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Flea-Flea Bar Soap

June 3rd, 2004, 06:08 PM
I'm a newby on this discussion board and I've really been enjoying looking back over the different threads.

Since most of you seem to be in Canada, I thought I'd toss this out there. Years ago, I discovered "Flea-Flea" which is a safe - no poison glycerine bar soap that can be safely used for both dogs and cats, including puppies and kittens. I have been using it for about 12 years and it is wonderful. We haven't had flea problems at all in all that time. The place I used to purchase it from went out of business years ago, but I have been able to purchase it on-line and keep a supply in case I ever can't find it. It's made in Alberta and doesn't contain anything harmful. When I mention it at Petsmart or other places around here, no one has ever heard of it. Is this old hat to you guys there in Canada?

June 3rd, 2004, 06:45 PM
I've never heard of it!! Sounds good though!! What is the company name that makes it?? I will check it out at my pet stores this weekend when I go for more treats!! :D

June 3rd, 2004, 07:01 PM
The label says "Safe-Life Systems Company/LRA".

The ingredients listed are: Glycerine and Aloe Vera . . . plus . . Almond, Apricot, Lanolin, Tea Tree (Melaleuca), and Vitamins E, A & D.

I remember reading on the instruction label that it was safe for pets, even if they ate it. But I notice that's no longer printed on the sheet.

My mom's neighbor told me about it originally. She was originally from Washington (closer to Canada).