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Rant- Stupid People (long with a little ethical issue...)

January 2nd, 2008, 07:27 PM
so its 6:30 EST and im just starting my rant. lets see how long it takes me to get it out of my head, edited for profanity, dinner made and eaten and so on....

smack in the middle of Jeffreys nap my neighbor ding dongs the front door bell to ask if our dog got out. my first reaction was heck no, his yard is as good as Fort Knox... then when she mentioned a black dog i hesitated.... well... maybe he coudl be out.... "CHRIS!! WHERE'S THE DOG!!" in the loudest whisper ever... yep, Mister is in the kitchen... she says ok... you have two dogs in your yard and your dog is in your house.

between the two of us we got the one to hold still (wiggle bum you know) long enough to get their rabies tag number. we called animal control who gave us the persons contact information. two calls later (she misdialed a number :o) we get ahold of someone who is clearly not interested in two dogs and then hangs up on us. my neighbor has the address and says she will go up to the house and talk to them, that maybe we got the wrong number or something. in the mean time i worked on getting them into Misters Fort Knox. :)

thankfully i came outside with cheese in my pocket cause Mr Wiggle Bum will do ANYTHING for cheese. neither were interested in FOOD (Misters old Canidae) nor the car nor really any water. both seemed well fed if under cared for. the little golden mommy (looked like a cross between a small hound and a yellow lab. very short and stocky) was ultra sweet but a little stand off-ish. she wasnt upset with me, just unsure of who i was. once i gave her some lovings she warmed up QUICKLY. those lovely big golden eyes. :lovestruck: Mister Wiggle Bum (who got a new 'name' later) looked very mixed pitty. pitty and a little black lab?? he has a white blaze on his chest and a few white toes. his face could have been a stand in for Misters. now he didnt know a stranger and i betcha by the end of all that he was pretty sure strangers were pretty cool if they all kept cheese in their pockets! they easily went into the gate, didnt hesitate when i closed it.

my neighbor came back from the 'owners' house saying that there were a few cars in the drive way. she got out of the car and 5 or 6 dogs who looked like the yellow dog came running up to her so she closed the car door and blew on the horn for a few minutes. she was obviously upset because she really felt someone was home but no one wanted to come out to see what the person in the drive way wanted. :mad:

so we called AC back, asked for more information, when could they come out to pick the dogs up (even at this point i suspected the owner of one of them but we can get to that later)... no real help there. tomorrow is their earliest pick up. i told them id call them back if i needed their services... tomorrow.

i called my vet. they seem to be super people when it comes to animals (unless its about diet!!!:rolleyes:) and i thought they may at the very least have some advice. well go figure... they are the vets for the owner of which we already called (who showed NO interested in two dogs and frankly hung up on us) so THEY called her and got a little better of a response than we did. she said she would coem to the vets and pick the dogs (or so thats what i thought) up from me. at this point ive put in over 2 hours into finding the owner of these dogs and im more than a little steaming over the total apathy from these folks. i asked our vet if the lady could come to the house instead.... considering we live less than 1/4 mile from each other... the vet tech said she wasnt sure how willing this woman was to make an effort (boy am i REALLY steaming now!!!) to pick the dog up and if i could get them into the car she is more likely to come and get her from the vet... blah blah blah. i told the poor vet tech (who was a HUGE help!!!!:lovestruck:) that if the stupid woman didnt want the dogs then i would just take them both up to one of the several no kill orgs in the area who could find a home for these two little angels who DID want them!!! :mad:

she told me to just see if i could get them into the car... they already called her and woudl really realyl appreciate it (since they already called her and all that) if i could bring them up and see if we cant sort things out. i took a deep breath and told her she was right, ill be up there as soon as i can get them in the car.

