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The destruction continues

November 15th, 2007, 07:45 AM
I guess the puppies have been frustrated about not being allowed into the rose beds to gnaw on the roses, so they decided to take it out on the swing cushion instead. Hubby was outside with them, but he was working around the yard and not really paying close attention to what the pups were doing. He finally looked over to them (because they were being such good quiet puppies), and they had the cushion from the swing ripped open and were busy hauling out all the foam. :laughing:
I've been expecting that, they tore the skirt off the swing months ago (it was all they could reach at the time), so only a matter of time before they took on the cushion.
It shall remain cusionless now over the winter, they can still jump up and sit on the tight mesh and then we'll see what we'll try to put on it as a cushion in the spring.