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How did you get your love of animals?

November 30th, 2007, 11:38 PM
My husband says in his next life,he wants to come back as one of my pets. lol When I was 12, my father lost his temper one day and took it out on my dog,Rosie. He kicked her. He beat her up the stairs and he beat her down the stairs. She was yelping and screaming and I was horrified. I finally jumped on his back and told him I was going to kill him if he touched her again. I sat up with her all night,crying. I never felt the same toward my Dad. This was the same man that thought the best way to teach me to swim was to take me out in a boat and throw me over the side. As I clung to the side of the boat,he hit my hands with his fist. I swam.....and hated him.
I think this cemented my love of animals. I was all Rosie had and she died when I was 16. I took such good care of her and my father never touched her again. He knew better.
Animals can't protect themselves against the inhumaneness of humans. We have to protect them!:pray::yell::mad::wall::grouphug:

November 30th, 2007, 11:53 PM
Was born with it! lol

Ever since I can remember, we had pets. Budgies, fish, cats, but never a dog until I turned 16 and received my beloved Collie, Bo as a gift. :rip: We fed birds a lot and always loved a good laugh when the Blue Jays would sit in the trees seemingly "calling" the cats to come out, only to torture them by swooping down and nipping the base of their tails. Poor kitties! :laughing: My brothers and I had a hamster too that we named Houdini. She would get out of almost any enclosure until we got her a 10 gal aquarium and small animal bedding. I used to place her on my brothers' toy fire truck and put the ladder up with her on it. :crazy:

We had a huge garden on the land my dad's work gave all their employees to grow veggies. Every Saturday, all the family went out to the garden and worked most of the day. My brothers chased cottontail rabbits and we brought them home. They always disappeared the next day and I assume my folks turned them loose just so we couldn't keep them. Never asked them about that to see for sure. lol

I used to bring home stray cats all the time, but was never allowed to keep them. Once I found a cat that would actually fetch and bring back toys. We always put food outside for the strays though. Cats still show up there a lot. Mom and Dad's two cats are getting old (20+ years). I wonder what they will do after the cats pass on. Maybe I'll talk them into getting a small dog!

Got to ride horses twice a day for two weeks every summer at camp too. Wish I had a horse now. :sad: Used to wish, hope and pray that I could get a horse, but it's not happened yet! Want to go riding again so bad.

I love all animals and can't imagine life without them.

December 1st, 2007, 08:13 AM
Not sure how my love of animals started. Think I had it in me since I was born. We have always had cats and they were my closest buddy growing up. We had a cat that chose us as his keepers when I was a teenager and I loved him more than anybody I knew.

Janie, I am so sorry you had to endure such a harsh father:grouphug: I often wonder why some people are so angry, is it a chemical imbalance or learned behaviour?

December 1st, 2007, 08:28 AM
is it a chemical imbalance or learned behaviour?

Sometimes it's generational. People see their parents or grandparents do it, then the pattern gets repeated. Happens with abuse of all sorts of things, drugs, child abuse, spouse abuse, animal abuse. I don't think those people really mean to do it, but since they are most often raised in that kind of environment, it becomes "normal" to them.

Just think how "normal" this world could be if everyone treated each other and animals with universal love, kindness and friendship instead of hatred, fear or mistrust.

December 1st, 2007, 08:28 AM
I think my mother brainwashed me. She took pains to introduce me to dogs and cats in the neighbourhood because she liked them. Meeting a relative's little black dog is my earliest ever childhood memory; Mum says I was only 18 months old at the time. When we were about to move from our walk-up flat to our own house I clearly remember Mum telling me several times that we would get a cat and it would be black. We moved a month before my fourth birthday. The morning of my birthday a black cat was crying at the still unoccupied new house next door. Mum called her in and she became Tabby, my friend, my playmate, my guardian and caregiver when I was crying about something.

December 1st, 2007, 08:45 AM
i was one of those kids who got lost in suburbia. my step mom was very hateful, my dad was inattentive... my Betsey loved me. my mom didnt know how to be a mom but Alfie was the perfect dog. they were my stability, my ground and one of my only sources of consistent love and affection.


December 1st, 2007, 08:49 AM
My father had a very brutal childhood. When his pet dog became rabid,my grandfather grabbed my 10 year old Dad,shoved a rifle in his hands and threw him in the shed with the dog. he killed it but not until he was bitten. he had to undergo painful rabie shots. My mother wasn't much better.
they are still alive and I still see them but not often. My brother has not spoken to them or anyone for 30 years.
I was the only one with a love for animals. Their unconditional love I think has helped me through life. I'm not like my parents. I'm a very loving Mother. I set up a little memorial for my dog and my son left a tribute that made me cry. He loves animals too. :) When I came home from having her put to sleep,he was waiting for me in tears,hugging me and hiding her things so I didn't have to look for them. He knew what she meant to me.
My husband had no pets growing up. he hated cats and,when we were young (we grew up together), he shot one with a BB gun. I was all over him. He never knew what hit him. lol he shot my parakeet,Blueberry,with a rubber band and Blueberry died of a heart attack. I broke off my engagement to him for a year.
Now,he LOVES animals and is just like me with them. Nothing is too good for them. :)

December 1st, 2007, 09:31 AM
My Dad was my influence I think in part.(He is up there in Heaven now taking care of all the animals!) Also a very good friend of mine as well...My Dad always brought home sick and injured animals. For some reason he had a thing for injured pigeons and dogs....He would nurse them back to health and I would watch him...sometimes we kept them for awhile and then when they were healthy we would go into the yard and release them....he tried to not keep them too long so they would be used to us! (pigeons that is!) the dogs were always sick, fleas, had been beaten or some kind of abuse...One little puppy would pee everytime he saw a newpaper! it was sad!

My girlfriend was also a HUGE inspiration. She is with German Shepherd Rescue and we always talked about her dogs and the dogs in day I got my boy and I have been addicted ever since! I have to admit I have a big love for shepherds...even though I have a lab!! (still love my guy a ton!) I do help out alot of people if I can and just love animals !! Oh and I cant forget my love for cats! I have 2 and wish I could have alot more!

Janie123 not everyone has compassion! you do! and thats what makes you different than other people that dont like animals....


December 1st, 2007, 09:39 AM
No one in my immediate family is like me when it comes to animals. If i can deal with a Poop machine like Bonnie,I can deal with anything in life. :)

December 1st, 2007, 09:51 AM
I think its in the genes, my dad's sister was a wildlife rehaber (northern Ont.)who adopted a black bear cub, always had skunks, racoons, squirrels and any other needy animal that she came across. My grandfather on my mum's side taught me about compassion and brought home all kinds of strays including a hatful of baby chicks and I remember them chirping and running up and down the sofa much to my grandmother's chagrin (I was 3 and totally enthralled). He's been at the local bar and came home quite tipsy with a story of how he's passed a pet shop window and it had these chicks they were selling for easter. A wonderful man who was always finding strays dogs/cats and who would spend hours teaching me about the care they needed. He had't been able to enlist in the war due to medical problems so did his duty by working at the calvary stables taking care of the horses.

December 1st, 2007, 09:53 AM
What a marvelous thread!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately it brings back some not so good memories for me. We grew up with a dog who ONLY liked my oldest sister and dad. Anyone else she would bite, especially if she had a litter. I still have a scar on the side of my face from her biting. But she would protect any of us from strangers and snakes. Best snake killer around.
Cats I have always had a fondness for (go figure!) but I would never, ever give up my dogs. I will even save an ant from being stepped on if I can. Silly but true.

December 1st, 2007, 09:58 AM
I don't ever remember not adoring cats. As a small kid I used to "rescue" my sister's stuffed animals and bring them in to my room cuz she wouldn't look after them. From the age of 2 we always had a cat. The one I grew up with mostly lived to be 21. I sometimes think my mom loved the cat more than me. :laughing:

My affection for dogs came later. I always thought they were cute (anything with fur is to me) but I was somewhat afraid of them since I'd never interacted with them much. My ex husband got Dracko (GSD) from the Humane Society as a tiny puppy. We split when he was 6 months old and my ex said "He'd deal with the dog." Guess that meant dump him with someone. :eek: Even though I didn't have a clue and ended up reading "Puppy Training for Dumbies," there was no way I was going to allow an animal in my care to be discarded.

I could not live w/o cats. Even if I was homeless and lived in my car I'd have a cat with me. I feel priviledged to be able to have five of them and if you don't like animals don't bother coming to my door.

December 1st, 2007, 10:18 AM
Well,I am now 58 with a life long love of animals. But,with my age and financial position, these are probably my last animals.....for awhile anyway. I have to admit,Bonnie is wearing me out but I will never get rid of her. She and Boo are both 7. After them,I think I just won't have the energy or money to care for any animals.