thankfully THAT was easy. thanks to CHEESE!! i cant think of what im more thankful for... the cheese or my vet??? :laughing:

on the way out i stopped by the OTHER neighbors house (i swear, i cant actually SEE most of these houses... lots of woods hides most things!) to tell him that Chris was home (since he has Cailyn and all that) even if the car wasnt. he peeks a head aroudn the corner to look in the car and tells me those two are the phantom dogs i keep missing (we are looking at 2 years of gallivanting around the neighborhood and i keep missing them!) and that he has called the owners several times and each time get the same apathetic reaction. i *almost* didnt go to the vets office. honestly i had NOWHERE to keep them for the night and had to do something. we were sub freezing last night. :(

soooooo off to the vet. Tweedle Dee and Wiggle Bum were two little hams in the car. they both sat in the same seat, left the same nose prints on the windows right along side of Misters. when we got to the vets office, there was a lady standing outside her cat waiting. she told me she could take the yellow dog but not the black one. the yellow dog was a friends dog that she had fixed for her at one point which was why she was on the contact at the vets. she took the yellow dog from me, i asked if she had a leash and she said no, she can get her in the car without one. i walked her to the car with the leash on (cause like duh....) the lady reached down and unsnapped it, grabbed her collar and shoved her in the car only to realize the other door was open. instead of walking around or getting her attention or asking the passenger to hold the dog while she shut the door... she snatched her tail and pulled her back into the car, held it while she yelled at the other woman!!:mad: i stood there totally shocked! she told me the other dog belonged to a guy on the other side of the woods. i probably could narrow it down from several houses over there if i really tried. problem is, i dont want to try.

no thanks, no parting words. she just closed her door and left. here i am at the vets office with a dog of which has obvious skin problems, no tags, no vet records. i cant bring him home, i have no where to put him. i cant let him with Mister... two kids.... 4 cats... one slightly irritated husband... i do what any other girl woulda done- i begged my vet for some help.

these saintly people frontlined him for free (ill see if i cant scrounge up something for them), examined him for any obvious physical issues for free and will keep him over night and half the day tomorrow until i can come and pick him up after work. his new name is Eins. he is 'singular nadular' (thats Ashley talk for Unilaterally cryptorchid) Eins is one in german. i thought it was fitting. he looked so abandoned when i left him. they brought him some wet food, a girl there sacrificed some cheddar to get him back into his kennel after their evening walk. i may come back by in the morning to say hello and give him a little walk myself.

im not sure what to do at this point. i COULD find the owner im pretty sure. i could also say its too much effort, its not my responsibility and just... not. i hear a lot of yelling from that area, he gets out so often and our road is so busy. his skin is so dry and flaky.... he has patches of fur missing... he still isnt altered although he is a young adult.... frankly id like to see him in a home where he gets more than fed and yelled at.

i dont KNOW his situation although i have my suspicions. do i have a right to haul him up to this horribly strange place with its strange smells and people... away from his home? should i make more of an effort to finding his current home? i understand if the people really want to find him, they can look in any of the places i coudl take him and get him back for whatever it cost to get him healthy again.

i dont know. im sitting on it for tonight. my first instinct is to take him to our no kill shelter and hope hope hope they have room. we may be willing to foster for a very short time if they get him healthy enough to be around our dog and cats and kids providing he isnt one of those dogs who freak out over kids. i think he is too young for that anyway. he cant be much over a year old.

im pooped. its taken me over an hour to write this... 8:20pm EST. its time to make up my bed with fresh sheets and watch Resident Evil: Extinction.


January 2nd, 2008, 07:51 PM
Wow...I can see how that can be both upsetting and exhausting. I've been fortunate enough that every stray dog I've taken into our home, had an owner desperately looking for him/her.

Are there any rescues in your area that use foster homes rather than a shelter environment? Any Pittie rescues?

January 2nd, 2008, 10:11 PM
I second LP's wow!! I am one of those suspicious types (seen too much child abuse, domestic abuse an an intern and a doctor who worked for a women's clinic and WAY too much abuse of animals) and this sends bells ringing off in my head as I read your narrative. For some reason, am thinking of those women ( a group) in NBC who take (as in steal, kidnap) dogs from bad (sometimes horrendous) situations and find excellent homes for them.

Pulling the dog's tail is enough to make me wonder , never mind no thank you (even a small polite thank you - I know if one of my cats or when I had dogs, one went missing and they were found, I;d be so overjoyed, I;d be hugging the person, crying and offering them a huge amt of money for a reward.) That she showed such callous disregard for them begs many questions. And I hate to say it but with all those cars out front, one wonders about puppy mills and fights and other nefarious activities that may not even involved but may mean at as a result the outright neglect if not proven abuse of them.

I may be way off base but you know how we are all taught (at least in my work) to look for signs of abuse. Same for volunteers in animals rescue groups. And there are mega signs here.

There is something "off" in this whole situation - they obviously did not want the other dog (maybe he no longer breeds- maybe they are engaged in backyard breeding) Eve check the ads on Hoobly or your local papers tho God knows, they could sell them to pet stores too, Have anyone who wants to watch them, lol. Gawd, I wished I lived near there. I;'d pay some of my energetic med students who could hide nearby and watch the house- I know, I watch too much TV, lol - But I have spent lots of time in 3rd word countries being shot at on occasion so I am not being over dramatic here. These ppl do not sound at all credible. I know not everyone is polite- tho I have to say even in my work, I have met very few thankful and polite people - they are kind and thankful even if their child does not survive whatever Godforsaken illness they have been stricken with, just as I will be ever so thankful to the docs who have put in so many extra hrs helping my dad even if he does not make it. ( am sure he will but one does have to be prepared just in case- he cannot fight any infection so that's our big prob at the moment but I digress- am attempting 6to make a pt - this woman is not normal!).

And what is the big deal with her having to come to the vet - she did not imho want you to see where she lived. Why? Think about that....I know she wanted tio "get rid" of one of the dogs but I wonder of her story is true. Is there a way to find out? Any neighbours who can be canvassed? I don't know- say you are collecting for a animal rescue group - you can always give the money to one group or your vet? And in the process, ask about the neighbours - I know, maybe I did like Nancy Drew to much as a kid but there is something wrong here. They are hiding something and if that is the case, it can't be good for the dogs - esp since there are more. Am I paranoid? I don't think so .. I know I am under stress but really, this story begs a zillion questions!!!

I wonder about a call to AC or would they come and just take all the dogs and kill them?

If I had a neighbour like that - more than a few dogs, one she claimed was a friend's, did not want to meet at her home even tho it was not far, pulled the dog's tail, seemed to not care at all for the dog's welfare... the list goes on. It screams investigation. I agree with you!!! But yuo also have to be careful - all that said. Gods knows what these ppl are into,

Take care of yourself and your dog!! Make sure they don't take him!! (if they are into breeding and fighting or heaven knows what). Are there any children living in that home, ie any reason for social services to visit?

Anyway - these are my thoughts as I think (ie type) out loud. :confused::confused::shrug:

Good luck!!!!!!! thank God the dogs found YOU!!

January 2nd, 2008, 11:48 PM
so actually the woman who picked the first dog up wasnt the owner of either dogs. she knew the yellow dogs owner (and also the black dogs owner... who are two different people) and i guess wanted to help the yellow dogs owner by picking up their dog but could care less about the black dogs owner.

wow is that confusing or what?!?! in other words the lady who picked one dog up wasnt the owner of either.

i think im going to take him up to the shelter after work tomorrow. i will see what they ahve to say about it. i kicked off several emails to the local rescues. we will see what they ahve to say also. hopefully someone can foster this little guy. from the looks of it, lab and pit mixes are very hard to find homes for. :sad:


January 3rd, 2008, 06:28 AM
Oh my, you did have an exhausting day yesterday, didn't you. I would be very hesitant to return the dog to it's owners too. Hopefully you will have luck with the rescues today.

:grouphug: to you.

January 3rd, 2008, 06:59 AM
OMG,what a day and how sad for the pittie-X:sad:hopefully there is a better solution for him than going to his owner:fingerscr
It's heartbreaking,frustrating and infuriating when you are dealing with owners who do not care,trying to talk to them is like talking to a wall.
In the meantime the pup is suffering..
I:pray:someone will help you and take care of the pup,I am sure you don't need another dog right now.

January 3rd, 2008, 08:29 AM
Wow, trashy woman. I love the part about not going to your house. Since it sounds like she's also not beyond giving someone a sucker-punch in a tight situation, you were probably safer at the vet's :laughing:
Maybe they've got a little plantation back in them thar woods, or an ecstacy lab.
If you sit tight for a couple of days, I predict the owner will come running. He loves his dog, he was just too um, distracted to realize he was gone.

January 3rd, 2008, 08:31 AM
GGGRRRRRRRRR :mad: some people! And humans call animals "animals"!? This is beastly!

I would not bring him back. If the vet is that close and they even know his name, then the owner can look for his dog easily and find him. The first thing anyone would do is to call the local vets to find their animal, then the rescues etc. No phone call = no love for the dog, or consideration.

What to do :shrug: dunno, but not bringing him back, that's for sure!

January 3rd, 2008, 09:34 AM
That's unbelievable. Why have a pet if you're constantly going to feel "put out" by it.

I feel bad for the yellow dog. That owner sounds like a monster. As for the other dog, maybe he'd be better suited in a new home. It seems like he's not wanted either way. If his owner hasn't come looking for him, or if he's anything like that lady, he's probably better off with people who do want him.

January 3rd, 2008, 10:50 AM
GGGRRRRRRRRR :mad: some people! And humans call animals "animals"!? This is beastly!

I would not bring him back. If the vet is that close and they even know his name, then the owner can look for his dog easily and find him. The first thing anyone would do is to call the local vets to find their animal, then the rescues etc. No phone call = no love for the dog, or consideration.

What to do :shrug: dunno, but not bringing him back, that's for sure!

Um... ditto, you know darn well anyone who loves their pet would search high and low and have called every possible shelter, vet and rescue by now to find him!

January 3rd, 2008, 11:12 AM
Get the dog into a rescue , the owner doesn't deserve to own a dog. :mad:

January 3rd, 2008, 10:18 PM
sooooooooooooooo.... im so tired. the short of it is this-

i went by this mornign to take him for a walk before work, he went out and peed and frolicked and pointed at the ducks (like how funny huh??!!!). i put him back up at the vets office and went to work. well i had to work an hour later than i though which turned out to be a good thing! a lady i work with is looking for an indoor/outdoor dog and was perfectly willing to take him in, get him snipped, UTD on his shots... a bath... give him a nice home to live in. i ran the rug rat home to nap, snapped back out to the vets office to find out the owners found him there. they said his story was that he was a rescue from a hoarder along with several other dogs. he was the only survivor. they were quite happy someone took care of him and that they found him. i *really* hope thats the truth and not some crock story they cooked up. i hope they take better care of him than he seemed to have had when i met up with him. i made sure the vet told them he still had a good and loving home if they decided they couldnt take care of him. next time i see him, he will just go straight to my friends house thats for sure.

im bushed, stray dogs aside, the rest of life goes on... add a friend going on a first date and its been BUSY!!


January 3rd, 2008, 11:16 PM
Oh wow again - like you, I really really hope :fingerscr thst their story is true and they did rescue him. After all that you went through and the fact he was out loose - tho I suppose anyone's dog could become loose and look awful if lost for a few days but if that was the case, where were the posters where they were searching for him and so on. I am too cynical I know.

I sooo hope they are good people and this story has happy ending!!!!

And it is great news you found a home for the other pooch!! Good for you and him!!! And your friend/ colleague!! :)

Take care of yourself too - sounds like a BUSY time!!

January 4th, 2008, 06:54 AM
CK,you got confused:laughing:happens to me more and more:laughing:
The other pooch,the GoldenX is back at the owners.
It was the pittieX who was going to W4R's friend,but was picked up by the owner.
Hopefully they'll have him neutered and hopefully they were telling the truth:pray:
W4R,what you did for them was a really good thing,not much else you could do:dog:

January 4th, 2008, 06:59 AM
not much else you could do:dog:

i know. *sigh* ill put the word out with the rest of our neighbors that if they see the him again, to call me.


January 5th, 2008, 01:42 PM
I hope as a vet practice, if the dog was in that condition, they could not release the dog to the owner. It is part of the ethics of bring a vet. for instance: A vet thinks an animal should be put down and the owner refuses to put it down. The vet has the right to go against the owner and do the right thing. If the vets feel that an order needed to be issued, they could have contacted their local SPCA.

I also see this all the time.

To a different story. I picked up a dog (old boy), who had a extreme skin rash and overall looked like crap. The owner's response was "I thought that he went off to die"

The owner stated that the dog went missing for 3 weeks. And showed me documation that he is treating his dog for his skin condition. The dog also had tags. Even though, if the law was based on emotion, I would have not given his dog back. But since it is not..I can not. His dog looked like crap, 3 weeks would do that, and he has provided me with vet docs for his skin rash. I had to release. I had no grounds not too.

Sometimes the law sucks.

The guy was an A**.