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Cat survives in garden shed for two months

January 3rd, 2008, 05:44 PM

A cat which was accidentally locked in a garden shed survived for over TWO MONTHS - by licking condensation off the windows.

Emmy the black and white cat followed her owner into the wooden building but became trapped when he left and locked the shed.

He then spent weeks searching for her and had given her up for dead when he returned to the shed for the first time in nine weeks.

Inside he found Emmy - skeletal and almost dead - but remarkably still alive from her nightmare ordeal in Torquay, Devon.

The RSPCA say the 10-year-old cat can only survived by licking the windows - which were covered in lick marks. She has now made a full recovery at the Torbay Blue Cross animal centre in Watcombe, Devon, where staff are trying to find her a new home.

Manager Laura Valentine said: "The RSPCA say she survived by licking condensation off the windows in the shed.

"It is remarkable - she must have been in torment in there. Her owner really had no idea where she was.

"They didn't think she would survive because she was so skeletal but she's fine now. She's a real fighter and cats are very hardy animals."

A spokesman for the Blue Cross animal charity said Emmy's former owners had reluctantly decided to give her up because they were so upset by the accidental distress they had caused.

"The family were just too upset to keep her," said the spokesman. "They have also just moved house and were not sure their new home would be suitable for Emmy."

A spokesman for the Blue Cross animal charity said Emmy the cat has been left "traumatised" by her ordeal.

She said: "Emmy is still traumatised and has a fear of tight spaces and of being left alone. She has recovered physically but mentally she is still a bit fragile.

"She also seems to have lost the ability or the will to jump and won't even hop on or off things.

"Emmy survived a nightmare ordeal and lived to tell the tale and now needs a good home.

"Whoever adopts her will have a loving cat who needs constant attention and care.

"If only she could speak and let us know how she got through it because she has an amazing story to tell."

Laura Valentine, who is caring for her at the centre in Watcombe, says Emmy now needs a new home.

She said: "She is an absolute darling thing. She has a slight tilt to her head and doesn't like to jump.

"She's not too good with young children but a home with teenagers would be fine."