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New addition

November 10th, 2007, 06:27 PM
Well, yesterday I saw a message on a group I am a member of offering a three year old female great dane, even though I had recently posted a message containing the story about the "Free to good home" kittens I saw on here (hope you don't mind) along with a warning about giving away pets to anyone.
Anyway, the message went on to state that this family had taken in the dane when the owners had to move and these people didn't want to see here going to a shelter. They had realized she had some medical issues that they couldn't deal with since they have seven other dogs! Some of the issues were the injury on the end of her tail (I figured from "happy tail") and that she wasn't gaining weight even though she ate a lot (I'll get more into that in a bit). The message stated they wanted her gone as soon as possible.

My first thought was, "Great, they're going to give this dane to some idiot who doesn't know what they are getting themselves into." So, I went to work trying to help her. Today I heard back that they hadn't given her away yet and we went and got her. On the phone the woman didn't have much information really and it was easy to tell she didn't know a lot abouit danes to begin with. For example she told me she was gray. When I said, "Oh, so she's a merle?" the woman just sounded confused. When we picked her up the lady asked me, "What color did you say this was?" Of course I went on to educate her a bit that the dog is a merle and that it isn't an AKC accepted color in danes. We did change the name from Pepper to Sabine. So, Sabine is home with us. Athos is staying away from her because she snapped at him a couple of times when he got too close to her head. We'll be working with them on that. :)
Anyway, she seems no more extremely underweight than Athos. (Some of you might remember his weight issues when we got him. He's doing much better now.) I did mention something to the woman and she said that the vet said the dog weighed 90-something, but should weight 120-150. Sabine is much shorter than Athos so I would agree with this. As for this woman making the comment that she eats a lot I realized three of her other dogs were dachshunds (which she has listed to be gotten rid of). Compared to what a dachshund would eat, of course she would think the dane would be eating a lot. I asked her what she was feeding Sabine before and her reply.... (You might want to make sure you're sitting.)... Ol' Roy "in the yellow bag." :cry: I have offered Saboine some Evo, but so far she hasn't shown interest. I just figure I'll give her some time today and tomorrow to get used to it. I probably wouldn't want to eat something good for me if all I had been eating was sugar-filled-do-whatever-to make-it-taste-good-and-make-you-want-to-eat-it food. The same thing happened when I changed the neighbor's pet food to the good stuff. It took them a couple of days to want it. (I'll be updating that thread with the latest in a bit.) Anyway, we'll see what good food does for her.
Also, one of the things I've noticed is where she looks like she has weight... To me she looks like she either has been or is pregnant. I asked a friend who agrees that's what it looks like to her also. I e-mailed and asked the woman and she said she didn't think she had been pregnant before and there is the unlikely chance the dachshund got ahold of her. I'll be keeping an eye on her until we get to the vet. I'm sure they'll help alot.
Anyway, she lays around a lot. I'm sure it's a lot for her to take in. We'll see... I'll keep you updated and get a picture up soon.

November 10th, 2007, 07:02 PM
jaclmickles, you're an :angel:! :grouphug:

Best of luck with your new girl! :fingerscr that she isn't expecting!