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Here we go

December 11th, 2007, 06:42 PM
For a while I have been giving Syd some raw bones (beef rib and vertebra that had little meat on them), for teeth cleaning, and entertainment. Tonight I gave her a raw turkey neck. After staring at it for 10 min, sniffing and licking it for another 5, she decided that it was ok to eat, and the munching began! She is ruff-ly 55lbs, so about 1.5 lbs a day, right? Should I give her another one?

Now, I have a problem.

I am ok with raw, Syd is ok with raw, but we will be traveling to mom's for the holidays, and she (and especially brother) are not ok with it. Is it ok to switch her to kibble while we are there and back to raw when we come home? We go up about once a month for a weekend, so this switch would happen repeatedly. I know it is not ideal, but is it ok?

December 11th, 2007, 09:18 PM
Are you just feeding ribs and necks? Nothing else?

I don't think a single turkey neck is enough. My gals and guy get two with giblets, liver, and raw veggies and they weigh between 60 & 65lbs.

Can you just feed Syd outdoors while visiting with your mother? She may get an upset tummy if you give her just kibble after getting used to only raw. Hubby gave mine kibble one night when I had to work late and they were all ill for 2 days following. Now I'd rather have them skip a meal or just eat later on.

December 12th, 2007, 01:43 AM
I give mine kibble in the morning and raw at night. They both are on the Orijen kibble. It allows me to use just kibble while travelling or if otherwise more convenient or necessary. My dogs do well this way but some others might not :shrug:.

The general rule is to make sure there is 8 hours between a kibble feed and a raw feed.

December 12th, 2007, 06:27 AM
Are you just feeding ribs and necks? Nothing else?

For a while she was getting the rib bones and kibble. The turkey neck last night was her first, so I thought I would start slow. She is having another this morning. We will be adding more in volume and variety.

TeriM--thanks for the 8 hour rule:thumbs up, I think I will try the kibble in the morning and raw at night, since I travel often.

December 12th, 2007, 07:19 AM
how many days are you going?? if its just a few days, whats wrong with feeding 'leftovers'?? no one should mind nonmeat items right?? or go for beef those days and feed cooked ground beef/turkey/pork?? it has no bones to be an issue.

feeding other things besides meat is healthy for a dog. they are not obligate carnivores. they are mostly carnivores. :) 5 days of meat and 2 days of left overs is Misters general schedule. it changes, he isnt picky. :)

from what you say, you have already been raw feeding with kibble right?? i mean if you are feeding kibble in general and then feeding bones with raw meat on them on occasion.... thats still raw feeding with kibble. :cool: if you arent having a problem with it, i wouldnt worry about it. does Syd have any digestive issues?? most dogs handle a diet change quite well once fresh food is introduced. you couldnt convince me that most of the dogs with stomach problems, it wasnt caused by a poor diet to begin with.

when we travel Mister gets much less raw meat and considerably more grain with eggs and veggies and left overs. it makes others feel better, its easier to travel with and its convenient.

keep us posted!!


(EDIT: to say this, 'leftovers' means what we dont eat, whats left in the fridge on dump day that should go out before next dump day... we eat healthy food and the left overs is never outrageous proportions nor with much salt/sugar... which is not to say that a little McDonalds leftovers is deadly to your dog. more dogs than you can imagine are raised on McDonalds left overs. id say up to 25% of Misters diet is nonmeat stuff like oatmeal, yogurt, carrots i spilled on the floor, apples that have bruses on them, cheese that he *loves*... etc. another 15% of his diet is eggs and the rest is meaty bones with emphasis on MEAT. dogs probably need less calcium via bones than we think they do. in our case Mister gets calcium from cheese and other dairy products, spinach/green veggies.... you get my drift!)

December 17th, 2007, 03:52 PM
I always throw my dogs meals way will I let her eat raw meat in the house....:eek:

December 17th, 2007, 04:03 PM
Why do the relatives freak out over meat?

I've come across this too. Hubby was uncertain at first until he saw it in action and decided it was OK.

The extended family that lives with us... it freaks them out.

Here Belle, have a turkey neck. Crunch crunch. Family goes :eeew: then leaves.

Gooood girl!

:offtopic: Hubby's relatives are annoying. Whatever works to make them go back to their part of the house. :evil: One says, "She eats meat?" I say, "Well sure, what's so unusual about that? I don't recall Mother Nature producing neat packages of dry food for dogs." :laughing: