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Boo is really in trouble now

December 16th, 2007, 10:51 AM
I took him for a walk and my neighbor's 2 year old daughter ran up. Abbie loves animals but Boo was abused by kids and he doesn't like them. He snarled and lunged at her. I got him under control but it scared me half to death. I got him on his side and said,"NO". And made him lay there. Every time he he glanced at Abbie,I said "NO" and wouldn't even let him look at her. He finally settled down. He was terrified when she ran at him and his eyesight isn't that great. But he's not lunging and growling at anyone.
I brought him home and made him go to the bedroom and stay there. He knows he's in trouble when I do that. I was really shaken up. :frustrated::eek::needhug::headslap::censored::gro uphug: :shrug:

December 16th, 2007, 10:56 AM
Janie123..dont worry you did show him it was not right! But I hope you explained to the little one not to run up to him because it frightens him? maybe she is too young I am not sure....its so hard when they have been abused....:grouphug:


December 16th, 2007, 10:57 AM
OOOOPPSS !!! Potential drama in the neigborhood !!! Yikes, you were lucky you were able to grab and throw hiom before he got close to Abbie! Was she scared by Boo's behavior? Poor little girl, just wanting to be nice to the doggie ... but that's generally how dog/child accidents happen. The suddennes of a child's approach can freak out even a calm dog, so an abused one ...

Maybe you should consider muzzling him when you go out, until you get him re-educated? Just to be on the safe side I mean. Apart from the financial problems with suing parents, I know you'd feel uttely devastated should he ever bite a child!

December 16th, 2007, 11:10 AM
This just goes to show how parents need to train their children, as much as pet owners need to train their pets to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

I don't know why anyone would allow their child to run up to any dog:shrug:
I taught my son at a very young age ot be respectful of animals, never touch an animal you don't know, and ALWAYS ask permission before you pet someones dog!

December 16th, 2007, 01:14 PM
I am very close to Abbie's family. She is only 2 and her Mother has tried to teach her about Boo but she is persistent. They came over one night and I let her play with Bonnie but put Boo in another room. Bonnie is very sweet tempered but Abbie would not leave her alone. Just as I got up to put her in the room with Boo, Bonnie jumped up and tried to nip her in the face. Yes,Bonnie got the same thing Boo did and Abbie's parents were very stern with her. Before I put Bonnie in the room,her Mother sat by Bonnie and reprimanded Abbie every time she got near her.
But Abbie is VERY persistent. She just turned 2 so she is very young. They told me I am to reprimand Abbie if she runs at Boo again. I didn't see Abbie behind a tree or I would have reined Boo in more. Their 4 year old daughter and 10 year old daughter stay away when they see them. Boo is terrified when we walk if kids are outside and I sometimes have to bring him in. As a puppy and young dog,kids put him in a cage and used him as a football. I can't even begin to imagine how terrified the poor thing was.
Abbie's Mom is going to let her kids feed him treats in a very controlled situation with me there to try to help him see kids can be nice. I think he will always be afraid but I will NOT allow him or Bonnie to growl or try to bite anyone.:sad::pray::dog:

December 16th, 2007, 02:28 PM
Wow can I ever relate... not with a dog mind you, but poor Boo and poor you! Our Buddy came to us just after my husband caught the neighbourhood kids using him as a basketball and forcing him through one of those kiddy bball hoops!!!:eek: Seriously... where are the parents to say no to these kids! At least Abbie's parents are doing the right thing trying to teach her a healthy respect for animals before something happens!

Buddy also does NOT like children which is why the mother who had him was happy to hand him over... after a few years now of safe happy home time, he is ok with babies, and my nephew at 1, but the toddlers and young kids still scare him... luckily he is all indoors and I don't have to deal with any.

It must be so hard not being able to control who he comes in contact with while you are out.... you seem to be doing everything right though as the other dog folks have pointed out... so hopefully Boo will start to see that not all children want to hurt him, but I imagine it will take a lot of time.:grouphug:

December 16th, 2007, 02:36 PM
You may be very close to Abbies parents, but IMO letting a child run up to a potentially aggressive dog (especially since they Know this dog hates kids) is no different then letting a child run out on to a busy road:shrug: Both may have dire consequences!

December 16th, 2007, 02:52 PM
Yea,it was scary. Boo was a "throw away" dog. A breeder breeds little Yorkies and he is bigger then she wanted. She was going to put him down but let her son have him to play with. Yea,he scared the wits out of the poor thing. When he was no longer little,her son tired of him. The day she was going to put him down,my Mother asked for him. She reluctantly gave him to my Mother who gave him to me. He SO sweet and shy. I just love him to death but have to watch him closely. He just needed a Mommy.
I see abused dogs and I see "help" behind their eyes and I feel so sorry for them.

December 16th, 2007, 03:30 PM
Hugs for you. :grouphug: I hope Abbie learned her lesson as well. :o

December 16th, 2007, 04:21 PM
"My"Bailey is the same way,I do not let any little kids pet her when we are out for a walk.
Last summer,my sons girlfriend came running yelling Baileyyyyy and Bailey got scared and growled at her,would probably have nipped her,if I did not stop her.
My cats too are terrified of"little"people,little people hurt,pulling tails etc:yell:not that I would ever allow that.

