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Proof that microchipping should be routine

November 15th, 2007, 07:48 AM

November 16th, 2007, 02:51 PM
omg, that was such a great story! I've been seeing these comercials, about the chips, of people yelling out names and looking around worried for their lost dogs. I thought about what a great idea it is. Many people think that it's bad because it's the mark of the beast or some crap like that, but I'm not some crazy hippie that is lost is my own ways, (I use to live with one!). So many animals get seperated from their family and that is usually the end of the story.

I almost lost Jazz when he was a baby because he traveled with us when we worked for the Ren. Faire. He had climbed up the inside of our van and out the window at a gas station after we had gone inside. I came back out and opened the door and didn't see him or hear his bell. I started looking everywhere thinking "he couldn't have gotten far, he's too small!" Then a cop came over and asked if we were looking for a cat because some lady that he had pulled over just drove off with one that was pacing in front of the gas station doors! I got very upset and began yelling at him about how it had to have been "someone's" cat, how could a kitten just show up at a gas station out of no where!!!! Then he said she was supposed to be coming back. . . . . she did, after about 20 minutes of pure torchure waiting to see if she would!!! I don't think I could have snatched him from her arms any faster when she finally came back!!!

Then, a few months later he decided he wanted to jump out the second story window and play on the tree outside and then the yard. I was sleeping but thankfully I have a mother's ears and heard the "distant" sound of his bell and leaped out of bed, running outside with my night clothes on! Thankfully, at 4 1/2, Jazz is a bit less adventurous!

Long story short. . . . LOL. . . . .I completely agree that the chip should be placed on them when they get their first shots!