January 3rd, 2008, 09:27 PM
Oh, and I'm surprised no one's commented on the purple shirt. LOL I didn't even think about it until after I put the pics on the computer. See, told ya I like purple.

... and don't forget that purple is a regal colour too :D

January 3rd, 2008, 10:24 PM
:laughing: What a coincidence! Just today I popped into a store looking for a cover for my new duvet and couldn't find one that matched the dogs :laughing: . Right now I have a white one on :eek: .

Your room looks great :thumbs up as does Willow of course :lovestruck: .

January 3rd, 2008, 10:40 PM
Nice job. :thumbs up Willow sure looks like she approves of it in the second pic. :cloud9:

January 3rd, 2008, 10:51 PM
we went to the shelter to get our first pet together.... ONE CAT!!! next i know Chris comes to me with two kittens on his shoulders... says 'but baaaaaby..... they match the couches!!!' duh... :lovestruck:


January 3rd, 2008, 11:36 PM
willow looks tres girly to me :shrug: Even without the purple things

One thing's for certain though she's gorgeous :D:lovestruck: I love how she has 'eyebrows'. I love the brown and colour trend too:thumbs up

January 3rd, 2008, 11:53 PM
hehehe Willow looks so proud that she matches the covers:D

i love the cuddle pic:cloud9:

January 5th, 2008, 12:59 PM
Onster, you're about the only one, even my mom calls her 'him' all the time. She's pretty butchy.

K, I mostly did this because I need a more masculine cover now that I'm no longer single, and I figured brown would not show the brown dog hair as much as the beige did. :shrug:

January 5th, 2008, 01:14 PM
Yes Byrd, the brown matches Willow perfectly. Too bad it won't match that little white one we've been mooning over when you go to get her. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

January 5th, 2008, 01:18 PM
Who, Casey? He has brown spots. But, alas, I am in an apartment with a one dog only agreement. If you all donate money too me, I can get a house, then I can go and rescue him.

January 5th, 2008, 01:21 PM
That's true, so he would match. ;)
You have a deal with the money....on one condition......
you have to donate equal amount of money to me so I can get all my little ones fixed and do an extention on their catuary. Sounds fair, no? :thumbs up

January 5th, 2008, 01:33 PM
Well, that doesn't exactly work now does it seeing as neither of us have the money in the first place. Um... how about if either of us win the lottery we give the other some?

January 5th, 2008, 01:37 PM
Deal! But the kitties will be done before then I think. :laughing::laughing:

January 5th, 2008, 02:12 PM
Well, at least it will remburse you.

January 6th, 2008, 04:19 PM
Byrd,Willow looks like such a diva,very girlie and pretty:lovestruck:
Purple,mauve etc are the only colours I actually don't like,but with Willow in the pic,it's a beautiful colour:laughing:

January 6th, 2008, 04:23 PM
A diva? I won't tell her you said that.

How can you not like a colour? I like every colour, just some more than others obviously.

January 6th, 2008, 06:29 PM
It's very important to coordinate :laughing: And Willow fits in so well :thumbs up

Bailey fits with the head board of my bed , is that ok ? :D

January 6th, 2008, 06:30 PM
Yes, Frenchy, that's okay.

January 6th, 2008, 08:26 PM
Actually, it's perfect. With the bed cover being red, you can find Bailey on it :thumbs up and the others too of course. Or is it to find the bed cover that you have it in red:laughing: ?

January 6th, 2008, 08:30 PM
great pictures byrd! such a cutie! she looks so comfy on you bed :cloud9:

January 6th, 2008, 08:55 PM
Thanks, yeah, she's very comfy, she sleeps there every night. :sleepy: