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Yuk, I've been sprayed

June 4th, 2004, 11:33 PM
Ok this is so gross................................buddy was sprayed by a skunk..............The boy is now doomed to the outside..........................Don't care he is in no way comming in till he smells like roses..................lmao

Sorry Bud out for the night
Tomatoe juicee tomorrow :(

I had to totally change the scent is all over me ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Lucky Rescue
June 4th, 2004, 11:40 PM
Ewwwww is right! :eek: I hope it didn't go in his eyes.

A much more effective mix for skunk spray is this:

1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 teaspoon dish-washing detergent
After mixing the ingredients, wash the areas that have been sprayed, taking care to avoid the pet's eyes, ears, and mouth. To finish, simply rinse your pet with water.

June 5th, 2004, 12:15 AM
Great .....I will try that recipe very soon.
Buddy doesn't like water , but I'm afraid I havn't done any thing to help the situation.
Being 10 months old I don't think he has ever seen a body of water!
The only water he has seen so far is that from the end of the hose when I spray him with it to deter him from the edges of my gardens. :eek:

So alas Buddy shall go to the pond tommorrow (same place we took Ursa when she was sprayed) and he shall get the best wash as possible...(oh Joy)

Thanks for the recipe, I thought tomatoe juice was the best? I also used something caslled SKUNK OFF last time .......not to bad but she still had the smell for at least a week

June 5th, 2004, 12:16 AM
LR have you tried this remedy>

Lucky Rescue
June 5th, 2004, 08:06 AM
Yes, I tried this when our dog got sprayed while we were on vacation. Try sleeping with an 80lb skunky dog in a motel room. :eek:

It did work pretty well!

June 5th, 2004, 08:12 AM
Awwww Iggette,you certainly have had a couple of trying weeks :D
Poooor Buddy!!!

Bill & Bob
June 5th, 2004, 11:58 AM
How's this for a skunk story. My friends dog, who's a great dane/Black Lab cross and also one of the biggest sweeties in the world...Despite being a bit boneheaded....Found a skunk outside their house. She barked and barked at the thing until she had it cornered in the yard against the house. The skunk sprayed her, and she kept barking and cornering it. My friend is a great lover of animals and jumped in to pull her dog off. She didn't want her dog to hurt the skunk and hoped she could get her dog off before it got it again! The dog wouldn't move and had the skunk cornered with about 1 foot of space in between them and the wall. So.................My friend grabbed the skunk by the tail and tried to throw it over the fence! It pretty much worked except for the fact the skunk sprayed while she still had it's tail and if you can picture the trajectory my friend got it from the chest, up the left side of her face, into her mouth across her nose, in her eyes, and through her lovely curly hair. All she could do was curl up on the ground and puke and puke and puke and keep her eyes closed because they were burning so bad.
Well, with the skunk out of the picture at this point, her new fiancee came running out of the house to see what was up. Now there is an absolute test of love and commitment. Both girls were brought into the basement of the house and thoroughly scrubbed with tomatoe juice. That seemed to get rid of the smell for the most part but it partially remained on both of their heads for quite a while. They can laugh about it now. Good thing, they are getting married soon.

June 5th, 2004, 12:16 PM
Awwwww Iggette......I feel for you.(((((((((( HUGS ))))))))

And you too Buddy
((((( HUGS ))))))))))

My friends St.Bernard Emily(R.I.P.) Got sprayed the night before her sons birthday party... :eek: ....And came runing in the house... :eek: .....She started playing around with Dixie,Fox Hound/Walker hound x....Well Wendy,hubby Joey literaly picked the dogs up,took them back outside,ran back in and grabbed vinager and ran back outside.They mixed half the vinager with water,and started washing them in the kiddie pool.After a couple of times doing this,the smell was gone....BUT they did smell like a douchin salution..... :D ........She did the best she could in the house.But when we all showed up the next day,we could still smell it a bit............LOL

And I have watched a show not to long ago,and they actually mention the water and vinager douche....LMAO

June 5th, 2004, 07:14 PM
Shux thats happened to me 2x and I know how you feel
I thought I had froth coming out my nose, eyes and mouth.

It's the grossest thing it really is!!! :eek:

June 6th, 2004, 10:26 AM
Not wanting to deal with Buddy's stink that late at night I made sure his eyes were ok and tied him up outside for the night.
Early Saturday morning we had some unexpected company drop in so I got up made a coffee and went out to deal with my smelly dog :(
To my surprise, he hardly smelled at all :eek:
So both Buddy and I got off lucky this time :) I have learned my lesson though I will be designating a place to tie him up on a chain at the back of the house so when we are out at night by the fire Buddy can join us without feeling left out, and I CAN KEEP A BETTER EYE ON WHAT HE IS DOING!!!

Thanks for the remedies though I have copied and pasted them for future reference :) Hopefully will not need them though I might wash my clothes in the vinigar my pants still reek! just from brushing up against

Bill & Bob
June 6th, 2004, 12:13 PM
That's great that the smell dissipated overnight. Maybe he didn't get as much of the oil on him as he originally thought. That stuff sounds gross. When my friend got sprayed she said that it felt like a warm oily liquid. I can't believe she got it in her mouth. Brushing your teeth with vinegar? That would suck.
She tossed her clothes in the garbage. Just old grubbies anyway.

June 7th, 2004, 07:17 AM
yes it sure would.......she was very brave to get in the middle of all that ......don't know that I would have been so brave :eek: