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Just found this on Kijiji !!!!!

December 29th, 2007, 10:33 PM
Thank God there are intelligent people out there !! :thumbs up
This was a reply for someone looking for a free puppy in the want ads

Reply to "I can offer"....

Price: Free

Location: Toronto

How about doing what I did? Save up your money until you can afford the breed you want. If you can afford vet bills (sometimes in the hundreds or more for an emergency), good quality food, training, etc., then there is no reason why you couldn't have enough saved up in just a few months.
I really can't stand when people say "I can't afford the initial cost but can afford the care and upkeep". The initial cost, no matter how much or little is the least of your expenses if you plan on caring for a dog properly!
Breeders shouldn't be expected to give puppies away for free or at cost. If you've never raised a litter I guess it's hard to appreciate that expenses aside, it also takes a lot of time and energy (blood, sweat, and tears really) to properly raise, socialize, and find good homes for puppies!
There is another option for you, and people who just do not want to shell out a large purchase price. Go visit your local humane society or dog pound. They are filled with lots of adorable dogs of varying ages and the prices are great! Many shelters do all the vetting on the dog before it even leaves so they are a real bargain. Yes, they may need training, but so does a puppy!! I have two pound pups along with my purebreds and they are two of the best dogs I've ever owned!
I do wish you luck on your quest to finding the perfect dog, you just might want to broaden your search and settle for less then perfection with the price you're willing to pay.

December 29th, 2007, 10:45 PM
WTG to the poster who did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gives me faith that not all humans have lost it! (beside everyone on here of course. ;) )

December 29th, 2007, 10:54 PM
Great night on Kijiji, just found another great ad!!

Try Adopting a Homeless Pet
Posted on 27-Dec-07 | View Poster's other Ads | Ad ID:33338341

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Price: Free

Location: Toronto

Here's an idea. Maybe people such as some of the one's posting on this page, should stop breeding their pets and contributing to the 1000's of homeless dogs and cats that end up in shelters every year. If you are not a registered breeder and have not done the proper research into genetic defects and breeding of animals and are just looking to make $$$ of your animals then please, for the sake or real animal lovers everywhere...STOP.

If you are buying a puppy from an online ad, ask yourself this - does this person have a license, are they a registered breeder - did they fully understand the concept of dog breeding OR did they accidentally get their un-spayed or un-neutered dog pregnant (showing huge irresponsibility) OR even worse did they decide it would be a great idea to make lots of cash off breeding thier pet. ANYONE who is truly an animal lover and who cares about dogs and their wellbeing would take ALL the appropriate steps to become a registered breeder and NOT contribute to our current too many dogs, not enough homes problem.

ANYONE who breeds dogs without being a registered breeder is in it for the money and should be ashamed.

Maybe they should try fostering some homeless animals and help shelters in adopting out needy animals for a fee if they love dogs so much and feel the need to sell them.

December 29th, 2007, 10:56 PM
:thumbs up Yay!!!!!!!!