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2.5 yr old Bichon/Shih Tzu girl - eating disorder?

December 17th, 2007, 10:01 PM
Hi all! I'm new here and hopefully this is the right forum for my questions.
I've had Ginger for just a few months and she's blown all my ideas about dogs and food right out of the water. She's my first dog, so needless to say, I had a lot of conventional ideas about how dogs will eat anything, so on and so forth. Ginger does not eat dog food or anything (including food I eat) and is being presented to her as dog food (in her bowl). She will occasionally eat kibble, absolutely never canned food (even though it sometimes smells better than what I'm having), dog cookies are not at all what she approves of. She came to me with a bag of aweful conventional kibble and barely any meat on her bones. So, I started to bring bags and bags of various quality dog foods home for her. Most of which I have had to dump or give away - Ginger will not eat it! What does she eat? She vacuums up crumbs off the floor if I don't catch her in the kitchen. She snatches whatever my kids drop - if I don't catch her in the kitchen. She'll eat rice anytime, anywhere. She'll eat cheese. She only gets bits of these foods - and occasionally I give her a bowl-full of rice because she's gone for a day or two with nothing.

Oh and she also barely ever drinks water.

And yes, I have taken her to the vet and the vet sees nothing wrong with her.

And I'm fed up with trying to figure out what to give her. I don't want to spend any more money on dog foods that I then throw away. And I'm fed up with lovingly preparing rice and chicken and peas and carrots for her... just to watch her sniff and walk away... I KNOW that she is hungry, I see her sniffing the air madly when her food is being readied - why WHY won't she eat it?????

I know I can give her the rice or cheese of cucumber that she likes to eat, but then I'm just catering to this learned behaviour, aren't I? And these are not complete foods anyway, so she has to eat more, right?

It's driving me batty. She'll come into the kitchen, give me this "look at me, all skin and bones,why are you starving me?" look and then reject whatever I've given her (ie. rice mixed with some kibble and water, beef or lamb tripe, Evo's 95% chicken canned food, cooked oats with raw organic egg... God, what else could I try????)

Please :pray: offer whatever suggestions you might have about this behaviour.

Sincerely (and utterly frustrated),:shrug:

Ginger's pet human

December 17th, 2007, 10:47 PM
HRH Missie the poo was also a fussy eater. Try giving her what she likes with just a small amount of her food mixed in. Like rice, with like 1 table spoon of crunched up kibble. ( I used to pulverize this in the blender)Increase the kibble over the next few weeks. I know HRH Missie the poo will not eat her breakfast unless there is a scrambled egg on top. LOL Spoiled fart. I was babysitting a skinny toy poodle who never ate. He chowed down his food with the girls whe he was here. I guess he though geez I better eat this or the others will get it. He put on 2 pounds here. I saw him the other day and he was just bones again. Maybe she needs company when she eats :shrug: Did the vet check her teeth?