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doggie door problem

June 5th, 2004, 05:57 PM
hi all, my mum has a beautiful shizu x boy who is named max and is ooohhh so cute. anywho max is around 13weeks now and is coming along well, going to toilet outside and the rest, pretty good for his age. so mum has a cat door, it had a bead curtain on it when max arrived and he happily came and went through it when he liked. well winter has come and she changed it to a perspex flap door, and max will not go near it (it is big enough for him and not hard to go through), she has tried coaxing him with food and affection, he is just not into it. so i suggested she take some of the beads and put it ont the perspex door to make him see the door and for familiar sound, no he wont touch it. she has now put the beads back up and he is just flat out refusing to have anything to do with it. so any ideas on how to make cute little max like his door again?? thanks guys :D

June 5th, 2004, 07:23 PM
First Mel you know I want to see a picture of this little cutie patootie!

I would reconsider giving pup unlimited access to outside as he wishes. There are too many things that can happen anyway to an unsupervised pup. They can eat something, get their collar stuck on something and some nutjob can steal him. :(

There are a lot of risks, puppies at this age put everything in their mouths and it may be a blessing that he doesn't want to use the door now!

Maybe mention that to mama! :D

June 5th, 2004, 08:02 PM
:D mum has a digi camera so i will get some next time i visit. and he is coming to stay with me for a few days soon, i cant wait, going to be a doggie party areound here i tell ya. he is just sooo cute.
yeah i will tell her that, it is jsut that he gets outside for his business and then wont come through the door to get in, he sits at the door talking till he is let in which isnt so good as mum is totally deaf and wears hearing aids. she does wait outside for him but sometimes he just wants to stay out and sniff and the dog door is a great escape exit from mums cranky siames yang (12yr old but always been cranky), oh he is a cranky old bugger, hisses at anyone other than my mum and would tear my eyes out if i went near her when she is nursing him, lets say me and yang are not friends, he has attacked me many times, and he hunts max down and hassles him, but max thinks it is a game so yang has to put up with it, it is really funny to see yang get offended when his tactics dont work, silly bugger. thanks for advice, i will let her know. she is so happy to have max, she lost her old dog jack last year and she has really missed him (she is ill and mostly house bound so needs a companion when dad is at work) and max has become her special man and even goes to sewing meetings, poor dog will get a little bored im sure. i will post pics asap. thanks lovely lady :D