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My new Silky Terrier

November 10th, 2007, 04:36 PM
I have a Silky Terrier named Skittles, he is 8 months old. We just got him a few weeks ago. He came from a home that had 2 boys, the 5 yr old boy was very rough with him and basically terrorized him with vacuums and anything that made noise I believe. The 1st time I vacuumed he attacked the vacuum! I had to pry him off. Anything that makes noise he really wants to attack it. He is doing better now, I can actually have the vacuum out with him without him going balistic. But my main problem I hope is an age thing. He was not potty trained when I got him but he is picking up on it very fast, his squirting pee is driving me a little nuts. He freaks out when someone knocks and just goes crazy jumping up on them and peeing all over. It's a lot. I have started putting him away like in the bathroom or his kennel when someone comes over but I want to be able to not have to scramble every time. We take my little Shih Tzu, Rudy, with us to take my girls to school and to pick them up and since we got Skittles we try taking him too. But he barks at everyone, just goes crazy and if someone gets close enough to the van he squirts pee. He had his paws up on my dash the other day and his back feet were in the passenger seat and he just started peeing. I just wondered if there was any advise for me, anything is appreciated.

November 10th, 2007, 05:09 PM
He is confused and doesn't know what he's supposed to do and seeing as this is a recent rehoming situation you don't know what type of negative activity may have prompted this.

Good news is that it's fixable :D

There's no need to isolate the dog when others come over, that will encourage more negative behaviour and isn't teaching the dog anything. Use the time with others there as a teaching tool, this is the best way to deal with the problem.

The car:
First things first, get a harness for the car or atleast tie him off in the back seat with very 'little' room to move around. Just enough to sit, stand, laydown and turn around that's it! BEst would be a car harness. A dog with this presence of behaviour and unpredictability can cause you to have a car accident,it's very very dangerous.

Ease into it.
How is this new recruit with your other dog? Do they get along? Is he protective/bullying/marking pee on this other dog?

When you're expecting company,you take him out to pee before they get there. When they arrive, before opening the door you put him on a leash.
He needs to know basic commands:
sit, stay, lay down, off / leave it/come

Obedience training if you don't know how to do it yourself then you gotta take him and learn. Training will teach manners and also show the dog he needs to listen to you.

So, when company comes, he goes on a leash and you command him to sit and stay. Then open the door. He moves, you pause, turn around and direct him again until he gets it. THe company can wait.

Continue to instruct him to sit or lay down while you are greeting the guests.
When everyone goes into the kitchen or living room you have him wth you on short leash and once he has obeyed you in the sit/down command and has calmed a little you then introduce him to everyone 'briefly' just a quick sniff and allow them to say hello to him and a little pat. If he barks or growls you stop him immediately by puttnig him in the sit and laydown command once more.

Keep him on leash until he gets this routine , may take several visits from several people. You'll then be able to graduate to using just commands and no lead.

As far as how to give the command, low firm voice and basic . NO yelling, shoving, pushing, pulling, of course no hitting. "Skittles sit, stay" even if you have to repeat it 5 times getting his attention. Always use his name before a command.

Once company has arrived, take him outside again, leaving him on the leash and let him pee outdoors. This will show him his marking is only acceptable OUTside!

It's just basic training and it can and will change, just needs time and patience and he will be fine so will you.

Spend time playing with him sounds like he really needs a lotta love.

November 11th, 2007, 08:14 AM
Thanks Luba, I really appreciate the advice. Skittles and Rudy seem to have hit it off really good. Occasionaly they will get in a little bit of a wrestling match, but they really just clicked. There doesn't seem to be any kind of behavior like being protective or dominant, it's pretty equal so far. I could tell in the 1st few days that Rudy looked a little sad, we just kept reassuring him that we still loved him even though we have a new dog. It took Skittles a little longer to get used to our golden retriever, Brady Boy. But that too is going good. My daughter(shes 9) and I can't wait to start working with Skittles. I may need to call some freinds and have them come over so we can practice. My daughter watches Ceaser Milan and told me he did the same thing with the being on the leash when company arrives. Didn't think about asking my 9 yr old daughter, lol. Thanks again, will post how we are doing.

white wrabbit
November 11th, 2007, 08:56 PM
for the noise try keeping something on weather its a radio or tv.. it helps get them use to noise once in a while turn it up when watching or listening to it..

what you can try for in the car is putting him in his kennel for the trips.. start with small trips at first. most dogs will not make a mess where they sleep. this will just get him use to going in the car i am guessing he has not had that much experience to it before.. and is overwhelmed by it.. the movement and the sights..

does he have a toy he likes? put that in it with him..

after a while then i would try the harness.. to introduce the other sights that go with the car but keep that toy with him.. as a distraction if he needs it..