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Catching a feral

November 14th, 2007, 08:46 AM
About a month or so ago, my husband stopped in his travels at a rest stop and noticed two older dogs and a young dog (older pup) hanging around. Extremely nervous of people, he tried to befriend them and get them close with food....they would get just in reach, grab the food and take off. He called animal control, and apparantly later the next day she was unable to catch them either. He has stopped a couple times there, without luck...animal control has no luck either. It's obvious to him that many people have tried to catch these dogs, and with a harsh Alberta winter upon us....we are very worried for their safety.

My husband stopped there again yesterday, and was shocked to see the pup was still there, it had been a few weeks since he visited the rest stop. I guess he tried again with someone to catch the little guy, using his belt as a noose and food etc., and of course the pup was too quick and evasive.

Animal control had gone out there and couldn't find the dog/dogs, my husband thinks they visit there, and hide out somewhere else. It's in the middle of nowhere. We thought about a live trap, but I think they are too wary to go near one. Does anyone have any ideas...or advise as to what can be done for these dogs? Yesterday he only found the young dog, the older parents weren't there. Thankyou.

November 14th, 2007, 09:39 AM
I would maybe try the live trap, they are obviously coming to the rest area for food and may just be hungry enough to venture in (the pup anyhow may be less leery than the older two), raw meat may do the trick. You would have to put it back in a secluded area though so that they would feel safer checking it out. And God Bless your DH for returning and trying to help these dogs, too many would pass by and not think twice, it's heartwarming to know that some just can't.:grouphug:

I'll send my prayers to these three and you and hubby too.:pray:

November 14th, 2007, 12:01 PM
The lady at animal control left a message to my husband saying that she was out there 8 times trying to catch the pup. I think she got the older ones, or at least one of the older ones. It's hard to get in contact with her, and he's been playing telephone tag for awhile. He thinks she mentioned that she used the live trap without luck, but your suggestion about setting it up in a secluded area makes sense. My hubbie is going to try to call her today to suggest that if she hadn't already, but I'd hope that an animal control officer would know some tricks...or at least she should. She did try her long pole...but of course that didn't work. She said that because of his age, and he's a cute little dude, he would definately be adoptable with patience and time. My husband would like to keep him if he could get him :eek:...... that would be four dogs!

Just as a side note...I would be worried about bringing this little ragamuffin home, as much as I'd love to save him. My dogs are all up to date on vaccinations and healthy, would there be anything I'd need to be concerned about?

November 14th, 2007, 12:59 PM
That's wonderful that you want to give this little guy a home. Can you possibly just take him to the vet immediately before bringing him home, once your hubby catches him?

When I picked up my two new kittens, I took them to the vet before I even went home. I'm glad I did, because one of them, Maks, had Scabies which is like mange. They treated him and he's fine now.

A trip to the vet would at least have him checked out and I'm sure they would at least give him a first round of vaccinations.

November 14th, 2007, 03:33 PM
I agree if you are successful in catching him and do want to keep him, I would take him to the vets first, get him shots, flea meds and worm meds and a thorough check up. That would be safest for him and your dogs too.

November 14th, 2007, 03:41 PM
Purpledomino,give your hubby a big:grouphug:from us,for trying to help these dogs,hopefully he can catch the pup:pray:

November 15th, 2007, 08:06 PM
If you do catch him bring him to the vet first. This is what I will do for any dog that I pick up with questionnable histories.

Good luck and thank you for caring.

November 15th, 2007, 08:56 PM
Good advice from the others above :thumbs up. I just wanted to wish you luck :goodvibes::fingerscr:goodvibes:.

November 15th, 2007, 09:42 PM
Good luck!!

Meatballs and stinky hot dogs. Toss small pieces to the dog then ignore the dog sit down somewhere and start to eat. The dog will come closer, toss a little more then ignore the dog with your back to him.... he'll come closer.

As he gets close don't try to catch him/her at first, just keep feeding 'small' pieces so he/she wants more. You never know if there is a little of pups somewhere so you need to be careful :eek:

When the dog gets close enough start dropping morsels about 3/4 feet away then once again ignore the dog, get up and walk a few feet away and sit down. Let the dog come to YOU. When he starts to come close don't give it as he's come to expect WAIT and see if he comes closer. If he does then this is the time to start to TALK to the dog, with happy tone high voice
GOOD PUPPY GOOD PUPPY (the words don't matter it's the tone).

Then toss ONE piece, get up and move back to where you were before. Let the dog follow you again. When the dog does come closer to you following you again GOOD PUPPY GOOD PUPPY and this time just drop the food at your feet maybe a foot away and WAIT.

Don't make any fast moves at all. Now a piece of food in the hand and hold onto it tight saying GOOD PUPPY GOOD PUPPY tone of voice again (all about that higher pitch voice). When the dog comes to get the food from the hand gently extend the hand and offer to the dog, let him have it.


It's all about building that little bit of trust. Your next step will be to walk away from the dog again not far just a few feet and sit down on something, rock, stump, bench, anything, ground. Let the dog come over and as he's coming GOOD PUPPY GOOD PUPPY. This time don't toss any food, let him keep coming closer. He may start to back up go in circles or take off at first. But he'll come back. And each time he comes closer GOOD PUPPY GOOD PUPPY.

Now ta da the end result....

You have now a piece of meat in your hands (BOTH HANDS) you place them both together offering the food and let him come. Your hand will be close enough now to touch the dog and you won't try to reach and grap you will just gently stroke the side of his leg (not the head/neck) then give that piece of food. As you are holding the food the really stinky greasy whatever you have left, something REALLY good, you are going to slip a loop of rope or leash over his neck and GOOD PUPPY GOOD PUPPY and don't struggle with him just stand there let him pull or whatever, then toss some food on the ground where he is struggling and let him see it.

I hope you get him.
That is a long version but normally works well.
I'd search the area and make sure there are no little pups there that need care, could be a littler some place :eek:

November 16th, 2007, 08:23 AM
I have never tried this method but did read about it. A man could not catch his dog for days so he got some sort of netting that he threw over the dog as it tried to run. It immobilized the dog. If you try this method, you would have to worry about getting bitten so it may not be the best of methods. Maybe of,after the netting is over the dog, you could throw a bunch of blankets over it to carry to the Animal Control vehicle.
Like I said, I have never tried this method so I don't know successful or dangerous it could be.:shrug:Good Luck!