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Just too cute

December 7th, 2007, 12:00 PM
My two Yorkies love each other. They are like brother and sister. Bonnie is always cleaning Boo's face,just like a cat. We call them our "Terrible Two's". lol Partners in crime. I call Boo "the perfect dog". He would never be in trouble if it weren't for his sister. Bonnie can be "the little brat" when she wants to but she's an adorable one. She knows I don't like them in the living room because she poops in there. I came home the other day and they were in the living room. Boo panicked and ran and hid but Bonnie couldn't even figure how to sneak back out! I never hit these dogs but do use voice commands.
I feel so sorry for her sometimes though. If we reach to pet her,she cringes. She must have been hit a lot. She's so adorable. If she thinks she's in trouble,she gives a little "smile". lol We have never hit her and never will. She is just too adorable!
Boo is my stoic little boy. He is very pack oriented and sees me as the pack leader. Bonnie is less pack oriented! She steals food from her brother and I have to get up and command her away. Boo would never try to steal his sister's food. lol He is just such a good dog. bonnie is too,just more lively like,"I don't have to listen to you". lol:crazy::lovestruck::laughing::angel2::laugh::cl own::D:crazy::grouphug::cool::p