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Paying for services non rendered

December 17th, 2007, 08:07 AM
We received ONE flyer for snow removal this year. In September. Special discount if we signed before October 1st I think it was. Sure, why not, the price was decent enough.

First snowfall, parking cleared. Second snowfall, ditto. Third snowfall ... they forgot us and I had to call, they came the next day. Fourth snowfall, no one came, I called again, they said that as per contract they only came when it was 5 cm or more ... fine lady, we had 9 cm, I measured it!

Sunday (yesterday) at 1 pm, no one. Lewis calls. The guy says they are in Pincourt, right around the corner, won't be long. 3 pm, still no one, and more snow. 5 pm, same thing. Each time, the guy in the office says they'll be here shortly. Sure. We cleared a path behind the car to move it out when they arrived so they could do the whole parking, but ... at 7:15 they arrived, when we were having dinner. We did not go out and move the car.

At 7:30 pm last night, we saw what they had done. It was a total mess and no way any car could pull up next to ours on the other half of the parking space. Lewis moved the car, so that when they would return in the early hours, they could finish the job. This morning at 6 am, no one had come, and I had to shovel a path by hand over to the car. (No big deal, except that we've paid for them to do it).

At 7:02 am, a SYLJACK tractor came and started clearing the parking. Great, I thought. Not. It became clear from inside that he was not going to finish the entire parking, leaving a huge pile of fallen snow in front of the steps going both up to the main door and down to the lower level front-door. I ran out and pointed at the pile. The guy looked at me from inside his tractor and just drove off :confused: :frustrated::yell:

I was livid!! Still am.

I've taken pictures!!! At the time when he left, and an hour later when there was more light, after having cleared both flights of stairs. It's pretty clear that from the stairs, either way, from the lower level or the upper, we have to pass through knee-deep snow for 3-4 feet in order to get to what they have cleared and into the car (or the other way of course).

9:04 am, maybe they have someone in the office by now? Fat chance. I get an answering machine saying I've reached SYLJACK SNOW REMOVAL SERVICES that HAS to be a joke, because snow removal? Services? They obviously do not know what either of those things mean!

See picture (not too good, I'd need to get it from the windows to have a better and more clear angle).

December 17th, 2007, 08:51 PM
All the companies in our area do not remove snow from walkways nor stairs unless you specifically ask for it, and pay extra of course :rolleyes: . The company we used in the past charged as much for the walkways as they did for the entire driveway. They also only remove the snow from the front of the drives until it completely stops snowing. That's when they usually come around to do the entire driveway. The drivers honk their horns and give you about 30 seconds to get out and clean the snow off your car or they drive away if you're not fast enough :frustrated: . Needless to say, we invested in a snowblower this year.