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3 Yr old Dachsund pees when excited, scared, or moved...HELP.

December 29th, 2007, 09:31 PM
So we have a 3 yr old male Dacshund who pees whenever he gets excited.

At 1st it wasnt a big deal. But over the last year he has been doing it more and more.
We cant even put his collar on him to go out, cuz as soon as you touch him he pees on you. If we have to discipline him, he will pee as soon as you pick him up to put him in his crate. And forget about tryin to move him outta the bed at night or picking him up when you get home.

This week was the final straw. After being away from him for 10 days for the holiday, I returned to him and my Boyfreind. He had been with my Boyfreind for the entire time I was away. I let him calm down from seeing me, sat on the couch calmly and let him come to greet me. As he stepped on my lap, he just crouched and began to pee all over me. I really am at a loss at how to fix this.

Any advice??

December 30th, 2007, 12:11 PM
This can be a problem with male Dachshunds - is he a mini? If so, how much does he weigh - I am hoping at least 10 lbs. They do have small bladders, but big appetites. We went through this with our 5 Dachshund rescues and I met a lady on the Toronto subway who had her mini with her and told me that he does it as well. Eventually with time, the problem of excitement or submissive wetting stopped as the dogs gained confidence that they had finally found a home where they would not be kicked out because they had big dog personalites in small bodies. First of all though I would have vet check out his bladder for stones or crystals - 2 of mine had this probem - common in Dachshunds. Also the crate could be an issue - mine were never crated and if you are putting your pup in a crate after excitement wetting that won't be helping. Dachshunds LOVE the human bed so no doubt will wet if you try to lift him off it. You will just have to be calm and try to get him out as soon as you get home - maybe offer a cookie - Dachshunds love food so much that it might distract him just enough for you to get him out the door. With one dog I used to hold a garbage bag against my legs to greet him. But a vet check would be my first step.