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Living with hip dysplasia

June 3rd, 2004, 09:46 AM
I just found out my pointer Amelia (age 13) has hip dysplasia. I knew she had arthritis which I had been treating with Metacam but never knew her hips were so bad until I had her x-rayed. These last couple of months she has become increasingly stiff in the back end. She still wants to go for walks and can still run although she runs with her back legs together like a rabbit! My vet says Metacam is the best treatment for her. Just wondering if anyone else's dog has this problem and how else it can be treated. ( Amelia was adopted at age ten, a hunting dog whose owner no longer wanted her. She has spent three happy years with my husband & I and our other pointer Julia.

June 4th, 2004, 10:46 PM
My little lab girl, Ellie, is 8 months old and she has hip dysplasia. Glucosamine is a wonderful thing and not too expensive. Good luck with your pointer.

And we're new here, Ellie and I. We live in the States--in Virginia. Has everyone been to If not, check it out. It's a blast.

Here is Ellie's page:

It's nice to meet everyone.

June 4th, 2004, 10:47 PM
Completely agree

Glucosamine is excellent

I would also add to that shark cartilidge and fish oil


June 5th, 2004, 12:33 AM
Check this out (

On my 28th I believe I asked almost the very same question and was given some great advice after that :)

June 9th, 2004, 02:10 AM
My last dog, a Rottie, diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis at around 7 years old. She ended up living till 12 years.
I had her on Metcam (excellent product) and something called "Arthrite-eez" (a product for humans) with Glucosamine and shark cartilidge. I also included a tbl of Flaxseed Oil in her food each night (to lubricate the joints, I was told, but it made a big difference)
I discovered over 5 years that she became tolerant to the medication and it didn't appear to work as good all the time, during summer it was all much better, so I tended to have a break for a couple of weeks of the "Arthrite-eez" and then put her back on it. My dog could also run, but as you say "back legs together like a rabbit", the biggest danger I believe here, is her muscles wasting away from not being used. As I live in Australia, the beach was always a weekend event, and my biggest regret (hindsight) is that I didn't swim her every day. Swimming is great, cause there is not pressure on the legs. I'v noticed here, in the last year or so, there are dog swimming therapy places around, I would recomend that, if there is no beach or pool where you live. This may not happen to you cause you have a different breed of dog, but I eventually had her put down because she could not get up any more (muscles wasted away in the back legs, you could actually feel the bone)... ok now I'm going to go and cry. Good Luck with Amelia

June 9th, 2004, 08:24 PM
Please check out.

I hope this link came through..

June 10th, 2004, 12:03 AM
I'm sorry to hear about ur dog... :(

Chocolate, at times, used to run like that... that alone can't possibly indicate a serious problem such as this...

what other factors come into play?

June 11th, 2004, 11:59 AM
When I had Amelia x-rayed, the vet asked me if I knew she had been shot. I was shocked.Her x-ray showed pellets (buckshot) in her lower back and legs. Her previous owner used her for hunting. Apparently she was brought to a veterinary clinic in Toronto to be euthanized. The vet couldn't do it, she was such a sweet dog so she brought her home and got the Humane Society involved to find her a new home. She couldn't tell me anything about her previous owner due to confidentiality but you can imagine the anger I felt towards him/her. My vet said she has probably had hip dysplasia for a while but at age thirteen, she is just starting to show more symptoms now. She was never able to jump into the car but had no problem getting up onto a low bed or a chair. For the last 10 days or so, she has been taking prednisone which has made a world of difference. My vet wants to slowly take her off it and put her back on the Metacam. The prednisone supposedly has many side effects and is not good to take long term although it is helping her a lot. the only side effect i have noticed is increased appetite and thirst.

June 11th, 2004, 12:16 PM
I am sure that if you do an online search you will find several forums for people who have dogs with HD. I am fairly certain there is a yahoo group for people with dogs with HD.

June 11th, 2004, 04:46 PM
Plainsjane, nice to see you on Dogster. I've submitted a request for Den-Den & Corky to be Ellie's 1st Pet-Pals. Love that site!

June 14th, 2004, 10:42 AM
Oh, got the request! I wondered who that was! Nice to meet your puppies.

Is anyone here involved in foster care? I'm moving to a place that will be ideal as of September 1st and can't wait to get involved. I'd love more information--the pros, cons, etc. of the fostering experience.

July 3rd, 2004, 07:17 PM
Hey there!

Our dog was diagnosed with hip dysplaysia at 6 months, have tried a few things, and we were told depending on the age of the dog, it can look worse, as well as the position the dog is in when x-rayed. Obviously, though, your dog is affected.

Glucosamine works wonders. There is a brand of food out by Nutro that is for adult dogs and has glucosamine and chondritin in it. It's amazing! As well, talk to the vet about amounts your dog needs. Our dogs are on this food now as a prevention method. Our shepherd was on glucosamine when she was getting older and as she got stiffer and stiffer we had to increase the amount she got. Our vet also got us to put her on aspirin which is an anti-inflammatory and may help. This is what I have learned, but please, check with your vet first in case she's on some medication these would react with. As well, get your vet's opinion on amount of medication to give.

July 4th, 2004, 10:24 AM
Sorry to hear from everyone who's dog has HD. Our Lab was diagnosed with severe HD at 6 months. We took her to an Orthopedic Surgeon in Lansing MI who specializes in HD. We were told to get her weight down, immediatly, that helped alot He said that swimming is the best form of therapy and excersize for the dog and to try not to let her run off of the leash because it puts stress on the already sore hips, a brisk walk will do.

we were also told to put her on glucosamine we use Osteo 3, but it took about 3 months to notice any change. We also give her Rimadyl(not very expensive) on her really bad days, the vet said we could give her asprin if we ran out of rimadyl but that it wasn't wise to give it to her often.

He also told us to switch her to adult food ASAP because it would help slow down her growth rate. One thing that you do have to be prepared for with the younger dog is that it will get worse before it seems to get better usually 9 to 15 months it will be its worst because the dog is still growing.