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June 4th, 2004, 02:10 PM
What Animal Do I Speak Of?

By Patty Letawsky

Their love is like no other,
their heart as pure as gold.
Yet while going on a friendly walk,
they're faced with stares of cold.
They're so very close to human,
in how they act and what they do,
Unless you've known their devoted love,
it's impossible to explain to you.
They are greatly more misunderstood,
than any other breed.
We tend to punish this loyal dog,
Instead of mankind's deeds.
They are always and forever clowns,
with a wish for center stage.
Yet while displaying this sense of humor,
most people disengage.
They, oh, so want to make new friends,
and run and jump and play.
Yet when they happily approach,
most people shy away.
Often I've seen children poke,
or hop on for a ride.
And when I felt thay might get mad,
they've only beamed with pride.
I've seen there children yank and pull,
with nary a reaction.
Yet media's not interested,
unless they've put someone in traction.
When other dog's have made the news,
this breed's name they affix.
But when this brave dog saves the day,
they call him "boxer mix".
They love to snuggle up real close,
to give lots of loves and kisses,
Yet they suffer more than any,
from unfair prejudices.
Their tails wag hard and hips twist, too,
more so than other mutts.
So those of us who know the breed,
we call them "wiggle butts".
What animal do I speak of,
Whose love is so unique?
If you've truly known one,
you know of whom I speak.
There is no creature on this Earth
who will ever make you merrier.
The animal I do speak of,
it's the American Pit Bull Terrier.

I thought I would share this with everyone, I read it and it made my heart gleam with a sense of peace. It's so true, everything about it. :D

June 4th, 2004, 02:14 PM
That is VERY touching.

Thank you for sharing that.... :)

Lucky Rescue
June 4th, 2004, 05:24 PM
I really like that one, but this is my fave:

The Pit Bull's Poem

You made me what I am today, courage at its best.
You wanted me to know no fear, a cut above the rest.
Not only have I mastered that, I've thrown in loyalty too.
Look past my eyes into my soul, you know I'd die for you.
I'll watch your kids, I'll watch your house,
Your praise will be my crown
Ask what you will, I'll do my best, I'll even be your clown.
But some of you dont like me, I'm sure I dont know why.
The only thing I'm guilty of is courage and love, so why
do they want to see me go, they want my breed to end?
Will I see you sitting idly by? You, who I call friend.
You made me what I am today, you never saw me waiver.
I've done my best to keep you safe.
Wont you please return the favor?

June 4th, 2004, 06:54 PM
ooh man.. that gave me goose bumps not even half way through.. then I started crying. It's so true. It's beautiful.

July 12th, 2004, 12:34 AM
I have two pit bulls, both rescues, who I'd do anything in the world for. Two big boys who love life and everything in it. I call them my "ambassadors" because, of course, everyone I knew cringed at hearing I got two pits. They love people, especially children, and little dogs yet people cross the street sometimes when my fiance and I walk them. I even had one woman go so far as telling my dog that her's wasn't lunch. I will never understand how people can believe such false stereotypes when everyone who has a pit says nothing but praise about them. It's sad but hopefully soon it'll change, I plan on breeding both so there will be many more "ambassadors" in the future.

Lucky Rescue
July 12th, 2004, 10:02 AM
Sungirl, it's wonderful that you adopted two pit bulls!!

BUT, these are shelter dogs of unknown backgrounds and should be neutered ASAP!!

Since you got these dogs from the shelter, I hope are you are aware that shelters are simply PACKED with unwanted pit bulls, most of whom will never get a home and will die.

If you breed these unpapered, unshown and unhealth tested dogs, you will be directly contributing to the slaughter in the shelters.

I also strongly suggest you read about this breed. Your dogs are very young yet and often the aggression does not come out full blown until they are 4 or older. What you are doing - sharing treats, having them eat together - is a ticking time bomb and a VERY serious fight could ensue.

If you truly want your dogs to be breed ambassadors, PLEASE get them neutered and start separating them when no one is home!!

HEre is the best info about pit bulls that is on the net. Please read it and take it very seriously.

The REAL pit bull (

July 12th, 2004, 10:20 AM
I plan on breeding both so there will be many more "ambassadors" in the future.

Oh geez!!! Not another one!?!? LISTEN TO LUCKY!!! You do not need to breed these dogs!!! Please, don't. There are plenty of these "ambassadors" sitting in cold lonely cages at shelters because people have these thoughts of their pit bulls being the best, the most friendly, and the most gentle. And everyone should own one....

