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New Chi-minpin puppy

November 25th, 2007, 07:30 PM
I just got a new puppy today. I was told she was a min-pin but the ladies at petsmart day she is also chihuahua. She is 8 weeks old and is darling! I ust put her in the kennel for the first time since we got her at 2pm. it's now 6:30. She yelped for the first 10 minutes but she is now quiet. She is in ,y daughter's room with the TV on. I just want to start crate training right away and getting her used to it so that when I leave during the day she is comfortable going in there. I hope I am doing everything right. Im not sure what time of day I need to feed it 3x a day? any advice is so appreciated. I raised our shephard/lab mix from 6 weeks until now(he's 3) but I have never had a toy dog.....

November 25th, 2007, 08:12 PM
Welcome to the forum Sassiebaz.

Crate training is a good idea but how long do you plan on leaving her in it at a time? Hopefully you have someone to let her out several times a day while you're at work? She's just a wee thing and shouldn't be left in it for too long without regular trips outdoors.

3-4 feedings per day sounds about right for such a young pup. What did her breeder say?

The homepage of this site currently has an article by Stanley Coren posted about crate/house training. You might want to take a look at it.

November 25th, 2007, 10:42 PM
Oh no, I don't plan to leave her in very long at all! Lets see, tonight she stopped whining after 10 minutes and I left her in for a half an hour. Then I let her out to introduce her to our big dog, they have just been doing great! So, she took a drink and then started to whimer and sniff around. I asked my husband if he thought she needed to PP and he said no....just then she peed on my floor. So, I kinda know what her signs are now. I am pretty much a stay at home mom so she will be in and out while im doing errands and whatnot. I do work on Fridays though and dont have anyone to let her in or out. I work for about 6 hours so not sure what to do....leave her in the bathroom? I put a potty pad in her kennel......I guess we'll just take it one day at a time....I will check out the link.....thanks!

November 26th, 2007, 12:50 AM
A 2 month old puppy can at most hold their bladder 3 hours.

If you put a potty pad in a crate and encourage bathroom behaviour in it. You are breaking the denning instinct in the dog, and will likely have an increasingly more difficult time potty training your new puppy.

November 26th, 2007, 06:22 PM
So, no puppy pad, just regualr blanket? Then take her outside the minute I take her out of her crate? It's so confusing because one person says one thing and the other says something totally different! UGH!!!! well, she went twice outside today and has been in her crate on and off about 3 hours. She is soooooo darn cute too.....