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Looking for a specific bread recipe

December 22nd, 2007, 09:42 AM
Tried searching online but too brain tired to read. lol

Looking for a specific homemade bread recipe. Don't like buying store bread because of the preservatives and I make bread every other day or so.

Recently we bought some Wheat Germ and Wheat Bran. My idea is to use white flour, but mix in the germ and bran. Don't have whole wheat flour and don't really like using it because it makes the loaves too heavy, IMO. The bag of bran didn't have any recipes on it. Never cooked with the germ or bran before. Thought about trying something new, kind of a hybrid whiite/wheat bread.

Hubby has Diverticulitis and so we have lots of fiber in our diets.

December 22nd, 2007, 09:48 AM

That site has a place where you can search recipes just by the ingredients you want to use. Just scroll over 'more searches' and down to ingredient search. I get most of my recipes on that site and have found it very useful.

December 24th, 2007, 03:00 PM
I think you could just make a white bread recipe, but substitute a certain amount of the flour with the bran or wheat germ. Sorry, i don't remember what ratios I've used. Bread dough seems fairly forgiving though. Have you ever tried no-knead bread? I have been wanting to try it out but haven't gotten to it yet. Here are a couple sites with recipes and tips:

December 24th, 2007, 03:20 PM
It's in my Norwegian bread-baking cook book, I'll just translate it for you :)

50 grams yeast
6 deciliters water at 37C
2 dl skim milk powder
1 Tbs salt
3 Tbs oil
1 dl wheat germ
(2 Tbs bread-spices) optional
5 dl flour+wheat bran
11-12 dl flour

Disolve the yeast in a little of the water and add the rest of the water.

Add milk powder, salt, oil, wheat germ and the optional spices if used.

Mix in the bran-mixed flour and finally the flour. Work the dough until it lets go of the bowl easily.

Cover with a cloth and leave to rise for 30-40 minutes (no drafts!!)

Knead the dough and separate into 2 or 3 parts. Roll each into a crack-free "saussage" and place in greased pans (1 liter contents). Cover with the cloth and leave to rise for another 30-40 minutes.

Place in the oven (at the same time) at 200C

You can brush on some luke warm water and strew some bran and/or wheat germ on top of the loaves. Bake on lower grid for 30-40 minutes.

Leave to cool on a grill, covered by a cloth.

This dough can also be made into small rolls, bake at 225C for 10-15 minutes.