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Buster's Drea
December 9th, 2007, 03:29 PM
:angel: Hello everyone ;) My husband and I adopted Buster yesterday and I found this site, searching for information on a condition called 'Otitus' that our Buster has. It's basically an ear infection deep in his ear canal. He shakes his head constantly, rubs his ears on us, the floor, his doggie bed... anything he can find. He does this for a while after waking up, we don't notice it much at all during the day. We're going to a specialist in a few weeks (waiting lists suck) unless we can find someone else to look at him beforehand. It breaks our hearts :cry: Oh, and if you rub right inside his ear, a lot of black gunk comes out... ew!! We hate it for him. Anyone know of anything we can do in the mean time?

Look forward to reading and replying to your ideas :) Cya!

December 9th, 2007, 03:42 PM
Welcome! My dog sometimes gets an ear infection but the black guck you are talking about I clean out of his ears with a soft kleenex...The vet can also give you an earwash to put in to release some of that black stuff...Is there a smell to the ear? It must be horrible for him to be like that! Has he had any antibiotics? I hope your appointment comes up quickly! Maybe the vet could give him something to make him more comfortable until the appointment with the specialist.

Would love to see pictures!


December 9th, 2007, 03:51 PM
Just want to wish you luck with Buster and thank you for adopting a to many not perfect pup,a pup with a medical problem:dog:
Hopefully you can get him looked at sooner:fingerscr

Buster's Drea
December 9th, 2007, 04:29 PM
Thanks for the replies :)

I don't smell anything in his ears and yes, he was put on a antibiotic ear drop something or other but it didn't help. The vet suggested this dermatologist that's supposed to check out his inner ear. I also found a website that suggested the following __________________________________________

Relief for dog's ear infections (otitus)

In a previous post, I talked about my dog Abby's ear infections (otitus), and that I was testing a home remedy. I'm happy to tell you the results are very good after using it for 2 months; her ears look and smell normal, and there hasn't been any itching and digging since I started the treatment.

First of all, if your dog's ears are badly infected, with open sores, I recommend you first treat them with a product I've used with good results called Zymox Otic available at for around $10. It contains 3 enzymes derived from milk products, and is highly effective against yeast and bacterial infections, completely safe with no side effects. It is a cleaner as well as a treatment, and is very soothing. As I said previously, Abby's ears were to the point that even antibiotics didn't work long term, and unfortunately neither did Zymox long term. It kept her comfortable, but if I didn't use it every few days, the itching would return. Get your dog's ears in good shape with Zymox, then try the following ear wash to keep the itchies a bay for good. The link to is at the left.

You will need the following ingredients: (If you can't find these locally, they are available at
16 oz. rubbing alcohol
4 TBSP. Boric Acid
16 drops of Gentian Violet (1% is fine)
The boric acid and gentian violet are both antibacterial and antifungal agents. Just add the boric acid and gentian violet to the alcohol bottle. Then transfer a portion of it into a small squeeze bottle. (I used an empty antibiotic dropper) Then daily squeeze a few drops into the ear and massage. Just a word of warning, the gentian violet in the mixture will stain any surface, including the dog a light tinge of lavender. I used it daily for about 1 week, then went to every 3 days, then once a week, and now we go about 10 days between applications. My dog's ears look very healthy and there is no itching, something I thought Abby would never experience the rest of her life.

p.s. This is also effective for human's itching skin, like mosquito bites. I tried it and got relief instantly.
__________________________________________________ ____________

When my husband wakes up, we'll discuss it and I'll ask the vet what he thinks. I'm just wanting him to get some relief :(

December 9th, 2007, 04:41 PM
I read that Gentian Violet stains. When the dog shakes and that stuff goes flying... lol

December 9th, 2007, 09:29 PM
Welcome to the board, Buster's Drea.

:fingerscr that the specialist will be able to pinpoint what Buster's problem is. Was the first vet able to identify the organism infecting his ears?

Is that Buster in your avatar? He looks like a real sweetie. If you have any larger pictures to share, we'd love to see them! :D