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Changes in Nutrience brand dog treats

May 31st, 2004, 08:50 AM
I just thought I'd share some information regarding "Nutrience" brand dog treats. I am an avid label reader - not just for my own food, but for the food and treats I give my dog as well. I've heard many horror stories about pet foods that contain BHA's and BHT's for preservatives. Nutrience never used to use those preservatives in their food or pet treats, but when I recently went to replenish my dog's "supply", I noticed a complete change in the packaging and flavors of their treats. This caused me to take a closer look at it to see if any other "changes" were made, and much to my surprise, they've now started using BHA to preserve their treats. Needless to say, I didn't buy them. I'm sure I can find many other things to give my dog that haven't been cheapened by the use of poor quality preservatives. I have also taken the time to go to the Nutrience (aka Hagen) website and expressed my disappointment with this change in writing. Much to my surprise, I did get a reply, but of course it was only to defend the change they made and to tell me that BHA and BHT are "generally recognized as safe". They said that it is also used to preserve human food. I replied and thanked them for their response, but told them that I do not buy any human food with those preservatives in them, and I will no longer purchase any of their products because of this change. I also noted and that word of mouth and the internet are two very powerful tools that I will use to spread the word.

In my books, they shouldn't be claiming to put out a "premium quality dog food". They're just using the same old junk now as all the other low quality super market pet foods.

Not everyone will agree, but that's just my opinion for anyone who cares!