If you knew anything about these dogs that you rescued you would know that almost every pit bull shares these very samy qualities!! Pit bull can become VERY dog agressive, and as Lucky has said they must be seperated while unsupervised!! You must be prepared to seperate your dogs and live seperate lives should a fight occur. They can get to a point where they cannot be in the same room for ANY reason! You MUST be prepared for this; you must be prepared that you will have to walk, exercise, cuddle at different times with these dogs! If that's a fact that you're not willing to deal with please re-home these dogs.

Neuter them ASAP, please do the breed a favour and do not allow them to mate! Our dogs are suffering enough because of careless thoughts like this. Be a breed ambassador by protecting your pit bulls.

Cactus Flower
July 12th, 2004, 12:10 PM
Regarding the poems: You should have warned us to grab tissues before reading.

Regarding Lucky and Sammie's comments: AMEN.

Yes, pit bulls can be the biggest babies, very affectionate clowns, loyal dogs. But when you get a pit bull, you should be well informed about the breed, really know what you are getting, and be prepared to care for it thusly.
If you know what to expect, and are prepared to deal with certain behaviors and guarantee the maintenance that this breed will require, then go for it.
If not, many other breeds/crossbreeds need rescuing.

There is no shortage of pit bulls in the pound, as you obviously have seen for yourself.

I repeat: THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF PIT BULLS IN THE POUND, waiting for rescue. Why on earth would you feel the need to breed them?

Lucky Rescue
July 12th, 2004, 12:25 PM
Besides the fact that breeding unpapered rescue dogs is extremely unethical, at this moment there are **5,000** pit bulls and Amstaffs listed on Petfinder alone!

That is not counting the thousands who are being killed, even as I type this, in kill shelters across the continent.

If you want puppies, you can get a whole litter of dumped pit bull babies to foster.

We all think our dogs are the sweetest, best and most beautiful and should pass their genes on. My dog is a beautiful purebred - a sweet, perfectly tempered blue fawn pit bull and I would NEVER EVER consider breeding her, because I love this breed too much.

And anyone who wants to breed their rescued/ shelter dogs does not love this breed and are actively harming it.

July 12th, 2004, 12:30 PM
Excellent post Lucky, it brought tears to my eyes. I just love these dogs too much to see them harmed this way. It's so sad and disheartening...I hate hearing people thinking that they are doign good when they breed these dogs. Oh what I would do to save all these poor poor souls. :(

Lucky Rescue
July 12th, 2004, 12:34 PM
I'm sending you a PM, sammiec!

Cactus Flower
July 12th, 2004, 12:37 PM
I went to Lucky's recommended Pit Bull website. Just in case you didn't care to, I will paste some info from this excellent site:

"Animal aggression as it relates to the Pit Bull is a tricky thing. Even dogs that have never manifested the trait may, at some point, fire up and engage in a fight with another dog or suddenly begin to take a strong interest in small animals. Also, many specimens of the breed will never start a fight, yet will not back down if challenged. Therefore, the Golden Rule of Pit Bull Ownership is, “Never Trust Your Pit Bull Not To Fight”. Pit Bulls should not be left unattended with other dogs or animals."

"Because Pit Bulls have a desire or even a compulsive instinct to fight, they are not necessarily looking to show dominance or obtain rank by aggressing. Even fairly submissive individuals cannot be trusted to remain out of trouble at all times. Allowing a Pit Bull to “work out rank” with other dogs is dangerous and may very well result in injuries."

"Same-sex aggression is a problem"

"Pit Bulls are slow to mature. A dog may not show his true temperament with other animals until he is 2 or 3 or even 4 years old. Just because your puppy has reached a year of age without having shown animal aggression does not mean he will never manifest the trait."

I realize that you might feel you are being attacked, and just become defensive and upset. Please understand that the folks on this site are speaking out of love and concern for the critters- many of them are actively involved in rescue and adoption businesses, and they have much more experience than you and I put together. Try to put your feelings aside and take this as an education, valuable advice, and do what is best for your pets.

Lucky Rescue
July 12th, 2004, 12:43 PM
Thank you Cactus Flower!!! I must repeat:


I am not attacking sungirl. I am trying to defend and protect this most exploited and abused of breeds because I love them so much!

Yes, they might stop fighting 9 times out of 10 if you yell at them. The 10th time, one might kill the other in the few seconds it takes you to cross the room. I am not exaggerating.

July 12th, 2004, 12:43 PM
Wow excellent information, I"m learning so much! Thanks everybody!

July 12th, 2004, 12:45 PM
Thank you Cactus Flower!!! I must repeat:


I am not attacking sungirl. I am trying to defend and protect this most exploited and abused of breeds because I love them so much!

Yes, they might stop fighting 9 times out of 10 if you yell at them. The 10th time, one might kill the other in the few seconds it takes you to cross the room. I am not exaggerating.

