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Anyone here "reads" dream ?

December 9th, 2007, 09:27 AM
I don't know why , I'm not a fan of him or anything but every time I dream about an actor , it's about Brad Pitt :confused: and I'm always going out with him ! :laughing::laughing:

So last night (more like this morning) I dreamed about him again :confused:

We were at a night club , he was at the bar drinking (probably wondering what the heck he was doing going out with me :laughing:) and I was sitting and talking with my friend .... Jennifer Aniston :laughing: so Brad sends a waitress over to me with boxes full of jewlery to choose from. :cloud9: I got 2 beautiful tiny rings , really delicate ones (gold ones , I don't like gold but really , they were beautiful. I was also looking for a necklace but couldn't find one I liked. Later we had to leave because he was getting too drunk :laughing: Jennifer Aniston was going to meet her other friend Courtney Cox :laughing: then I woke up and immediatly looked at my fingers , no rings :cry: :headslap:

So what could it means ? Please tell me it's money coming in :yell: mommy needs it !!!

December 9th, 2007, 10:09 AM
I'm good at interpreting my own, but not others'. I have some doozers!

The best advice ever, IMO, is to keep a small notebook beside your bed and when you wake up from a dream, immediately write it down, draw pictures, whatever. Some people use a little voice recorder and then write it down later.

Once I had a dream that I was in a laboratory. I took out a rectangle box from a large freezer. Opened the end of the box and took out a yellowish, long rectangle looking thing. It kind of reminded me of a frozen fish filet.

It suddenly thawed and took form. It was a giant worm looking thing that turned it's "head" around and promptly attached itself to my hand. I freaked out and somehow made it to a toilet, got it off my hand and flushed it.

The next day, I found tapeworms on my cat. I swear the dream was telling me about the worms. The scariest part... when I looked at microscopic photos of tapeworms, the head segment looked exactly the same as in my dream!

Anyway, there's a man named David Wilcock. Probably none of you here have heard of him. But I've been following his work for years. David does a lot of science research which I find fascinating, especially on the real data that our entire solar system is going through changes, not just earth with the whole Global Warming thing. Information like that is easily obtainable via NASA and elsewhere, but the mass media doesn't discuss it at all. David is in the process of filming a new movie on his science research. He wrote about dream interpretation which I find very helpful. I'll just repost it here.

It's kinda long though.

From: "David Wilcock" >
Date: Tue Dec 5, 2000 5:32 pm
Subject: Handy checklist for dream analysis

Someone sent me an Email and it made me realize that I never truly dashed off a simple list of something that I teach people over and over again. It is useful enough that I took an hour this morning to compile it. Here it is in initial form, and I will most likely put up an edited form of it later on the website. Dreams are the most direct link that we have to the "hyperdimensional" part of ourselves, in order to download direct information that will guide us. But often this information is lost for lack of knowledge. So here is a basic breakdown for a formula that can produce meaning for almost any dream, with a little intuition on your part added in for good measure. Take this checklist and run your dream through it, and you should have something at the end.

There are several ways to go about analyzing dreams, several different books that are good, but one common theme runs throughout all of them. Dreams are phrased in a metaphorical language, so in almost all instances nothing should be taken literally, only as a metaphor for yourself. As it turns out, dreams are narcissistic - they almost always have to do solely with you. Here's some guidelines that I give in my workshops on this subject.

Main Rule: Every person, every event, every house, every vehicle of transport, EVERYTHING is about yourself. That's the law. Don't be stupid! Stop trying to analyze your dream any other way and you're on the right track. Resist temptation and tie EVERYTHING into yourself. That includes the issues dealing with other characters - unless you can find a specific tie-in to a given relationship or situation with others - and this does happen fairly often but it is still an issue that impacts yourself.

First things first. We all have fragments of our soul that are created as a result of not living up to our highest potential in a given circumstance. We may not have gotten through our childhood, adolescence or early adulthood without many scars - and whether we know it or not, those scars still affect us. If we're not living in power and truth, then those fragments can be continuing to form as we move through life now. And when I say fragments, I literally mean that a part of us is not available to our conscious mind. In the case of repressed memories, the mind must exert continual energy for us not to think about the memories - and this psychological partition actually consumes calories and mental activity. So the meaning is very direct, even biological.

