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Jaida the shark strikes again

December 24th, 2007, 11:09 AM
Well, last time it was a shaving razor...

this time she chewed up about 6 feet of the electric cord of the vaccum cleaner. NOT plugged in, thankfully. Chewed it into little bitty peices. MY HOUSE IS SOOO FURRY... I NEED MY VACCUM BACK!!!!!!!


She's a jerk. (But a cute one, sigh.) I can't even discipline her... what do you do with a dog who just rolls over and wags her tale when you're telling her off? Gracie slinks off all sad and droopy to her "corner" at the slightest indication that she's in trouble. Jaida...nothing. Doesn't matter what I say, or how sternly I say it, or what my body language is doing...she just rolls over and wags. Sigh.