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Heart murmur ( 3 ) ? for Pugs

June 4th, 2004, 11:42 AM
Just a quick question
there is a little Puggy girl
a friend of mine was thinking
about getting , @ a pet store
( bad move I know but )She fell in love
the pet store vet checked the Puggy out
3 diff. times now and said she has a
heart murmur 3 level , :( therefore the pet store
will not sell the puggy girl . My friend got in contact
with the breeder & she told my friend that
there is nothing wrong with the pug !
So my friend asked her to get her checked out
from the breeders vet to make sure BUT the kicker
here is that the Breeder is willing to sell my friend
the pup for $ 250.00 WHY ! :mad:
And how bad is a heart murmur 3
does it mean sure death or major vet bills
I am looking some stuff up for her so she can
make a choice of whether to go ahead or back out
She is already in love with her which makes it hard
but if this is a sure fate that the pug will
not make it emotionally it would not be good
But at the same time the Breeder is firm on her
price and she said she can sell the pup to anyone
I see it as a bad thing cause why would a pet store
not be willing to sell the pup ( weird )


June 4th, 2004, 11:54 AM
First off,this puppy did not come from a breeder...It came from a puppy mill.That's were these pups come from.Responsible breeders do not send their pups to a pet store.They are on a waiting list.

Yes,the vet bills will be very high ig she gets this pup....

PLEASE tell her to back out or should I say run. :D

If I recall,a heart murmur 3 is serious.

Also,knowing that the pup is sick,and the "breeder" still wants to sell it should say something.

Again,tell her not to.

Tell her to go to a rescue and adopt one.

Get her to look at this.....

June 4th, 2004, 01:13 PM
When I got my Boxer pup I went to the vet within two days of getting him to get his check up to make sure everything was fine. The vet told me that Mako had a minor heart murmur. She explained to me that heart murmurs go on a scale from 1 to 6. Now I think she told me Mako was a 6 and that was very minor, so I think 1 is very high and 6 very low. In my case, I read up on the subject (after freaking out...) and called my breeder - I learned that 80% of Boxers are born with heart murmurs (found this out from numerous sources). Mako's is gone now (got him examined by another vet). Either way, 3 three is in the middle of the range, so I would say it's pretty serious. But as was the case with my pup, it might be a "normal" thing - or should I say, it might not be "abnormal". I wouldn't trust the "breeder/puppy miller", I would take the pup to an independant vet that has no economic interest in the person getting the pug. Pugs are known for health problems, so looking into them is certainly a good idea!
And never buy an animal out of pitty!

June 4th, 2004, 01:15 PM
I Completely Understand where your coming from !
that is why I said '' WHY '' I know she is no ( Br$$der ) :mad:
This poor pup even looks like she is having a hard time
to even breath ! And she is a runt too ! I was so heartbroken
when I saw her last night :( But today I want to smack the stupid
( Br$$der ) :mad: Cause she has no moral thoughts
on selling this poor sick Pup to someone else !
I mean I have 2 older Pugs and know
what it means when they get the common cold
virus & ear infections , I guess my friend is really worried
that this ( Br$$der ) is going to sell the pup to someone
that is just going to continue to pass the sick pup around
Until she more than likely dies . Cause the vet bills here
in Montreal are HUGE I mean Huge !!!
I mean I feel for her ( Puggy ) too but .....
I really feel like getting my friend to hit the ( Br$$der )
while I grab the poor Puggy ! :D
So she will at least be taken care of
Breaks my heart .
My friend wasn't actually going to buy a dog !
I had to go buy crickets for my Sons gecko
that he does not take care of ( another story ) :mad:
& bang she was there ( the Pet store will NOT )
sell this Pup either !! Too much
I was trying to get as much info on Heart murmur as I could
Just so my friend would know what she is up against
Thanks for your advice & help :)

June 5th, 2004, 04:52 PM
I try not to buy stuff from pet stores that sell puppies and kittens, just because I don't want to support them. I understand that sometimes you don't have much of a choice. (I come from a small town and there is only one petshop, so for special stuff - like crickets, we still have to go there, for other stuff there is WalMart). I like stores like Petcetera or Petsmart, or Petvalue, they often support Animal Rescues and they never sell pets from BYB or Puppy Mills.

Just my opinion, I know it has nothing to do with Heart Murmurs!

July 8th, 2004, 11:20 PM
My English Bulldog has a grade 2 heart murmur which is a mild to medium heart murmur. So a grade 3 would be that much worse. When she gets over excited she loses her breathing and gasp and gasp and gasp all i can do is rub her back and tell her to calm down. The vet bills are huge, but I refuse to put her through any surgery because the percentage rate for giving her a longer happy life is so low. I don't want to put her through anymore than she has to go through. I just make sure she doesn't get too hyper (which is really hard) she is so hyper it knocks my socks off. She starts going wild and running through my whole house bulldozing all that gets in her way, including me HA! I feel that she and I are both lucky to have each other.