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Cats or Dogs or pets that hate husbands, wives, roommates...

November 28th, 2007, 08:54 AM
Cats or Dogs or pets that hate husbands, wives, roommates...

Dear members,

A journalist for a large newspaper contacted me yesterday wanting to know about this scenario. Normally, as you may know - we ignore these requests. This one seemed interesting though and it may help save a few I thought I'd put it out here. The journalist may well be interested in speaking to individual members with 'good' stories, so if you do post here I may ask you if the journalist can contact you by email. OF COURSE, no email address will be given out without your permission.

Here goes -

"I'm working on a story about pets. I want to write about what it's like to be the odd man out in the relationship your spouse has with your pet. Let me clarify: When my wife was in grad school, she had a black cat who hated my guts. He was cute enough and generally sweet to everybody but me. When I visited her, he would pee on my pillow and, at 5 am, he would jump from the high window sill above her bed and make sure to land on my pelvis while I was sleeping. Separately, she was once house sitting a cocker spaniel. I happen to be a dog freak, which is to say that I did everything to suck up to this dog. But any time I got near my wife he growled at me.

I'd love to talk about people's experience with this kind of thing with their spouse's dog, cat, parrot, gecko or whatever. I'm wondering if it rings any bells with you or others."

So that's the request, and if you are interested in sharing your experiences please post it in this thread in the ask the members forum.