Also to add to that: Your loving and happy pit might not start the fight but you can be your life that they will finish it.

July 13th, 2004, 03:15 PM
I'm glad everyone has given in the the stereotype the pit bulls have unfortunately been labeled with. I have done an extreme and excessive amount of research on the breed as well as AmStaffs, American Bulldogs, Staffies, etc. so I am well-informed and knwledgeable about my supposed "ticking time bombs". I do trust my dogs not to fight and they have been health tested, I'm not stupid. Also, in regards to breeding, there are thousands of unwanted pits that I foster and help place in homes on a daily basis. I simply want to breed my dogs, who are registered through the American Pitbull Registry, because I have friends and relatives who know what great dogs I have and are hoping to get the same. Pits are not ticking time bombs and were considered the ideal family dog until the 1970's when fighting became prevelent. Before that Doberman Pinschers were labeled as "dangerous" and before that German Sheperds. After Pit Bulls cam Rottweilers because of the film "The Omen". Even when fighting the dogs were so loyal, obedient and well-trained that they never bit people just the other dog in the ring. I really suggest you going to your local Petco and picking up a magazined titled "Bully Breeds" to get your facts straight. Pit Bulls are ticking time bombs so that's the reason they used one to play the dog Petey from "Little Rascals" right? That's why tons of famous people own one such as Shannon Elizabeth from American Pie. Many other breeds of dogs are shown to be much more dangerous, especially smaller breeds of dogs. When the CDC decided to test breeds for so called "viciousness" or poor temperments, Pit Bulls were some of the best scoring dogs in the trial (feel free to look it up to see I'm right). Don't believe propaganda, you need to research and venture past shallow internet sources to find the real truth . . . .that APBTs are loving, caring dogs and their stigma is completely false unless trained and abused by cruel, inhumane owners.

Lucky Rescue
July 13th, 2004, 03:28 PM
You are not reading or understanding what we are saying.

We are not talking about HUMAN aggression, but about DOG to DOG aggression. These are two different things.

This aggression towards other DOGS is genetic in this breed, just as the urge to herd is genetic in border collies, and the urge to run is genetic in huskies. Pit bulls were bred to fight other dogs, and to not give up.

If you continue to leave your unneutered males alone together, you ARE going to come home to a bloodbath.

Why would I want to further "stereotypes"? I love this breed, own one, and help with rescue whenever I can. I also keep my dog safe by not putting her in situations where a fight with another dog may occur,as she will be blamed.

If you are involved with rescuing pit bulls, then you should know better than to even think about breeding them!

Please read what we wrote, because your entire post is concerning HUMAN aggression, a very unnatural trait in pit bulls. But even the most loving and sweet pit bull (with people) may rip another dog to pieces and you won't be able to stop it.

BTW, you said YOUR dogs were rescues. How is it they are registered? And being registered is NOT a reason for breeding, especially a breed that is filling shelters everywhere. Surely you must know this.

I wish you luck, You are going to need it. This article may help you understand what we are saying:
The REAL pit bull (

July 13th, 2004, 03:51 PM
Lucky,Sammiec and all others,great info,never did I think I would learn so much about pit-bulls and what they really are,from a Forum.
I don't understand why Sungirl is taking a negative,defensive attitude to all this,after all you are APBT owners and really love the breed.
I remember once reading about never leaving a Jack Russel alone with cats,even though they'd been friendly to each other for years.
Well one lady who did not believe her sweet little dog could kill,because he loved the cats, came home one day to find her two cats torn to pieces and a very bloodied little dog.
I am hoping Sungirl will take your advice,for the dogs sake and her own and listen to voices of experience who love their pitts.

Cactus Flower
July 13th, 2004, 03:58 PM
Registered rescued dogs.....hmmm....quite an interesting phenomenon! If that were so, we wouldn't be able to fill up our shelters, as people who want to breed registered dogs for profit would be snatching them up-as I suspect is your motivation for breeding your registered pits.

You say you've fostered "thousands" of pit bulls. Why aren't the pit bulls that you foster good enough for your family and friends?
Fostering involves trying to find homes for unwanted dogs, yes? Yet you would overlook the unwanted pit bulls you foster, to give those that you've bred to your family and friends?

So much of what you've said does not add up.

And you obviously misunderstood all of us. As Lucky said, we were talking about dog-to-dog aggression. But you seem to have an aggression issue of your own. I hope that lashing out and insinuating that the well-educated people on this site are ignorant made your day better.