December 1st, 2007, 11:23 AM
Wow ya great thread... and I had to really think about it. I guess I've always loved animals, and when I was very young we had carnival fish for a few weeks at a time, and my grandfather got my brother and I rabbits. They were from a farm where they are raised to eat, so I guess my first rescue. My Thumper was with us 11 years and I could sing him to sleep in my arms, but wasn't a very good caretaker until his last couple years (I was young and lazy and my parents had to do most of the work). I didn't realize how important he really was until he was gone. And he had to live outdoors, my mom never had pets growing up and did not want them in the house, and said no more pets after Thumper (she now has 2 cats :rolleyes::D). So I bided my time until I could move out on my own and within a month had a new cat. (one of the ones that now lives with my mom). I learned a lot about being a good pet owner through trial and error and a LOT on this very forum. Now I can't imagine not having a gaggle of cats around me... how lonely and sad I must have been without them. I was very lucky to find a husband that shares if not my love for all animals at least my compassion for them ( or else he wouldn't be footin the bill for our six plus all those we rescued without help.). And I know that we plan to get a dog as soon as we have space too.

December 1st, 2007, 01:49 PM
It's funny because my DH and I have often talked about this. We both believe we were born this way! That's why I married him.......he loves animals as much as me, and I had never before met a man like that:lovestruck:

When we first started dating, he actually pulled the car over one day (a man was beating his dog on the side of the road) jumped out, gave the man crap, threatened to beat him, just like he beat his dog, and told him the only way he wouldn't beat him, is if he gave DH the dog......the dog was given to DH good friend where he happily lived out the rest of his life.

DH and I have the same childhood stories, we both rescued injured and abandoned animals, and would fight anyone we saw be mean to them!

I believe maybe we are genetically different then people who hate animals, we have to be, because there is just no other explanation why people are so different.

Great thread by the way!

December 1st, 2007, 03:06 PM
When my parents got married, they adopted a kitten. When I was born some months later (not 9), Whisky was already there. My dad has a photo of me, sitting up supported by mom, a wodden spoon in my hand, banging away at the cat's head :sorry: Whisky, :rip:

Every cat after him, was automatically named Whisky if it was a male and it was black & white (see, there was a logic to that name). One little white and caramel, long-haired cat, got the name Skippy. He came to us just as the popular TV series "Skippy the bush kangaroo" was on TV, and since he had a way of jumping sideways on 4 stiff legs, the choice was obvious to my brother and me (8 and 10 or somthing like that).

Yes, there was always a cat in the house when I grew up. We did have 2 dogs (a Bearded Collie named Rex and a large Poodle named ... Rex :D ) but dad is no dog-fan. He tolerates them, but that's about it. They demand too much, compared to a cat, and he didn't have one growing up, just cats :)

There were almost always budgies as well, one, two, families ... I remember my very own little Peeps. He was so tame, and would sit on the branch of my glasses when I did my homework, if he wasn't walking around on top of it; and also on my knitting needle when I would knit while watching TV. OK, a budgie isn't heavy, but try knitting with one on your needle!

Fish? Dad did try an aquarium. He had 22 little tropical thingies at the most. The fun part was Spoutnik (the First), sitting on top of the glass plate and looking down at the fish coming up with the air bubbles in the corner. Well, this was years ago, and in order to have the pump/air/whatever work, there was a clear, plastic tube coming out of the tank in that corner. Obviously, the corner of the top-plate was cut at an angle right there. Well, Spoutnik 1 would manage to get a claw in and just fish out one little fish at a time :laughing: but just for fun, he never ate them! He would also jump from the kitchen counter to the bird cage with the 7 budgies (mom, dad and 5 kids) which was hanging on the wall (out of his way!) and lie on top of it watching them. If his tail slipped in between the bars, there was always at least one bird to nip at it :)

As an adult, I have never had one home without a cat in it. At the most ... hehe, I had ... let me see:
3 dogs (huskies), 3 cats + 4 kittens, 13 goats, 2 budgies, 2 fnches, the kids' 2 guinea-pigs, a number of rabbits that were supposed be eaten but that we could never kill, lol; 1 sheep and 3 lambs that did end up in the freezer; one rooster and 5 hens ... I think that was it.

Now, I have two dogs, and the man who said "no cat in my house" just brought me home a second kitten last night :laughing: so we're at the limit of the by-law authorization now. Unless I get a budgie or two, but he's not too interested in having birds caged, so I'll just keep feeding all the little wild birdies (and chase the starlings! They ravage the feeders and chase everyone else :yell: ) and the cute little squirrels.

So I guess that I've been an animal lover for almost 49 years :cloud9:

December 1st, 2007, 03:09 PM
I love this thread! Like many of you, I don't remember a time when I didn't love all animals, especially dogs. My parents and whole family loved them too. I think for a lot of us, it is their unconditional love and trust that makes them so precious to us. They are excited to see us even if other people aren't. Our boys and girls just leap for joy when we come home every day. :D

December 1st, 2007, 03:42 PM
As a child I wanted to have a horse. I loved them and thought they were such beautiful creatures.

I remember being around 5 or 6 and I used to wait until my parents went to bed, and I'd fill a baggie full of water and cover it with like 7 others to make sure it didn't leak, and I'd pretend that was a kitty or a puppy.

We lived in apartments and moved almost yearly so we could never own a pet. I owned my first cat in high school and I adored him.

I love dogs, but I just have a special love for cats. After learning I was allergic was very sad. I had no insurance and couldn't do anything to get over the allergy on my own. Then last December I finally got insurance and started taking allergy medication. It worked well enough for me to bring home my sweet Vlad, and then I got Oksana. Now I have Kiska and Maks and even though now and then I have a sneezy day, my allergy medication works very well and I am able to have my babies with me. I'd do anything for them.

December 1st, 2007, 03:59 PM
I'M so sorry about your father Janie123 :sad: :grouphug:

I used to spend week ends and the entire summers at our small cottage. (that's why I never minded growing up in a small appartement in the city , we had the cottage :cloud9:) and aunts and uncles had cottages around us , one of my aunt had Tooty , a collie/golden mix from when I was a baby , when I was around 5 yr old, she got Pop , a black cocker. He became my best friend. I would get up in the morning , go get Pop and he would follow me everywhere, I would return him for his supper :D But he died young from distemper :sad: it broke my heart. :sad:

Once my mom got mad at me (I don't even remember why) and she was about to slap me , I ran to my aunt's place , both dogs were outside , got up and growled at my mom (they never did that to anyone!) my aunt and uncle watched from inside, laughing their a** off :laughing:

We finally convinced my father to get our own dog when I was about 11 yr old. Puppy , a blond cocker spaniel. :rip:

And my father , who never wanted a dog before , just had to share his breakfast with Puppy every morning :D

December 1st, 2007, 04:03 PM
That's so FUNNY! The only dog my dad liked, ever, was my aunt's golden cocker! Only she and he could do whatever they wanted with that dog, everyone else had to warn her with a "Attention Laika, on passe!" whenever we wanted to walk through the door (she always slept in the middle of the doorway) they just stepped over her and were fine! Anyone else tried, and they were nipped! :yell: Yikes!

What is it with golden cockers and people who don't like dogs?

Oh, reminds me ... when Lewis was a kid, they also got a dog even if his mom was scared of them ... yup, a golden cocker :laughing:

December 1st, 2007, 04:11 PM
What is it with golden cockers and people who don't like dogs?

I don't know but Puppy had my dad wrapped around his little paws :laughing: At first , Puppy wasn't allowed in our bedrooms nor on the couch. :rolleyes: Of course, when we kids were home alone ..... and then my father just gave up. I guess he figured Puppy would keep him warm while watching tv. :cloud9: And of course , he would get on all fours (yes , my dad !) on the floor to play with the dog !

December 1st, 2007, 04:22 PM
I don't think in my long life(63) I've ever not cared about animals,all animals.
My very first cat,a Tabby like Rocky,my mom(no dad) brought home to me one day and I loved him from the start,his name was Nalle,Swedish for a small bear.
He would walk me to school and then return home,one day we found him with his head split open:sad:
He somehow managed to crawl home and died in my moms arms:sad:,a boy had kicked him in the head wearing skates.
I'll never forget my mom going after this kid and beating the crap out of him.
(nobody sued in those days).
He was my very first and I have never been without animals since,you can never have a better friend than an animal..

December 1st, 2007, 04:32 PM
I'll never forget my mom going after this kid and beating the crap out of him.

:laughing: :thumbs up

December 1st, 2007, 06:40 PM
I don't know where I got my love for animals, but as long as I can remember, nature and pets have facinated me. I've always loved all animals, insects, reptiles. We used to spend all summer at the cottage with mom and I used to spend hours by the creek where it ran into the lake and watched the frogs and the snakes and the birds. Our first pet was huge black stray cat that I begged my parents to keep. Our second cat was a beautiful white part persian that I rescued from a bunch of boys when I was 11. They were getting set to use her as target practice. She was only a small kitten. My friends and I (all girls), beat the crap out of the boys (they were bigger than us, and pretty surprised by us), and I took the kitten home. She lived to be over 25.
I fed spiders when I found their webs. I would throw the odd fly into the web for them. I had pet turtles, iguanas, guinea pigs, waterdragons, tropical fish tanks, budgies, cockatiels. I was never allowed to have a dog as a child, so when my husband and I bought this house, we got our first dog and have never looked back.


December 2nd, 2007, 01:45 AM
For me I can't remembe ra time where I didn't love animals. We had a wonderful dog, Sammy, when I was growing up and although he was an independent dog he was my guardian and we have dozens of pics of him and I sleeping on one another when I was a baby. We had to say goodbye to him after a long bought with cancer when I was five and shortly after we moved. It took me 6 years to convince my father that I needed a dog. He let me get rats and I loved my Herman, Midnight, and Snowy more than anything. When Herman was nearing the end of his life he had what we think was a seizure or stroke, and fell from his cage convulsing. I was screaming in tears (9 years old) and my mother did "CPR" and he pulled through!!! He died shortly after and I put all of my energy into convincing my dad to let me have a dog. I walked and bathed and played with my neighbors golden, Kelly, every chance I could get to prove my dedication and he finally caved. My mom and I went to the shelter and brought home an 8 month old labX pup who we named Cindy. I loved her more than anything and she and I were inseperable. When I moved out after high school I was trying to find a pet friendly house and was planning on taking her from my parents when tragedy struck, she was killed by a buck in my parents backyard after chasing after him. I was devastated and felt immense guilt for not taking her earlier. Six months later when I was 19 I got Shade and she was with me through some really tough times and was my rock. I have never felt more love from any other person and I cannot imagine my life without the presence of animals. Chloe is my angel too and I am falling more and more in love with her as the days go by. I am one of those people who walks by animals and does the baby talk, never looking up to see who the owner is... I could care less about the person, I want to get to know the dog :dog: :D

December 2nd, 2007, 02:03 PM
I am one of those people who walks by animals and does the baby talk, never looking up to see who the owner is... I could care less about the person, I want to get to know the dog :dog: :D

LOL, that's funny, because I Know all the names of all the dogs in my neighbourhood, but I have no idea what the owners names are:o
If I am talking about them I say, "you know, Hanks owner" or "Rosie's owner" people always look at me funny when I do this:D.

December 2nd, 2007, 02:50 PM
LOL, that's funny, because I Know all the names of all the dogs in my neighbourhood, but I have no idea what the owners names are:o
If I am talking about them I say, "you know, Hanks owner" or "Rosie's owner" people always look at me funny when I do this:D.

Ha ha, that's like me with the cats in my 'hood. I know all their names and where they live, but couldn't tell you a thing about their owners.

As for my love of animals, I guess it's just innate. My mom is a very compassionate animal lover and I grew up with a menagerie of cats & dogs (all strays or rescues), mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, frogs, love birds, African grey parrot, even salamanders. I also love bugs (well, except 'roaches and centipedes) and am always rescuing spiders at work (in a warehouse, so there's lots) from getting squished. My work mates laugh at me, but whenever they see a spider now, they call me to come get it.

December 2nd, 2007, 09:08 PM
Can't handle a roach! A big one fell into my hair one night and I almost had a nervous breakdown. I was screaming and my husband grabbed me and got it out but I didn't know that. I ran through the house screaming. My husband was laughing so hard and tried to stop me several times as I ran by to no avail. I still shiver when I think about it.:eeew::eek::eek:

December 3rd, 2007, 06:12 AM
I agree,Roaches(luckily none here!)and House-Centepedes change my otherwise calm personality,any other bug is safe with me,including spiders..

December 3rd, 2007, 09:58 AM
Can't handle a roach! A big one fell into my hair one night and I almost had a nervous breakdown. I was screaming and my husband grabbed me and got it out but I didn't know that. I ran through the house screaming. My husband was laughing so hard and tried to stop me several times as I ran by to no avail. I still shiver when I think about it.:eeew::eek::eek:

Ohhhh, the visuals! Too funny. Reminds me of when I was in India and woke up in the middle of the night with a couple roaches crawling across my chest. I screamed bloody murder and freaked out my 3 travelling companions so bad that none of us could get back to sleep. I'm sure the cockroaches likewise pooped their pants . . .

December 3rd, 2007, 10:27 AM
Just think how "normal" this world could be if everyone treated each other and animals with universal love, kindness and friendship instead of hatred, fear or mistrust.

Yes, this world would be a much better place that's for sure!

December 3rd, 2007, 12:41 PM
I like spiders but show them respect. I love to watch the big banana spiders. The females are huge and the males are super tiny. There is always one or two males hanging around then they disappear. :) They are amazingly beautiful. Fed a cockroach to one but killed the roach first. The spider thought it was yummy. I won't watch anything die a horrible death.:eek::crazy::pray:

December 3rd, 2007, 12:48 PM
*chuckles* maybe im not a proper animal lover... i will ruthlessly and with no remorse hunt down anything that harms my home or the things in it. the plants and yard are all fair game but my den and charges are MINE to protect. me and the squirrels ahve a war goin on and i will *not* tolerate them living in my home!! nor the little wood pecker who INSISTS on living IN the siding of the house. here the danged thing pecking in the evenings... just what i need... the danged thing expanding its already spacious condo IN MY CEDAR SIDING!!

crickets... spiders..... moths..... they are all fair game for the fly swatter... food for the fish or gaming fun for the cats.

did i mention i have no remorse??? :evil:



December 3rd, 2007, 01:37 PM
I like spiders but show them respect. I love to watch the big banana spiders. The females are huge and the males are super tiny. There is always one or two males hanging around then they disappear. :) They are amazingly beautiful. Fed a cockroach to one but killed the roach first. The spider thought it was yummy. I won't watch anything die a horrible death.:eek::crazy::pray:

LOL you sound like me.....could we be related?:D
I used to feed the "swatted' dead flies to spiders.
I also used to feed my brothers pet snake raw meat balls.....I told my brother you didn't HAVE to feed him live little creatures!! :mad: and I was right:) He loved raw meatballs!!

I used to let all the spiders in the house live free.....until I was bitten while I slept ( I must have smushed him in my sleep) My hand swelled right up and turned purple! So now suck em up in the vacuum!!

huxley's mom
December 6th, 2007, 01:58 PM
I actually grew up in a home where everyone (including my mom) was afraid of animals, especially dogs. Fortunately, my mom's best friend was a dog lover who took it upon herself to correct this learned fear. She had a 4 pound peekapoo, Sugar, who was a tiny little thing. I remember being so afraid of her that I would scream. It's absurd now, but true.

Over time, my mom's friend taught me how to take care of Sugar. Eventually I became Sugar's caretaker when her mom was out of town. My mom's friend accomplished her goal of eliminating my fear of dogs. However, it wasn't until I got my pup, Huxley, 2 years ago that I fell in love with an animal. He brings such joy to mine and my husband's lives everyday. My parents and siblings think we're nuts because of the way we treat Huxley like our child but my nephews feel differently. They absolutely love Huxley and have respect for but no fear of him. Fear of animals was learned in my family a long time ago. Huxley and I have made it our goal to spend time with my nephews so that the love and respect of animals is what is passed down, not fear. I know it sounds cheesy but it's true! :goodvibes:

December 6th, 2007, 03:31 PM
I think mine was inherited from my mom!

For my mom's birthday when she was my age and newly married to my dad, he bought her a Saint Bernard puppy, Bradley. They later got his mate, Josette (sorry if these are your kids/relatives' names, our family has an odd habit of naming animals "people names"!) and had me shortly after that! Busy household, eh!

So essentially for my first few years of life my best friend was a 170lb Saint Bernard (who I nicknamed Jojo). When she died (of old age) my folks let me adopt a Maine Coon kitten from my aunt ("Nicole"- yep, people name) and I had her for 14 years until I left for university. Now I have my own furbabies- 2 cats (a calico and a tabby, Layla and Millie) and a dog (Sola).

I asked my DH where he got his love of animals (I don't think I could have married someone who didn't like animals) and he said that he thinks people innately like animals, but something negative must happen for them to stop... I'm sure that's probably true in many cases.

Fun idea for a thread!