December 16th, 2007, 05:36 PM
Abbie is NOT listening to her parents,me or anyone else. She will end up being bitten one day by a dog or even a cat. Her Mother is going out of her mind with her. It's a good thing I have quick reactions. I said,"Abbie! NO!" and had to pull hard. Bonnie was confused because I had to jerk her back too and she hadn't done anything.:sad:
I was upset with little Abbie. They really need to do something. She plays outside with her sisters and the older one watches her if her Mother has to run in the house.

December 17th, 2007, 04:27 PM
I sympathize with this situation,since my little Pom also doesn't like kids much because of their unbridled enthusiasm (sometimes) and their unpredictability. I purposely introduced her to all kinds of people of all ages when she was a puppy but she still just isn't crazy about kids. It can't help that we don't have any, either. With really nice, calm children she will eventually warm up and allow them to pet her and play with them. This makes me wonder if she actually knows who is nice and gentle and who is not (in other words, maybe her fear is justified). A few times I have warned approaching boisterous kids that she's not always friendly and picked her up, but even then a few have continued to approach her and got nipped. I know she doesn't really bite, it's just a warning, but honestly it's a good lesson! I have told them she might bite and they stuff their hands in her face anyway, even as I am walking with her or holding her. They don't understand NO. One little girl came right up to my car door as I was settling into the passenger seat with my dog and prevented me from pulling the door closed with her little arm because she wanted to pet my dog. I said it was better not to because she might bite, but she completely ignored me, aggressively stuck her hand out to pet Jessy's head and got nipped. She started to cry and then her mother suddenly materialized and asked me why my dog bit her daughter. I told her it wasn't a real bite, just a warning, and that perhaps she might want to supervise her child in the future because a warning from a larger dog might actually break the skin! Parents have as much responsibility in this as we do as dog owners. When I was young and my parents said NO I listened and obeyed. We are living in a world where NO means MAYBE to kids and sometimes it has no meaning at all.

Even my dog understands NO.....! :yell:

I know you were acting quickly, but pulling on the dog (we have all done it) because of Abbie is not a good thing - it's not the positive reinforcement training that Boo needs. Boo may actually develop a negative association: "KIDS = pulling on my neck, Mom gets mad at me and confines me to lonely bedroom". There are a lot of books to consult on what can be done to help dogs with various fears. Until Abbie is old enough to understand how a dog must be treated, I would try to avoid any interaction. Boo is 100% justified in being afraid of her - she is aggressive and uncontrolled by her "owners". She must learn how to interact with animals but your previously abused dog should not be the learning tool. Maybe her mother could buy her a guinea pig!

December 17th, 2007, 05:16 PM
It is really too bad SOME moms can't seem to control their kids anymore. Kids going through the "terrible 2's" don't like to listen to anyone in the first place and that is when moms have to step on them. It would be too bad if the result of her not listening is a bite requiring stitches because then you know the friendship will come to an end and your poor pup will be "one nasty dog" in everyone's eyes. I have been there with my poodle. She does not like kids period so when I know there are some coming I meet them outside.
My neighbour likes to bring her grandkids over to see my kittens. The poor things get terrorized by the kids and run for cover when they see them coming. :) Then the kids stand there in bewilderment wondering where the kitties went!
I sympathize with you and Boo. Poor baby is probably trying to figure out why he is getting into trouble when he is just trying to protect himself from grabby hands.

December 17th, 2007, 05:29 PM
Kids scare me when I have people over who have young (and not so young) kids with them, they touch everything and anything, pester the dogs and cats, don't listen to their parents (if they even say something) and as the hostess it's not always easy to tell the kids to behave either. Once I did though, and was told that "mommy lets us" so I said "maybe, but in my house, my rules are law!" and they actually stopped whatever it was they were doing (I forget).

All this child-abuse scare and laws saying you can't even give your own kid a spanking without having child welfare services at your door, seems to have made parents afraid of also verballe rebute them! It's crazy.

Poor Bonnie, Boo and all other child-abused dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages! It's rarely a dog's fault when there are bite-accidents. It's just the only way they know how to make themselves understood. Kids (and many adults) don't understand animal bodylanguage (heck, they don't even understand human bodylanguage :frustrated: ) and the poor dog is given the stamp of mad, bad, dangerous etc, when it's usually some human's fault.

:sad: :sad:

December 17th, 2007, 06:03 PM
This happened so quickly,all I had time to do was pull him back. I know he was scared too and I didn't hit him. I never hit my animals. But I did throw him on his side because even after I pulled him back,he still tried to go after her. I gave him being startled but not the pulling at the leash and snarling.
I usually see Abbie and when she runs to me,I tell her,"NO". But I usually have to pick Boo up because she's not good about listening. The other kids know to stay away from Boo. If I stop to talk to someone Boo sits behind me. He is just so scared of kids.

December 17th, 2007, 06:06 PM
Lots of :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:s for Boo, poor baby! :sad: Hopefully Abbie learns quickly not to run at him.