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Dani and Sheba in the snow, cats having breakfast

December 22nd, 2007, 04:09 PM
I managed to get a few pics today. Mostly of Dani, Sheba was not at all happy with me sticking her outside for a photo shoot, and didn't co-operate. I did get one pic of her though.

Starting the series with Misti and Spoutnik having their canned breakfast. Spoutnik has also discovered that this is actually food. This afternoon he also discovered raw, extra lean ground beef when I made a lasagne for tonight, yummy!

As you can see from Sheba's face, the sit and stay was no more popular than being outside for no valid reason!

December 22nd, 2007, 04:11 PM
Dani's turn, she loves the snow! Here she is on the far side of the pool, although it's hard to tell where that pool even is now, it's all the same level almost!

Got some snow on her head fromt eh tree in that last pic :D

December 22nd, 2007, 04:12 PM
Oh, do I know that Golden look - it says "Let me in for my creature comforts now!"... Bobby does the same thing and it's almost impossible to ignore :D

Very nice crew you have!

December 22nd, 2007, 04:13 PM
No, that doesn't look like a happy take my picture face. It looks like, get me outta this snow face! LOL

I feed Vlad and Oksana on the counter too. Not by choice, they just kept jumping up there whenever i was getting their food ready so I just gave up taking them down.:frustrated:

December 22nd, 2007, 04:13 PM
Ok,I am looking,where is Dani:confused:
The kitties are sooo cute,I'd go crazy over little Spoutnik:lovestruck:and then there is sweet Sheba...:dog:
Awww there is Dani,don't know why I could not see her..

December 22nd, 2007, 04:18 PM
HAVE TO feed the cats on the counter, or the dogs would eat their food! It's so much tastier than dog food (don't know why, it just smells and looks better, even the wet food - I could almost eat some cat food, never dog food. Unfair to the doggies).

Sheba will mostly go out because nature compells her to, then it's back with her nose against the patio door and "boof" (1 sec pause) "boof" (1 sec pause) etc until I open the door! Regardless of where in the house I am or what I am doing, she will "boof" until I get there :frustrated: ! She's much happier just sleeping close to a hot-air vent :laughing:

December 22nd, 2007, 04:26 PM
Sheba will mostly go out because nature compells her to, then it's back with her nose against the patio door and "boof" (1 sec pause) "boof" (1 sec pause)

You mean like this ? (a year ago when she was here :laughing:)

December 22nd, 2007, 04:30 PM
:laughing: pretty much :laughing: except her tail is a bit shorter of course ;) but with the fur grown back it doesn't realy show. She can even catch it!

December 22nd, 2007, 11:14 PM
Hehe, I love Sheba's protest :cloud9: and Dani looks like she is having a great time :thumbs up.

December 22nd, 2007, 11:19 PM
I see the little one has no manners. He's picking at his food :laughing::laughing:

he's so fluffy!!:cloud9:

December 23rd, 2007, 01:51 AM
Hee hee...I love Sheba's peed off look. :D And, little Spoutnik pawing at his food is too cute. :lovestruck:

December 23rd, 2007, 07:13 AM
HE WAS HALF WAY UP THE FAKE X-MAS TREE LAST NIGHT :yell::laughing: but I couldn't get a good angle to take a pic, there were too many branches and decorations :frustrated: I'm glad I'd attached the tree beforehand! Little "terrorist" that Spoutnik :laughing:

December 27th, 2007, 08:08 AM
Wonderful pictures Sarah, they mean so much.
I will try and get some of my Siberian up, but one has to outsmart a Sibe to get the best of them and believe me that is extreemly difficult.
His full time occupation at present is moving my NEATLY piled up snow piles by pretending to be helper !!
Happy New year to you and all the tribe.:thumbs up:thumbs up

December 27th, 2007, 05:13 PM
Oh, these are great! I love the kitties! They are SO pretty! :lovestruck: And the snow pics are priceless. Gotta love the varied expressions of disgust and joy. :laughing:

December 27th, 2007, 06:35 PM
Great pics. I love the kitten playing with his food. :laughing:


December 28th, 2007, 01:14 AM
I love Spoutnik playing w/his food --- gotta make sure it's dead :laugh:

Love the last shot of Dani ----- you sure that snow was from the tree??? ;):laughing: