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Sorry for goof yesterday

November 29th, 2007, 05:41 PM
Hi, I'm a retired nurse and working on many small projects. I've had many pets from dogs and cats to fish and birds, but my favorites are dogs - specifically LABS - and cats. I have to say I've had more cats than dogs and they were all long lived. One kitty was 22 yrs when she had to be put down. My labs have been black, chocolate and now yellow. Most of our cats were rescues, but I did have two that were bred Persians. One of them lived for 18 years and the other for 12. We have always let our cats outside, because we live next to a wooded area, but the next ones we get will probably need to be kept inside because the area is being developed and traffic is increasing. I hope to learn a lot from this site and perhaps can add some information from my experiences. I wish I had found the site earlier.