Fragment aspects of our total soul energy become stuck in linear time of our past, and the only true way to revisit and heal them is through dreams. Until you become very significantly "defragmented," you will often find people or situations from some aspect of your past, indicating that the issues that you grappled with back then are now coming back again. You never make the issue go away if you don't deal with it in a healthy fashion - it will keep re-emerging in your life over and over again, right now in the present. I just worked yesterday on a fragment that still exists from my frustration at having menial jobs in my past, which then manifested into a problem that I was having with the bank and my lack of desire for confrontation to deal with it.

So, the main purpose of dreams seems to be defragmentation - simultaneously working on issues now occurring and issues from the past, tying them together and giving you a long-term perspective on your issues to expedite the healing process. In order to do this, your dreams will be BRUTALLY honest. They are totally non-repressed sexually, they do NOT pull any punches and they will directly challenge all your hangups, sparing no expense. You're going to get things consistently that you don't like, but will be able to see their rightness in the big picture - and if you don't do them, then you should expect that you'll keep getting the same message over and over again.

Furthermore, dreams are primarily a tool for the subconscious to articulate the lessons that are coming from "on high" so that it knows how to steer you as a conscious self. Even if you don't remember them, they will still perform this function - so doing dreamwork is very effective indeed, as you short-circuit the need for the subconscious to communicate its messages to you through things like stubbing your toe, having "bad luck," meeting people that will trigger all your issues, et cetera. When you already know the game that your subconscious will play in trying to teach you something, you can dramatically quicken the pace of your own growth. But remember that knowledge without application isn't worth much at all!

Themes. It is important to remember that if you start getting long, multi-part dreams, it is most common that you will get a seed crystal at the beginning. In other words, you will get a preliminary sketch of the main point of the dream in an abstracted form, usually with very different characters and situations. The initial dream will set the stage for the longer dream, giving you an idea of what it will mean. Also in terms of themes, remember that it is highly likely that if you really need to "get" something important, it will repeat day after day. Your higher self is extremely ingenuous at taking the same spiritual message and placing it into literally thousands of different metaphorical arrangements, each of which may give a slightly different angle on the issue.

Characters. The gender will indicate whether the issue represented by that person is with your masculine aspect (active, motivational, get-things done, take responsibility) or feminine aspect (nurturing, sensitive, intuitive, caring, insightful, mothering.) Then you gauge other indicators. Oftentimes the character will not be fully developed in any of several different ways - the character may be very young or have other obvious problems. This indicates an issue with that aspect of the self. If any violence or abuse occurs to any character, then that's you hurting yourself - and different aspects of your own personality can disagree and war with each other. Check the events, situations, that the character is involved with and what environments they occur in (see below.)

Race of a character is another indicator. Any race other than your own is much more likely to indicate your subconscious mind as opposed to conscious.

Always try to see characters as yourself first. Then, try to assess if certain characters are metaphorical representations of someone you know personally. The dream may try to find key identifiers such as body shape, hair color, facial hair, glasses, clothing style, means of talking, et cetera to indicate the person. And if you are really lucky it may actually be the right person in the dream - but this is uncommon.

Also, sometimes you will participate directly in dreams and other times you will simply be an observer. Generally, when you observe something it is showing you that you are not really ready to own or acknowledge the part of yourself that is being played out between the characters that you are observing. Also, this removed perspective gives you a chance to feel what it is like for your higher self to observe you, and make determinations based on your behavior. If you are directly participating in the action then it is much more an aspect of your conscious self.

Colors. In almost every conceivable case, the colors in a dream, no matter where or on who or what they show up, have to do with one of your vibrational / chakra levels, which are also dimensional levels throughout the Universe corresponding to very specific vibrational rates. The following seems to be the ultra-simplest way to get to the core of these archetypes.

RED: Earth center. Sexuality, security, home life, comfort, biological health, vitality.

ORANGE: The center of self. How you see yourself, what the issues are with yourself.

YELLOW: The center of others. How you see others, what the issues are with others.

GREEN: Love. How open is your heart, how do you love yourself and / or others.

BLUE: (can be baby blue to darker shades Communication and wisdom. How well do you communicate. Do you speak your truth to others or do you stifle your emotions. How well do you communicate what is going on in your mind, your awareness and feelings? Are you seeking wisdom and actively applying what you know?

DEEP BLUE: Psychic ability. Second sight. Intuitive awareness. Telepathy. Intuition. Compassionate wisdom. Not necessarily doing what others want you to do, but rather making decisions based on what will do the greatest good for the greatest numbers.

VIOLET: Cosmic consciousness. Union with the All There Is. Seeing everything as sacramental. Graduating from the spiritual curriculum of the Universe in total, and preparing to return Home.

WHITE: Pure Oneness, a return to that light (if it is bright and engulfing.) Can be used at the end of a dream to indicate that a powerful lesson has been given.

The higher-end colors are less likely to be used, as the issues are most frequently somewhere between red and blue.

Environment. Next, analyze the place that it happens. Notice whether the environment is indoors or outdoors. Either way, the location represents an aspect of yourself. If indoors, it is more of an issue with yourself and your own stuff, and if outdoors it is more dealing with society at large, other people and your relation to the Earth.

If indoors: How does the space feel? Cramped or spacious? This would relate to the "environment" of your current personality, whether you are feeling open and expanded or tight and shut down. If it is a house, analyze how clean and / or messy the house is, this will have to do with your issues of how clear your thought process is. Messy house, cluttered thought. High ceilings, beautiful house, then you're in good shape.

While analyzing place, it is good to look at the physical height of where the action is occurring. Sometimes your point of sight may be higher than the action itself, and this indicates where you are looking at a part of yourself that is undeveloped, from a soul aspect that is higher. The lower the height is, especially if it is underground, the lower the state of consciousness is. The higher it is, the higher the consciousness. Then look at direction. In many cases, though not all, the left-hand side will be service-to-self or negative polarity (clock just said 11:11!) and the right-hand side will be service-to-others polarity. So if you have to make a choice between two doorways, that's a dead giveaway of the need to choose your polarity. If someone else makes that choice, then you have the opportunity to assess whether it is a path worthy of you following along.

Also regarding place: check for the four elements. (Other takes on the elements are good too, this is just a very rough synopsis.)

EARTH: Grounding, balancing, renewal, security, hard work, physical health.

AIR: Mental process, imagination, motivation, travel, activity.

FIRE: Anger, passion, intensity, vitality, cleansing, sudden change.

WATER: Spiritual energy, intuition, going with the flow, being in the Now.

Also with places, often check for dynamic changes. This often comes in the form of something that will take you from one level of height, or soul development, in the building or house to another level. The level of quality of the transport indicates how quickly and effectively the change can be made. Ladders are the least effective, followed by staircases and especially elevators as being the most effective.

Obstructions. Often there are obstructions in your environment. Analyze the corresponding metaphors to that particular place and figure out where you are not moving forward. This can be in the environment, but holds true for vehicles, character interactions and other things as well. For example you may have a staircase to a higher level only to find that it dead-ends or goes through a quite precarious situation to get there. That would mean that something within yourself is blocking the movement to a new level of trust or growth within you. Analyze the nature and composition of the obstruction for more detail.

Vehicles. Always check for vehicles, how you are getting around. ANYTHING in a dream other than just plain walking is an indication of a higher aspect of your personality. The general rule is that the bigger and faster the vehicle is, and especially the higher it travels, the higher the level of conscoiusness is. And in this case, it refers to an actual aspect of your BEING. How you take care of this vehicle, and what condition it is in, obviously has to do with how you see yourself. Human-powered vehicles such as a bicycle, skis, et cetera may indicate the Astral / subconscious self. The following are in an increasing order of how significant the metaphor is:

1. Bicycles / manual human powered.
2. Cars
3. Trucks
4. Trains
5. Boats (more important because of their water metaphor)
6. Airplanes
7. UFOs / exotic aircraft / space vehicles

Also check the surface that the vehicles are on, or moving through. Analyze its components. Bridges are an especially important metaphor, indicating the passage from one aspect of being to another - in a major way. This can even include death.

Health and Diet: These metaphors are usually quite easy to spot. If your higher self is trying to tell you that you have bad health or that it disagrees with something you ate, you will get a dream that features something gross or even repulsive looking. The sloppier, nastier and stinkier it is, the more urgent the message. If it is related to a specific food, you may get even clearer guidance. Two days ago Sabrina was bringing back food from the Indian restaurant - and in my dream I saw the men working at the restaurant and I realized that my plate was absolutely covered in cheese. Sure enough, she got back and had two different things that had dairy in them.

The physical environment or house and the vehicle, such as a car, also can represent the body. If there is a very specific problem with the house or the car, try to tie that in with how your body feels and see if you can make a connection.

Music / Performance: For my own world and apparently most others, anything having to do with being on stage, playing or hearing music has to do with the "music of your soul" - what you're here for, what you're here to do with your life, your own unique spark or spiritual gift. Pay close attention to these dreams as they talk about what your highest and best soul purpose is.

Toxin releases. Sometimes dreams need to release toxic chemicals that you created by stifling emotion. You can fully expect that if you had some really powerful emotions such as crying or rage and completely suppressed them from happening, then there are toxins that are created that must be released by actually experiencing that emotion, which allows the corresponding glandular secretions to take place. So, you may have a dream where you cry, get super angry, have a huge sexual release or get scared out of your wits. That can be why, and the surrounding metaphors will address it directly.

Being pursued. If you are chased, pursued, or anything in the dream makes you feel uneasy or you don't accept it, then the highest goal you can have is to embrace and integrate it. Believe it or not, if you are being chased by some shadowy death presence, the best thing to do is to stop, turn around and face it, identify it as a part of yourself that is in pain and need of healing, tell it (you) that you love it very much, and reach out to embrace it. If you can actually do this, then usually there will be a bright flash of white light and you will awake, already in tears.

This is a good background that should give you enough to work with. Once you know these criteria, dream analysis is a game that requires you to think in a very different way. My readings often speak in metaphorical language to help train others to think along those lines. If you go back to the archived article and reading section of my website to some of the earlier dream articles, you will see that I often analyze them as they go along. The books that helped me the most are as follows:

Lucid Dreaming by Stephen La Berge, Ph.D.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen La Berge, Ph.D.

Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss

Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts

Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light by Namkhai Norbu

Other than these few books, EXPERIENCE is the best teacher. Document everything, in as much specific detail as possible. Dr. La Berge taught me that. If you don't write down all the details, they are gone forever, and they might be important - so be verbose. You may believe with every fiber of your being that you could never forget that incredible experience, only to realize the next day that it is gone for good.

And most importantly - don't forget to love yourself in the midst of whatever healing process the dream triggers for you.

Peace be with you -

- David

December 9th, 2007, 10:19 AM
hummmm , don't know what to make of this :confused:

December 9th, 2007, 10:20 AM
It suddenly thawed and took form. It was a giant worm looking thing that turned it's "head" around and promptly attached itself to my hand.

I like my dream better thank you :laughing:

December 9th, 2007, 10:33 AM
Basically what he's saying is, in most dreams, any person, place, object is an aspect of you.

Could be emotion, personality traits, behaviors, friends, acquaintances, people from work, etc. Ponder on what those characters represent in your life.

The bar/drinks
Aniston (who's father, by the way was an actor on Days of Our Lives, as Victor. lol a little bit of useless trivia)
Rings/jewelry/gold - gold itself is very symbolic and can be interpreted in many ways

I'll try to take a crack at it. Aniston represents the dumped woman trying to move on with her life, Pitt the man who dumped her, and Cox is the supportive friend. Pitt wants to buy his way out of the relationship doghouse by offering jewelry but you end up not getting any, and he's unreliable because he won't stop drinking, but yet you continue to spend time with him.

Try to remember future dreams, there might be more to go on later.

Didn't like my worm dream? lol I remember looking at my hand when I woke up to make sure it wasn't there. When I finally saw the worms on Linx I said, "Ohhhhh, I get it now." :laughing:

December 9th, 2007, 12:22 PM
Pitt wants to buy his way out of the relationship doghouse by offering jewelry but you end up not getting any

Yes I did , I got 2 gold rings , they just weren't there when I woke up :yell:

December 9th, 2007, 12:28 PM
My daughter does cards, mostly for family, but I don't think she does dreams. Will ask her when I talk to her next.
And she keeps turning up the money card for me. I'm still waiting for it. ;)

December 9th, 2007, 12:39 PM
And she keeps turning up the money card for me. I'm still waiting for it. ;)

:laughing: are you sure it's not a kitty card ? :laughing:

December 9th, 2007, 12:41 PM
I just think it's weird , dreaming about Brad Pitt so many times , he is cute but he's not my type so it's not because I'm obsessing about him :shrug:

I like dark hair guys better , so maybe it means my real soul mate is a blond guy ?

And rich , oh yes please , make him rich ! :laughing:

December 9th, 2007, 05:14 PM
LOL!! I will have to find out if there is any such thing as a kitty card. Don't think so but I am sure she will find one if there is. She hasn't done my cards since I "inherited" all of the babies. :crazy:

December 9th, 2007, 05:23 PM
Just went looking and found this........ Don't know if you want to check it or not.........

Dreamcrowd - Dream Interpretation, Dream Sharing, Dream Dictionary ...Offers free online dream interpretation plus dream community. ... To see famous people in your dream, signifies an increase to your prosperity and honor. ... - 105k - Cached - Similar pages

I hope that line about increasing your prosperity comes true

December 9th, 2007, 06:51 PM
Somebody here posted this site a while ago...

I just think you're really hoping to meet a good looking rich guy that likes animals. :D

December 9th, 2007, 07:47 PM
Somebody here posted this site a while ago...


To see jewelry in your dream, signifies your own sense of self worth and personal value. It is also symbolic of knowledge, identity, or whatever qualities you hold precious in your life. They highlight the importance of spirituality and psychological riches. A particular piece of jewelry that you own, may symbolize aspects of a waking relationship.

To dream that you receive jewelries as gifts, indicates that you need to acknowledge and incorporate those corresponding qualities within your own self.


December 9th, 2007, 07:50 PM

To see an actor or actress in your dream, represents your pursuit for pleasure. Your admiration of a particular celebrity may lead to a desire to have some of their physical or personality traits. Consider also who this actor/actress is and what characteristics your associate him/her with. These may be the same characteristics that you need to acknowledge or incorporate into yourself. The dream may also be a pun on his or her name.

To see a particular actor or actress in your dream, look at the role they are playing. Even though you may not know them on a personal level, how you perceive them or the characters they play can provide understanding in how it relates to you.

Hope it doesn't mean I will adopt tons of kids :p

December 9th, 2007, 08:38 PM
Yep, you are going to adopt lots and lots of the 4 legged variety of kids!!

December 9th, 2007, 09:38 PM
Me thinks you gots the hotties for the Pitt man:laughing::D:laughing::laughing::laughing:

December 9th, 2007, 10:00 PM
umm....why can't *I* dream about BRad?? *I* like him!! :yell::yell::yell:

December 9th, 2007, 10:05 PM
ok here's my "reading" on this....a ring symbolizes commitment and I think Brad represents your goldens...cos he's blonde and you're commited to them...and the gold means fortune and that's what they are to you:laughing:

that's don't get to meet Brad in real life...sorry :shrug::laughing::laughing:

December 10th, 2007, 11:39 AM
Me thinks you gots the hotties for the Pitt man:laughing::D:laughing::laughing::laughing:
Then i must be in denial :laughing:
ok here's my "reading" on this....a ring symbolizes commitment and I think Brad represents your goldens...cos he's blonde and you're commited to them...and the gold means fortune and that's what they are to you:laughing:

That would make sense , it's boring :sad:, would have prefer money coming in :goodvibes:, but it does make sense :D

December 10th, 2007, 01:35 PM
dreams are all from YOUR PERSPECTIVE about things. no one can tell you what your dream means but you because its all about how you view things. i knwo i will dream about things that are all about how i see the world. for example- i had ad ream about my ex the other night. i went to get my things from his house. when i got there he was old and gray. his voice sounded strange and he was still living with his parents. i was heart broken.

i could go into more details but they were irrelevant to anyone other than me. the point was, i got to thinking abotu him a few days before that and my desire to leave a situation better than i came into it had gotten the better of me. i wish he was happier i guess.

another example of a different kind of dream-
i kept having these 'end of the world' dreams. LOTS of them. the whole world was destroyed in some way. one of them was i was driving in a car at night and off in the distance there was an airplane flying in the sky, i could see the blinking light. well the light solidified and then came zoomign at me. it crashed into the ground right behind my car destroying everything.

the car scene was because eariler that night that same thing happened and for some reason it just stuck in my brain. half way through the dream my severe depression over my mother suffocating me and sabotaging my success manifested into a armageddon type scenario. nice combo of psychological association and then stress manifestation.

and yet another example of a different kind of dream-
i was -1month pregnant (ie pre pregnancy) when i had a dream about my daughter. i wont go into the details because they were odd and probably doesnt make sense to anyone other than me but the simple truth of it is i dreamed up both of my children, sex and all before their own genes decided what they were or in her case even that she was going to happen. it wasnt until after i found out i was preggers that i realized what that dream was. i drew a pic of her when i remembered later of what she looked like. i actually have a picture similar that i took at 4 years old.

if i had to make a guess... you are lonely? in need of some attention at the exclusion of all others. :) even super hot actresses.

see what happens when you talk to others abotu your dreams?? a little too much slips out. :cool: do somethign abotu that whole lonely issue. :grouphug: