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Cat Food Ratings?

November 24th, 2007, 03:55 PM
There is a site that rates dog foods that I like quite a bit - it reviews hundreds of brands, but I can't find a comparable one for cats.

I can find lists with a 'top ten' but I'm looking for one with most of them rated on there.

My cat does not take well to premium foods - junk food junkie, I guess. Currently, she will reject the By Nature Organics if put out alone, but won't leave it in the bottom of the bowl if mixed with Nutro (she LOVES Nutro, of course). Other premiums, she has studiously avoided, leaving me a pile in the bottom of the bowl after eating the old food that was mixed with it.

I recently got a free sample of Blue Buffalo. She actually dug into it by itself.:lightbulb: I don't think it's as good as BNO or the other premiums, but it looks better than Nutro, and the other junk she likes,,,,,,,I don't really care to pay MORE for a food I don't think is as good as some others, but if she will EAT IT:thumbs up alone, without mixing, maybe it's a good choice.

But I dunno, maybe she's better off mixing Nutro and BNO :shrug:. For some reason I got really attached to the ingredient list of BNO,,,,,, there are so many factors to consider it's hard to make the best decision. Blue Buffalo has too many carbs for my preference, but maybe she's getting too many in this other mixture I created.

I wish this were easier. I was all settled to use this mix, I have several bags of Nutro, and was going to do another analysis when they are gone. She really surprised me taking to the Blue Buffalo. I forgot to see if it's a fish formula, that could be the reason she took to it like that. They offer a few 'flavors' and I forgot to see which one this was.

November 24th, 2007, 04:13 PM
I don't know of a site that rates cat food, but there is this one that gives you an explanation of pet food ingredients so that you can try determining for yourself which brands are better: It focuses on canned food since the author believes (as do I) that cats should eat wet and not dry, but the premise should be the same.