July 13th, 2004, 05:57 PM
I'm suprised, for people who claim to know the breed you actually seem to know nothing. The website for the APBT Registry is, why don't you go check it out before you involve your sarcasm. It's an organization founded to stamp out the stereotype which persists due to people like pretty much everyone who's responded to my post. They register dogs with both papered and unpapered parents or of unknown origin in order to try to make the breed more desirable and legitimate since so many are unregistered. Also, my dogs have no issues with dog on dog aggression. Not only do they both sleep and eat together, when their separated by more than 20 feet they cry. My 110 lb dog has been bitten, chased, barked at etc. and has never even looked towards a dog in an aggressive way. And I know what's coming "he's a ticking bomb" so save it. Not only does he love other dogs, after getting bit by a min pin he laid on the ground so the dog would be less intimidated. For the rest of the day the dog was crawling on him and they were chasing each other. He is highly socialized and has not once done anything but wag his tail and lick everything (people, all breeds of dogs, cats, etc.) The breed information for this site even says "potential aggression" which I emphasized was purely due to the owner and their training. I will never separate my dogs and quite frankly, all the ignorant comments I'm hearing are really offensive and uninformed. Oh, I especially loved the "4 year-old aggression" comment like some lightbulb suddenly goes off in their head. Just like people your personality is formed before and right after birth, if you're going to be mean you wil be from very early on. Besides, dogs are considered adults at two which just proves how much more invalid your "theory" is. I really wish that so-called advocates would step-up and try to rid the world of propaganda rather than promote it.

July 13th, 2004, 06:20 PM
And I wish poodles weren't stereotyped as yappy, nervous, frou-frou dogs. The fact is that there are a lot of really poor poodles out there because of backyard breeders who think they know all about breeding and selling puppies. It's the dogs who suffer in the end. :mad:

Cactus Flower
July 13th, 2004, 07:37 PM
Ok sungirl. First you say, and I quote: "you need to research and venture past shallow internet sources to find the real truth . . . ."

Then you tell us to go the to internet website of YOUR choice.


And tell me, what purpose would you have to get your -unregistered rescued dogs- registered through this service "to make them seem more legitimate?". Again, I say so you can breed them for profit.

So your opinion is right, and all of our opinions are wrong. Your preferred website is right, and all of our websites are wrong. Your pit bulls are guaranteed to never EVER attack other animals, and if any other pit bull does, it is because the owner put that in him. You, sungirl, you are the authority here. You are the only one who knows anything about pit bulls. None of us know anything at all. We are ignorant. You are brilliant. Why, you're a veritable pit bull encyclopedia! We are mere comic books.

There now. Do you feel better?

I know you wouldn't dream of posting anything saying "Oops folks, I guess I dogs just got into a big fight..." in the future, and let me tell you- I hope we never have reason to say "I told you so".

Lucky Rescue
July 13th, 2004, 08:15 PM
Yeah, I know about that registry. :rolleyes: I don't believe they health test your dogs against any and all genetic defects common to the breed, hmmmm? Do you know what those defects are? Have you had your dogs tested for them?

People like you are the reason pit bulls are in so much trouble today,and I hope you think long and hard before breeding your UNREGISTERED, unhealth tested rescue dogs. What you are doing is worse than backyard breeding and way more unethical.

I really don't think you need to supply your friends with dogs. If they want pit bulls, there are entire litters of puppies being dumped.

No wonder the shelters and rescues are overrun with pit bulls. Poor dogs.:(

July 13th, 2004, 08:40 PM
I still don't understand anyones reason for not spay/neutering when there are thousands of dogs available for adoption.

It seems to me people tend to have a bigger priority, and that is financial gain from breeding dogs when they become 'know it alls' about their specific breed.

July 14th, 2004, 08:03 AM
Sungirl - You're SOOO far off base!! How long have you had you're two males? Breeding more pit bulls when you are "rescuing thousands" gimme a friggin break. You're talking crap faster then you can think it. None of your posts are adding up!

I have the Bully Breeds mag. I have read it cover to cover thank you. Just because you have a magazine doesn't make you even close to a knowledgeable owner. You're planning to breed these dogs!! That has irresponsiblity written ALL over it. You're the one that is harming this breed! DOG on DOG aggression, it's a fact of the breed - weither you would like to believe it or not.... You have this thought in your head that your dogs are better than EVERY other pit bull out there - very narrow minded. I would love to see some of this research that you have done. Do you mind posting some credable web sites that we can look into and LEARn about our breed. Since we are so ill informed and all. I would love to have the know how like you so that I can be a perfect owner....

I would look into this information:

You stated that first it was Dobies, then Shepards, Rotwillers etc. etc., those dogs are still considered "dangerous" sweetie. They are also included in "vicious dog" bylaws, ad are still feared by many - by thanks for all the KNOWLEDGE that you share with us unknowing pit bull owners. :mad: