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Cops to get microwave weapons

December 30th, 2007, 05:51 PM
I predicted this a few weeks ago, but didn't realize it would be so soon.

If this can disrupt the electrical workings of a vehicle, it will cause some problems with those that have electrical devices in the body, like pacemakers or robotic limbs.

Microwave Beam Stops Cars Dead
Tracy Staedter, Discovery News

One beam pulsed in a burst lasting just 50 nanoseconds is enough to disrupt a vehicle's electrical system. The radiation can overload wires or damage or upset the car's central microprocessor.

In tests on four vehicles, the researchers were able to disable cars from 10 to 50 feet away.

Such a device could go a long way to save time and lives in places like southern California, where highways stretch uninterrupted for long distances and car chases are common.

"Once they get off the streets, they just go until they run out of gas," said commander Charles "Sid" Heal of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department in Monterey Park, Calif. The department donated test cars for the experiments.

A technology that would shut down a car's computer could not only reduce the number of car chases, but could also allow police officers to intentionally stop a car in a location where the offender might have difficulty running from on foot.

Heal said he would like to see the researchers add a light to beam, so that law enforcers could see where they are directing the beam and offenders would realize that they are on the receiving end of some kind of weapon.

"We can put the visible light on them, and if we don't get compliance, we'll hit them with a device that kills the car," said Heal.

Tatoian thinks that with the proper funding, Eureka Aerospace can shrink the device in less than two years to a 50-pound appliance that looks like a plasma television and can disable cars from 600 feet away.

December 30th, 2007, 06:00 PM
Agree with you there. And how accurate is the aim of this devise? Will it stop only the car they want to stop, or will everyone in the close vicinity have their electric system scr:censored:d up too?

Technology is fine, but why not just put a speed limiter in each car so that none CAN go over the limit on the highways, even if they wanted to?

Won't help the residential speeders of course :sad::frustrated:

December 31st, 2007, 08:02 AM
It's pretty accurate. I've seen government demonstration videos that show three guys standing in a row and only one was affected. Now they have something akin to target lights, like the red target laser dots you might see in movies.

The technology to limit speed is already out there. They use it in race cars like NASCAR to prevent them from going over a set speed. But there are folks in Japan who have found a way to bypass that via a GPS system.

Then again with the increasing amount of vehicles manufactured with the OnStar system, technically it might be possible to foul up a vehicle via satellite. All they have to do is find the vehicle via GPS and have the satellite transmit a signal to the vehicle which stops it dead.

Traffic tickets are basically part of fund raising for the system. So if they installed the speed governors so people could not speed, then there would have to be another source for funding to replace the tickets. Ever notice that there are specific times where cops are out in force where there would be none for a while?

State Patrols Collect Billions From Speeding Tickets
Speeding ticket revenue amounts to as much as $2.3 billion for 40 state highway patrol agencies, with a list of the top ten ticket states.

Traffic ticket fines are the cash cow of the court system. No other class of "crime" is as profitable for state and local governments as is that of traffic tickets. Traffic courts cannot be fair and unbiased when their financial welfare depends on traffic fines.

Now what's even more disturbing, is they've figured out a way to use the microwave weapons to transmit communication. I think maybe they discovered this by accident, and are now manufacturing and shipping around the world. If misused, this technology could make people think they were going insane. ZYA

So if you ever see a funky satellite looking object on top of military vehicles, get the heck out of there! lol

December 31st, 2007, 05:16 PM
also keep in mind there are vast stretches of the planes states and the desert states that have miles and miles of road with no speed limit. frankly its your CHOICE to speed. if caught going too much over the speed limit they WILL revoke your license... too many infractions and you also loose your license. if you are stupid enough to speed, you pay the price.

ive seen the microwave weapon thing in action. very fascinating stuff!! good for rioting situations. if im not mistaken, it does NO physical harm? the 'voice of god'

now if you really want to be weirded out.... did you guys know that you sign a disclaimer when you use RR Cable Internet Access you are signing away your privacy?? they can and do look at every email you send out over unlocked sites, each web site you visit, each IM transmission... i imagine most of the other cable networks out there have a similar disclaimer.

anyone else listen to Clark Howard on talk radio??? :D


December 31st, 2007, 06:52 PM
Clark he syndicated or have audio archives online? What does he talk about?

We listen to a lot of talk radio. Makes good background noise while doing chores and stuff. Always in the market to check out new ones.

The only guy I really don't like is Alex Jones from Austin,TX. He's a bit :crazy: sometimes. I keep waiting for the day when the news comes out he's either dead or really ill because he popped a major artery after screaming too much about Neocons. :laughing:

The Genesis Communication Network shows are all pretty entertaining though. Dr Stan/Radio Liberty, Alex Jones, The Power Hour.

For the really "out there" topics, Red Ice Creations is interesting, They are based out of Sweden!

January 1st, 2008, 01:21 PM
Clark Howard is all about saving a dime... penny. been using the same $0.17 razor for almost a year now. :D very very sound financial advice, level headed geeky kind of guy.